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  1. New pants please

    2 pairs of new pants! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-40904076/car-plunges-seven-storeys-off-us-parking-garage
  2. New pants please

    Nope, just padding and some body armour. Nutters
  3. New pants please

    How these 3 riders walked away from this I'll never know - very lucky indeed
  4. 720 Wop

    lol Sam, only you could write that, nutter
  5. New RS5

    Have you seen this one? https://premiersportsprestige.com/prestige-and-luxury-cars-for-sale/audi-rs5-limited-edition-fsi-quattro-4-2/
  6. New RS5

    A Rover 75 V8 would suit you
  7. Football results today

    Curse of Shaw strikes again
  8. Football results today

    Nice one Booster
  9. Venice....any inputs?

    I think just saying "an internet weirdo" would cover it
  10. Almost a new biker....

    WTF are you doing getting a bike Bazza, do you not remember yourself on that scooter at LM06?
  11. Did they really! I remember getting stitched up with import duty on mine but can't remember what I'd paid for it. Must be about 10 years or more ago now.
  12. Yeah $199 for one to do up to 3 VIN's and $299 for one to do up to 10 VIN's Blimey - can't remember mine costing anywhere near that much
  13. Post a pic of your car

    Well it would be no use to you, you're even older
  14. Wetroom Shower Taps Advice etc

    I wouldn't order that. The floor needs sorting and usually something like an Impey tray is used to get the falls to the drain correct. The Impey trays usually come with the required drain http://www.impeyshowers.com Who is doing the install? Speak to them first before ordering too much.