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  1. Emissions light

    BTW, while at the dealer, I noticed they've got 18" Monzas for £799 a set (without tyres). Is this a good deal? I seem to remember an ancient thread here saying that a set c/w tyres was around £2.5k...
  2. Emissions light

    Funnily enough, I had the same thing happen yesterday while driving to work. The dealer advised me to check the brake lights (!!) because the EPC light can be triggered by bulb failure. When I went back out to check, the brake lights were fine, but I noticed the engine warning lamp was now lit too... Off to dealer, who updated the ECU firmware and all's well. Probably a flaky sensor reading.
  3. Who Needs A Stinking Diesel?!

    [ QUOTE ] That is truly impressive! How much downhill though? Did you rag it on the way back? [/ QUOTE ] It's hard to tell how much of a drop there is, but we're talking slight inclines rather than K2 - the car seems to hold speed pretty well on the flat. And, yes - I did give it some beans on the way back - wouldn't want all those frozen peas defrosting!
  4. Who Needs A Stinking Diesel?!

    [ QUOTE ] Was that in a diesel or a GTI though? [/ QUOTE ] GTi!
  5. Who Needs A Stinking Diesel?!

    I average around 35 - 37 during the weekly commute - mostly motorway, so steady 70ish. Having read this thread last weekend, I decided to see just how high I could get it to go IF I drove like a granny on my weekly shopping trip - 12 miles, 80% of which is (quiet) motorway, but from cold. The motorway is a mix of 70, 60 and 50mph limited sections. I kept to 50 - 60 all the way through (hard work!), coasted on a couple of downhill sections (I know, but it's an experiment, right?) and generally tried to plan ahead. This was the result (and no Photochopping, honest!).
  6. How long before icy air??

    [ QUOTE ] So..........................compressor fault aside, to clarify does everyone else suffer a delay before icy air?? Thanks [/ QUOTE ] Yep, it takes at least a couple of minutes to feel the colder air coming through when the weather's warm and the fan's running hard. I haven't tried comparing what happens with the fan turned down.
  7. VW Centre caps on 18" Monzas (GTI) stolen

    [ QUOTE ] thanks for everyones help... anyone got the vw part number ?? cheers [/ QUOTE ] Part No. 3B7 601 171 BXF ABD KAPPE They were around a fiver when I bought them a few weeks back.
  8. VW Centre caps on 18" Monzas (GTI) stolen

    They're a fiver from your dealer. I've had to replace 4 of them - I think they fall off. I'll check the part number tomorrow (I kept the poly wrap they came in knowing I'll need more... )
  9. noisy engine

    If you're talking about a noise that sounds like metallic ticking, it'll be the opening and closing of fuel injector solenoids. If so, it's nothing to worry about.
  10. For Fecks Sake....

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Red, is that your new brake disc viewale in the pic? [/ QUOTE ] ....Yep . More pics and full report will be posted as soon as I can find time in next 24hrs. [/ QUOTE ] Hope you found the missing wheel bolt before you drove it!
  11. 2500 miles ....

    [ QUOTE ] Thanks - do you mean the gap between the mirror unit and the mount - where the mirror unit snaps forward if it is hit ? [/ QUOTE ] No. I put the silicone into the gap on the underside of the mirror body, where the plastic edges (nearly) meet (underneath the indicator lens). It appeared to be turbulence caused by the gap that generated the whistling. Run the silicone along the length of that gap (i.e. from the outside edge of the mirror body to near the pivot point). Needs a steady hand and a reasonably fine tip on the silicone applicator, then smooth it into the gap, maing it as flush as possible to avoid a new noise .
  12. 2500 miles ....

    I had the same noise at 60 - 70 and fixed it by squeezing some silicone sealant into the gap between the painted and unpainted bits of the bottom edge of the mirror (i.e underneath). Stopped the noise completely.
  13. Auto Headlights

    I find that as the days shorten, the lights do come on more, even when it's light or even sunny. I think it might be something to do with the angle the sunlight hits the sensor - it seems that if the angle is lower, as it is as the days get shorter, the lights trigger. Could be bollox, but it seems I can more or less predict the light conditions that will bring them on.
  14. Tyre wear

    Just about to replace the rears, which had done 6k miles before I got the car, and 12.5k since. They were on the front when I bought it, so I got them swapped over to even the wear rates. The fronts have obviously done the reverse mileage pattern and look good for at least another 5-6k miles.
  15. Volkswagen Assistance

    [ QUOTE ] Is the extra cover just for an additional year? and how much are they asking for it? My stealer said its better to sign up before it expires as its much cheaper, but gave no indication of how much cheaper [/ QUOTE ] The price is the same if you renew after expiry. I signed up today, a week after the original cover ended - still £85 for the year.