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  1. Carshop.co.uk - any experience?

    Hey Ian, yep that ad had gone (booked it Thursday) until this evening - I walked away from the deal, so they put it back on. Yep the tyre issue does allude to some seriously cheap corner cutting. Funnily enough, even though they wouldn't budge a penny I've just had a voicemail from the Sales Manager who wants me to call back. How much are a set of Michelin PS3 these days?
  2. Carshop.co.uk - any experience?

    That's an incredibly good spot and point! I'm glad I posted this now, thanks. I checked the car over thoroughly and the tread depth (which was good) but didn't think to look at the brand...doh! You're right - it does make you wonder - their sales process did seem dodgy - i'd paid a £99 reservation fee before seeing the car (to remove it from Autotrader) which I was told was refundable, but when I got there they didn't think it was. I got them to commit to refunding it before we even began to try negotiating. They were reluctant to show me the service log before talking money too, which I always find suspicious, why hide that?
  3. Has anyone had any experience buying from Carshop.co.uk? Usually I steer clear of the supermarket style dealers, but went to see this today -> Used AUDI A5 2.0 TDI Black Edition 2dr [start Stop] (2011 For Sale - YR11UYY | CarShop as it's the best value car i've seen. The car was clean and as specified, 1 owner FASH - thing is they wouldn't budge one penny on the price, so we didn't come to any agreement. Looking at their site they have a strict "no haggle" policy :-) and the sales guy said this is because they do compare their cars and offer the lowest price. Looking on Parkers this car is booked at ~£23,450 even with the mileage of 30k on a 2011 plate. So, my question is, has anyone here ever bought from these guys and did you manage to get anything off?
  4. Black Edition - Rotor Alloys

    Thanks chaps - I'll have a chat with them and see what they can do - I'll continue my search in the meantime.
  5. Had a very strange experience today at the dealers. I've been looking for a A5 black edition quattro, 3 years old max circa £22-24k. My dealer showed me a car which had come in on Friday part-ex but wasn't on the main forecourt yet, it matched my spec exactly and I was keen to see it again and went back on Saturday. It's a 2010 plate special edition, which I understand from them is before the black edition was available, but this car essentially has all the same features as the black pack though - grill, piano black inlays and I'm pretty sure 100% it had 19" rotor alloys. That was Saturday... I arranged a test drive for today and when the car pulled up I instantly saw it had Y spoke shape alloys, which i'm not keen on. I actually thought it was a different car at first, then asked if the rotors had been taken off to be refurbed as the car is being prepped for the forecourt. The dealer insists that the rotor alloys weren' t on the car and aren't even available on the MY2010 spec car. So - was I imagining the rotors after all? - I did see the car twice and am convinced it had them on before today, wish i'd taken a picture. Do dealers ever switch the wheels around on the cars? Unlikely but you never know ( I was once offered Recarros out of an R32 they had on the forecourt as mine were faulty!) Does anyone know if these wheels were available on that model? I'm sure I've seen rotor alloys on A5's as far back as 58 plates? (are these aftermarket? -> http://bit.ly/179B6Sb) All in all was a bit of a deal breaker, I'm dead set on having those rims and am not a fan of the Y shaped alloys.
  6. Thanks Mort - so not too much to worry about if it was disconnected for a few days? I actually found this video which seems to be exactly the same noise the engine was making when revving and releasing the throttle whilst that pipe was disconnected. IMG_0500.mp4 video by ch1ckenstevens - Photobucket The poster of that thread suggested that "your diverter valve is broken or the little vac pipe on it has split" Mine sounds the same with the pipe disconnected...
  7. Hi Cruiser, thanks for coming back to me - here are some additional pictures with the engine cover removes.
  8. Hi Guys, Hope someone here can help. I've just had my A4 TDI Sline 170 back from the garage after some repairs. Someone reversed into the offside wing in January and I've only just got the 3rd insurance work approved and the repairs completed at a garage of my choice. The garage came highly recommended - although i'm not super happy with repair. The accident damage wasn't major, the wing was slightly crumpled. Anyhow, here are my concerns/gripes. 1) 10 Minutes after driving away from the garage I noticed quite a lot of increased engine noise coming into the cabin - sounds like more noise through the vents coming from from the side of the car that has been repaired. I thought that maybe it's noise that I hadn't noticed before, which was more pronounced as the hire car they'd given me was a really quiet Merc e350 BlueEfficiency AMG thing. Rang the garage straight away and said i'd come in with the car to have a look at. I haven't had a chance to pop in yet. I've just come home tonight with the noise persisting - after a quick compare with my neighbours care (same A4) I think i located part of the issue with the increased noise. Basically a pipe was hanging off the engine (see attached) On blipping the throttle and the engine dropping back to idle , a rasping , grinding (sort of) sound is coming from the detached pipe. Now - i'm sure this pipe was attached before going to the garage and I noticed increased noise on driving away. So my question is? a)What purpose does this pipe have? Looks like it emits fumes b) Could my engine be damaged due to driving about with it disconnected to 3-4 days? c) Should I take this up with Insurance, Repairer or Audi (for a check) 2) Next gripe is the panel is not flush - like totally flush. I know it's never going to the same as factory, but i can feel a ridge where the panel is higher than the bonnet, surely this can be better than that? 3) Seem to have increased wind noise from the drivers door seal. The door was 'blended' to match the panel - would this have been taken off during the respray - could it have been put back on and adjusted poorly? Thanks guys, I know there's a lot there , I would appreciate some pointers at least on the pipe issue. Cheers
  9. All jobbed - keys resynched and back to normal - guys at Audi said it's a known problem and Audi have released guidance notes to dealers to expect this. He also mentioned they think the error can be caused by interference from mobile phone masts - sound like utter b**locks - anyway , still had to pay, but happy it's fixed.
  10. Really? had car checked at another (non audi) garage today , they've eliminated everything apart from the key fobs needing resynching. So booked in at Guildford Audi today to have them reprogrammed(£51.00 quote) What do you think?
  11. Thanks for the offer Cockney Boy - I've dropped the car of at the local garage, will see what comes up - thanks again :-)
  12. Hey Eldavo, thanks for the reply - did your central locking stop working at all - or just from the fob (mine works fine with the key, but not with the fob)?
  13. Hi guys, wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this. I have a 57 Audi A4 Avant SLine. Parked it up at the shops last night and as I was quickly popping in, left the lights on and the indicator in the right position to leave the parking light on. When i came out of the shops the alarm was sounding and all indicators flashing. I thought maybe it had been triggered by a car passing nearby. Anyway, I went to unlock the car with the key fob, which didn't do anything. So i opened the drivers door with the key, started the ignition and thought that was the end of it. The alarm stopped. Since then, i haven't been able to use the key fob to lock/unlock the doors. Using the key in the look DOES unlock all doors. I tried the spare key to make sure it wasn't a battery issues with the fob. Had a quick scour on the interwebs last night, but nothing really jumped out - there was a suggestion to check the fuses, which I haven't had a chance to do yet. Anyway, has anyone experienced anything like this? Any suggestions? Many thanks
  14. Phantom black / Metallic Black?

    Just out of curiosity I checked the paint code in the service schedule which says the paint code is: LZ9Y which according to 2007 Audi A4 Touch Up Paint Colors this page is Phantom Black Pearl, so well chuffed with that :-)
  15. Phantom black / Metallic Black?

    Thanks for clearing that up drinks. It's a 2007 B7 so I guess its Phantom Black. Gave it a good clean and polish after purchase and that colour does look great in the sunshine. Am enjoying the Audi experience so far. Thanks again!