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  1. E90 M3 buying guide tips please

    That's very helpful! Cheers! I'd rather have another RS4 to be honest but second hand models with the comfort seat option are as rare as hen's teeth. The beemer sounds like a better daily driver, even though it will be a weekend toy only for me yet it needs to be civilised enough for Mrs Brisel to drive occasionally. Does the E90 come with anything fancy like serious bucket seats/inflatable bolsters?
  2. I'm looking at an E90 as my backside won't fit in the Recaro bucket seats in a B7 RS4! I fancy a change as my B5 RS4 is 10 yrs old & has just had 2 new turbos. Anything I should be looking out for when looking a prospective buy? Any major weaknesses? Cheers
  3. After 5 long weeks, I finally have my car back! My wallet is £5.7k lighter but I have a new clutch, flywheel & 2 turbos. All I need is the time to try out your route, Mook. Thanks for recommending Williams Automotive. Gary is a sound bloke & got the job done nicely.
  4. A Poo Lorry

    "No jobbie too big!" :D
  5. Cheers Mook! When the job is done give me a shout & I'll buy you a pint - I live in Cranborne & would like to pick your brains about nice roads for a run out. There's some cracking roads in the area - the road to Wimborne & the B3081 are superb, especially Zig Zag Hill...
  6. Mook - I have gone with your recommendation. Williams Automotive have a very big job to do on my RS - engine out and fit 2 new turbos...
  7. That's a shame, not that I've been to any TSN/PH meets in the last 2 years anyway! Any good pubs in the area?
  8. Thanks Mook! I'll give them a try. I'm moving to somewhere close to there anyway - any meets in the area? (sorry, not been on here for a while!)
  9. I'm moving down to Dorset in the new year & am looking for an independent VAG specialist capable of servicing my B5 RS4. So far, I have come across; APD nr Poole Kartechnic in Bournemouth Any experience of these or recommendations? Cheers
  10. 335i M Sport Touring buying advice please?

    Thanks for the replies If he decided to offer to pay off the outstanding finance, who would he be buying the car from? BMW finance or the registered keeper?
  11. 335i M Sport Touring buying advice please?

    Thanks for the tips. It is a manual, has FBMWSH & hasn't been remapped. Looks likely to fall through as it has outstanding BMW finance. I will start a thread elsewhere on how to buy a financed car.
  12. A mate of mine is looking at buying a 2006 (56) 335i M Sport Touring. Is there anything we need to look out for? eg. MAF, recalls etc. TIA
  13. Volkswagen Golf /R

    Have to say that I'm with you on that one. Those alloys make it look like a Seat. Bet it's performance blows your MK IV away though, Riz!
  14. Converting cassettes into MP3

    Thanks for the links. Very useful indeed Like yours, my tapes are early - mid 90s techno/trance mixes, mostly by a mate of mine. I only know a few of the track names, so wouldn't know where to begin searching for them.
  15. Cambelt time 2.7T - Where in SW?

    Might be worth your while getting the camshafts looked over - the 2.7T engine is prone to wearing them out. Have a look at the B5 RS4 section of :: The World's #1 Audi S and RS Enthusiast Website - there's plenty there on the subject. The previous owner of my 2000 MY 2.7 biturbo had them done at 55 000 miles.