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  1. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    I wouldn't order that. The floor needs sorting and usually something like an Impey tray is used to get the falls to the drain correct. The Impey trays usually come with the required drain http://www.impeyshowers.com Who is doing the install? Speak to them first before ordering too much.
  2. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    That last one seems the best option. 2 taps are quite common - 1 chooses the outlet the other adjusts the temperature.
  3. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    I've never used Victoria Plum so I can't comment on the quality of their products. But they seem to look OK and get reasonable reviews.
  4. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    With regards to the toilet, you can have wall hung, they don't take up anymore space than a standard toilet even with the false wall requirement. The concealed cisterns are quite slim so the space the wall would take up would only be 150mm / 6" max. Make sure you get a decent make of cistern/frame though such as Grohe or Geberit.
  5. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    Here are some photos of the concealed valves. As I said you can put the outlets where ever you like to suit your needs. Valve is best nearer the entrance to the shower so you can turn it on and let it warm without getting too wet, but still accessible.
  6. Boo had to use BMW Mobile assistance

    Something like this then? https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-clippjs-multifunction-jumpstartportable/
  7. For the Love of Cars

    On now Channel 4 or 9pm on 4+1 The lost Lotus - Restoring a race car
  8. The Grand Tour

    Did he say something about being a short test and they'd be a better review later in the series?
  9. The Grand Tour

    Anyone watched it yet then?
  10. Football results today

    Someone is getting their football prediction powers from their name sake
  11. F1 2016 Season

    But he, sort of, has been, SV given 10 sec penalty and 2 licence points. Ricciardo promoted to 3rd http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/37819437
  12. Football results today

    Just like Saints then but we've not spent £500 billion and are just 1 point behind you
  13. expensive numberplates

    Must be worth a few quid
  14. expensive numberplates

    I thought you had a BMW rather than a Merc MrMe