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  1. Wheels, spacers and big brakes

    ive got the 334mm standard size 2 piece floating ECS discs and upgraded rears, can honestly say the amount you have to grind of the rear is tiny and nothing to worry about. Out of interest does anyone know if i were to get hold of the Porsche 6 pot callipers could i fit them to my 334mm discs or do i have to get the bigger discs?? cheers
  2. Need to get wheels refurbished and we use a fantastic company in Milton Keynes who refurb the Monza II wheel with amazing results. Question is do i go for OEM chrome look or Metallic Anthracite. Got onto this after see ing Autocar long term Megane R26 in metallic black with Metallic anthracite wheels, looks cock on. Opinions please
  3. R32 bumper grills

    nice one, just need to figure out which part to click to send him an e mail. cheers
  4. R32 bumper grills

    Hi all, Im looking to change the grills on my bumper for the ones with holes cut out, ive managed to source the drivers side one from work by ordering the DSG version but i cant find a listing for the other side. Ive seen some advertised on German ebay but cant understand a word so unable to e mail seller for part number. Can anyone tell me the part numbers for each grill so i can complete this. cheers
  5. R32 Cold start

    would you believe it, worked as should the other night revs held up slightly???It's due service in 1400 miles so will get guys at work to put on VAGCOM to see what throws up.
  6. R32 Cold start

    Can anyone help? My r32 used to when cold from been left a bit start and idle slightly higher say around 1100rpm then settle to normal idle after 30 secs or so, but lately has totally stopped no matter what the weather. It will start without touching throttle but as starts revs dip to almost stalling and then rise to idle. Car seems to be driving fine but have heard from other threads that could be coolant temp sensor or MAF. Can anyone give me a definitive answer, ive had MAFS go on TDI's and you can really feel it but i think car is running fine althouhg i suppose you can get used to something and not notice when down on performamnce. Cheers
  7. Who makes the brakes for the MK IV

    Yeh 334mm sounds right, i once tried GSF who swore blind he could get brembo for R32, left it with him, eventually came back but they were 312mm ones for anni's etc. From research im doing at moment there are very few places offering replacement disks for R32. I work for a VW dealer and i think OEM replacemet disks are rediculous, recenlt replaced disks on father in laws S4 V8 proper dinner plate jobs 350+mm and they were half the price of R32 ones from AUDI!!! Im looking at drilled and grooved ones at moment which aren't an awful lot dearer that OEM and look so much better.
  8. MkIV replacement brakes?

    [ QUOTE ] Depends on your budget and whether you want to go for a big brake upgrade, Jase. A couple of us run the ECS Tuning brakes, some Stage 5 (Cayenne Turbo calipers with 14.1" cross-drilled and grooved disks), others running cross-drilled replacement disks, like Dan32. Try www.ecstuning.com distributed in the UK via www.jbrperformance.co.uk I run Stage 5 front and Stage 2 rear and have tried four different manufacturer's pads - Red Stuff from www.ebcbrakes.com are by far the best with this set-up - they never, ever fade. HTH Stage 5 would be awesome but cant really justify, i think the standard brakes are very good just want to improve the look and on the odd occasion they have faded would like to cure this. Looking on ECS website there are 2 standard size brakes one with black centres and one without. As far as i can gather the black centres are lighter. They seem to mention the HAWK HPS pads, anybody used them? JBR website doesnt list the non black centre type ones, will contcat them for price. Thanks [/ QUOTE ]
  9. MkIV replacement brakes?

    All, After a fairly poor response to my last post im trying again. There must be some of us out there who have had to replace our discs and pads and some people must have gone down the drilled/slotted route. If so cany anyone advise best place to source these from. Many thanks.
  10. Replacement Performance discs and pads

    what do you reckon to the ECS ones, waht pads did you go for? cheers
  11. Am looking to replace standard discs and pads with drilled/slotted versions. Where is best place to source them from? Any idea of prices, fitting isnt an issue just need to source them. cheers
  12. Audi S4 4.2l. What Panel filter?

    Got the Revo chp dont today, and all i can say is....GET ONE. It has made a massive difference with the miltek. Has anyone got one of those induction kits on there S4 V8???
  13. Buying a Milltek

    http://www.icjperformance.co.uk/default.asp Chris there is a legend superb service and excellent prices to members give him a call or E mail him.
  14. You had REVO? or something else?
  15. Father in law is so impressed with difference made to my R32 that he is intersted in above for his S4, has anyone had this same set up or similar done to theirs and what gains have they had, any commenst welcome. Cheers