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  1. MK5 Manual grinding gear change

    I used to have this on my MKIV when changing fast under high revs from 2nd into 3rd. Took it in and they replaced the syncro, and then a year later I had the same problem (and VW wanted big ££ to fix it and my extended warranty company wanted me to cover the cost until they could look at the part to see if they would cover it), hence one of the reasons to get rid...
  2. The R32 - Is it now a womans car?

    [ QUOTE ] Maybe it's the wife of the owner because he's out working to afford to put the petrol in it? [/ QUOTE ] Could be, but you have to be asking questions of the man if he is letting his woman drive his car, especially when he ain't in it...
  3. The R32 - Is it now a womans car?

    Since selling my R32 in November I have seen more and more R32's being driven by women, in fact I would say 80% of the R32's I have seen in the last 3 months have all been driven by women, glad I sold up...
  4. Need new brakes

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] By the way, the Ebay guy mentioned is (I think) dsgwagen [/ QUOTE ] Thats the fella!
  5. Scumbag round my house!

    Yeah but we have all seen the movies, you take out your suppressed MP5 thats under your bed, double tap the guys coming up the stairs in the body and head, then (cause your rock hard) jump through your front double glazed windows, down in front of the other guys double tapping them, and then calmly walk back upstairs get back in bed, to the sound of your mrs just gently stirring, "what was that dear", "oh nothing". Light off back to sleep...
  6. Need new brakes

    get the guy on ebay, think he comes on here sometimes as well, all gen VW parts and a hell of a lot cheaper. I got discs/pads all round from him no problems at all.
  7. My timing chain broke today

    Exactly why I got rid of mine, lots of cheaper cars with smaller engines and therefore better fuel consumption that are just as quick as the R32 which is coming up for 5 years old now.
  8. My timing chain broke today

    That is why I sold my R32, the car is not that good that you have to have that in the back of your mind all the time.
  9. Don't lend your .:R32 to your mum!

    [ QUOTE ] Another reason why theres only me allowed to drive the car !!!! Unless of course i've had a few shandies in which case i get the missus to collect me in style lol. While she drives it carefully it doesnt half feel quick being a passenger. I'd hate to feel what its like being a passenger with me You'd never be able to move as you'd be pinned to the seat . [/ QUOTE ] That is so true, if you get used to it being quick and start to think its slow, get someone else to drive you around for a bit, it soon changes your mind.
  10. Mk IV Sidelights (Latest opinion please)

    Had one of mine changed today at the local garage, £9.50 inc VAT for bulb and him doing it, better him messing about doing it than me...
  11. MKV test drive over, MKIV still to be sold.

    What about a 2000 plate M5, 5.0 V8 400BHP and you can get them for £17k now!!!
  12. 3.2 V6 Engine Not Sounding Right

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Just been trawling through old posts and found this,seems relevant to my case,getting a bit worried now. Engine Death Rattle [/ QUOTE ] Mines gone past the death rattle stage !! [/ QUOTE ] Yeah but a new engine will be good...
  13. 3.2 V6 Engine Not Sounding Right

    [ QUOTE ] Just been trawling through old posts and found this,seems relevant to my case,getting a bit worried now. Engine Death Rattle [/ QUOTE ] Yeah let us know how you get on with this. When I took mine in even though I have extended warranty they wanted me to first cover the bill of VW taking the engine apart so they could have a proper look, which I think was in the region of £1000, and then when it was stripped the warranty company would make a decision on whether they would pay for the job or not. I decided to leave it and am looking into getting a 2000 BMW M5, can be had for £17k now...
  14. My R is doing 19-21 mpg???

    [ QUOTE ] My R is doing 19-21 mpg,Is this normal??? my wife drives it mostly but when i get in i give it a good flogging!!! on the mfd the average is about 25mpg so will that be when my wife drives it??? [/ QUOTE ] 19-21mpg I thought you said you give it a good flogging...
  15. Engine Death Rattle

    VW aren't interested, Lumleys aren't interested, so basically I am not interested, time to look for something else, and get rid of it.