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  1. Sound system

    Does it need to be taken into the stealer for this? Does the Sat Nav come with the Soundpack?
  2. Sound system

    Had our GTi for just over a year now. It is fitted with the DVD sat nav system. However, the sound system is really terrible and radio reception is awful. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. Driving days

    My brother is an extremely fast and capable driver. For his graduation we want to get him a driving day somewhere (at the moment he does not have a suitable car to take to a track day). However, most of the driving days I have seen seem to only offer about 10 laps, some with an instructor. Does anyone know of any driving days with more laps alone in a car. It doesn't have to be a supercar, just somethings quite chuckable.
  4. Public car washes

    Anyone around the Royston area near Cambridge know of a good public car wash. Need to find a car wash now that I can't wash the car at home cos of the hosepipe ban. I want a good place that wont scratch it.
  5. Pic request - R32 rear lights on a GTI.

    I reckon there's a lot to be said for keeping the car totally original GTi though.
  6. Engine noise

    Is it just me, or does the actual engine sound of the GTi sound a bit lame at idle (not exhaust note). It's fine when the revs build, but sounds very weedy when started up.
  7. Alarm

    There are two switches. One for the anti-tow alarm, one for the motion sensors. You need to turn them off if your on a ferry or something (for obvious reasons). Just press the appropriate one untill the light appears on the switch, then lock the car. Then next time the car is unlocked and re-locked the alarm system is reset to work as usual.
  8. Alarm

    As standard the GTi comes with interior and exterior motion sensors. Also an anti-tow alarm is fitted. Any movement in the interior sets of the alarm. Also, any movement of the car sets of the alarm. You may think this is stupid cos it could go off for stupid things and run the battery down. However, the alarm will stop if the car detects no further motion for about 45 seconds I think, resounding if further movement is sensed. The motion sensors can be turned off using the switches by the drivers seat, below where the seatbelt comes out. You guys probably know all this anyway, but i'm bored and felt like talking about the GTi.
  9. Electronic failure

    My father was setting about to set out on a long journey for the weekend in his GTi. He tried to open the car with the remote which failed so had to get in with the key. Tried to fire her up, but everyting was dead. A flat battery he thought. Neways, he called VW assistance who arrived, and said the battery was fine and it seems like there had been an electronic failure with the car, something they had not seen before. They didn't know what to do, and said they would have to trailer it to the dealer. This happened on Friday and they say they can't look at it till Tuesday! NO car till then. Absolutely shocking. Anyone had similar problems. The car is only four months old
  10. Stone chip and faults

    Writing on behalf of my parents who have a 3 month old GTi. The other day, driving down the M4, got a bad stone chip on the windscreen. Could anyone recommend anyone who could fill it, or should the windscreen be replaced. Also, the wing mirrors sometime fail to unfold and the rear parking sensor beeps constantly even when nothing is behind. Has anyone else had these problems?
  11. Visited the Autostadt four times. Once when I went, walked into this awesome completely white room with a turning disc in the middle. On it was a white GTi. This was before the car had been released. It looked awesome and I got loads of photos with it. Never did I think my parents would buy one(i'm only seventeen), but two weeks ago they collected their GTi from the factory. The car was in one of the glass collection towers. They said the collection process was awesome (sadly I was not there). The Autostadt is an awesome place and definitely worth a visit.
  12. R32 Test Drive

    My parents have just taken delivery of a GTi. Should they have bought an R32? I'm sad now.
  13. F40

    Sorry, didn't know you existed. Thinking about it, I'd probably have to agree about the Mclaren F1. But Somehow, their is something special about the F40 even though the F1 is just mega awesome. There is just something cool about a stripped down Ferrari with Turbo lag.
  14. GT2 V's GT3

    The GT3 is a lot cheaper as well!
  15. F40

    My new dream car, after I saw one in the flesh. Just so focussed. The best supercar ever?