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  1. Gearbox fluid change

    Thanks for your input guys... I'll look to get this work done before the end of the year.
  2. Gearbox fluid change

    So given my A8 has clocked up 150k miles... and I don't believe the gearbox fluid has ever been changed, it sounds like this could be a good idea?? What's the exact fluid I need to ask for (I generally use an indie German car specialist), and approx. cost? Thanks
  3. a8 4.2 tdi auxillary heater

    Hi Lee, Would you happen to have any hint/tips on installing the pump? Each year (around Oct/Nov) I keep thinking about doing this mod, but chicken out due to the complexity. Aux heating is enabled in MMI/VCDS and I have the correct battery for it too (supplied by Audi, as they noticed my car had Aux Heating enabled and spec'd the new battery accordingly!). I have the 3.0TDi, so not sure if that would make it any easier. Ideally, I'd like to think it could be done without removing the front bumper!? Thanks Tony
  4. Just wondering if anyone has Kumho Ecsta Spt tyres on their A8 D3 (235/55/17)? I currently have one on each corner (though the fronts and rears were fitted around 6 months apart, fronts first), and after 12k miles on the front tyres, the outer edge is worn down to practically nothing. Tread on the rest of the tyre is okay (around 3mm now). This is the same on both front tyres, but more noticeable on the NS. Took it to Kwik-Fit today for a 4 wheel tracking check, but they reported no issues and blamed the uneven wear on having 'budget' tyres?! At £120 per tyre, I wouldn't call them budget... maybe mid range. Besides, they are the correct load rating for the car (103). He also said that tyre depths on Quattro's should be no more than 2mm apart or it can screw up the Quattro system?? Is there anything else that could cause this? In particular, worn bushes on the suspension or anti-roll bar? The only reason I mention it, is that I'm hearing a few odd knocking sounds, especially when going over rough ground or braking reasonably heavy. The noise is coming from the NSF.
  5. D3 charging battery

    Just been looking on the internet (again), and found the answer to my own question! For reference, the charger should be connected with the positive (+) to the battery, and the negative (-) to the terminal post from the power management controller (not the negative terminal of the battery). File:A8 charger hookup.jpg - Ross-Tech Wiki
  6. D3 charging battery

    May sound like a daft question, but anyone know the correct procedure for charging the battery on an 05 plate (D3) A8? Do I disconnect it completely from the car, or do I have to charge it 'in place', but connect the charger through the negative terminal from the power management controller? Cheers
  7. Picked up the cable today and works fine with AMI on MMI 2G (Ver 5570). Part No.: 4F0 051 510 F (£27 inc VAT)
  8. Thank you Craig. Hopefully all will be well on Monday.
  9. As suspected - Boston Audi don't have any information on whether that cable would work on a 2005 model, or whether it's for MMI 2G or 3G or both. They have however, kindly offered to get one in for me to try before buying. Oh - and my 3 year old daughter just dropped me a text after seeing this thread, suggesting I try using a site called Google? She's pretty good with Audi retrofitting too. She managed to install my AMI system at only 2 years old... it's obviously child's play ...and I've been in IT overall for about 22 years (only architect for the last 10). Totally agree with the comments about kids who think they know it all, though I haven't seen many who are Cisco CCIE certified. I will of course update this thread next week when I'm in a position to verify whether the cable works or not (just for the benefit of those who can be bothered to use search facilities).
  10. Hi Craig, You know what... the idea to use a search engine never entered my head, or ebay in fact. It's a wonder how I have managed to work in an IT architect role for over 10 years eh? Anyway, (as I'm sure you are more than aware), information from Audi dealers on AMI hardware can't be trusted to be correct. Given the ebay advert that you kindly posted (and of course I've never seen before because I didn't think to search myself), states... "Designed to fit 2009 and up A4 or S4 with AMI (Audi Music Interface) A3 A4 A5 A6 A6 A8 TT Q5 Q7 R8 Compatible with Audi MMI 3rd Generation" main question was whether this cable will work with a 2005 MMI 2G system, or is the advert incorrect? Thanks for you unique wisdom Tony
  11. Does anyone know the part number of the AMI adapter cable which comes from the AMI unit to a 3.5mm jack... and perhaps more to the point, would it work with the MMI 2G (Audi A8 2005 with MMI version 5570)? Cheers Tony
  12. Excellent write up, and many thanks for sharing the information I know you said that you wanted the engine pre-heat option, but did you do much investigation into how difficult fitting the shut off valve (N279) would be? Cheers Tony
  13. Electric Tailgate (Boot) Retrofit

    Steve - Did you find what you were looking for? I successfully fitted this last year. If you need any info, let me know. I did create and upload a wiring schematic on the thread which explains how to complete the necessary electrics.
  14. light bulb change

    I managed to change my sidelights (a D3) without removing the headlights, and I don't exactly have small hands. Just need to remove the top air filter housing for O/S and for the N/S, remove the single bolt that holds the power steering reservoir, lift up and move to one side (no need to drain any fluid or disconnect and pipes). It's still a pain in the backside, but saves time compared to the Audi process of going through the wheel arch linings.
  15. Tyres only or New Alloys with tyres?

    I think Adrian was referring to whether I should avoid replica rims, rather than your unfortunate incident with OEM wheels. It's a fair point though. I am somewhat suspicious of how 4 replica alloy wheels can be half the cost of 1 OEM!! [EDIT] - posted at the same time as Adrian's comment above!!