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  1. RS3 Deposit

    Looking back, you were half right
  2. Why no 1M owners?

    They were ordered through a local firm called Super-Tyres (in Maldon, Essex). Super-Tyres are well known around this way as the place you take any performance car (e.g. They have photos of various exotic cars that they've fitted wheels too, such as an Enzo, various Lambos, Ferrari, etc). The price I think was around £1160. Can't remember fully the price for the rears and fronts, but they were competitive compared to some online quotes I found. This price was fully fitted as well.
  3. Why no 1M owners?

    Nope they don't fit run-flats to their M car range (so I believe). No, the car had the Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres as standard. They're OK but produce nowhere near the levels of grip that the SuperSports do. The difference is really quite staggering! Yep 265/35/19 at the rear and 245/35/19 at the front. I could have gone for a larger tyre (some owners are running between 275 and 295) but I wanted to stay with the stock sizes. One other thing to add, these tyres are meant to be a lot better with regards to wear. The Pilot Sport 2's had around 8500 miles on them when I changed and they did have tread left. I'd say they could have probably seen another couple of thousand miles before they would have been cooked. However owners are reporting that they are seeing a lot more miles out of the SuperSports, so it'll be interesting to see if it's true.
  4. Why no 1M owners?

    Not a huge deal to report. I decided to change the tyres after reading the great reviews online about the Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Although the fronts were fine, I don't like mixing tyres so opted to change all four tyres. A full four wheel alignment was also carried out as it they needed adjustment. The results are quite staggering if I'm honest. The Super Sports have lot more grip, the ride is softer and the car doesn't rebound over bumps as much. It just feels super sticky around the corners :D I'm looking forward to the warmer weather so that I can test them properly but early impressions are very good.
  5. My DMS 1M reviewed in BMW Car Mag

    Seeing as this edition of the magazine isn’t in print now, I thought I’d upload my full review for anyone that was interested
  6. My DMS 1M reviewed in BMW Car Mag

    Well I'm happy to be a member of the B4stard club haha! Seriously though, it has really exceeded my expectations. I was worried that coming from a focused car such as the Exige, that a "4-seater coupe" would be a bit of a let down, but it's actually been better than that. I wouldn't go back to the Exige now! The tyres as well have been surprisingly good. Just over 8700 miles on them and they've got plenty of life left in them. Compare that to my Exige which was ditching it's rears every 3500 miles and I'm an even happier man. In fact the Exige was getting embarrassing as I was getting a reputation of having a "rubber fetish" at work haha!
  7. My DMS 1M reviewed in BMW Car Mag

    Yes I probably should I’ve actually had the car for almost 12 months now (collected on October 22nd 2011) and as I’ve probably mentioned before, I bought the car to replace my Lotus Exige 260 when my wife and I had our daughter. I needed something more practical but didn’t want to get something mundane. I’ve also tended to have cars that are quite unique or rare on the roads and I’ve always enjoyed having something that you don’t see many of. When I saw the 1M at the Geneva Motorshow, I knew it was the only new car coming out that could deliver what I needed. So what’s it been like? Bloody fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed every mile in it! Obviously I’ve added a few bits to the car, both cosmetic and performance related, but these just enhance what already is a very solid package. I’ve covered just over 8700 miles, which isn’t bad for a car that is effectively a weekend driver. During that time I’ve only managed to get along to one track-day (which is a shame as I would have liked to have done more) but it was pretty much faultless. I also did the track-day in February when it was cold and wet, before I had deleted the secondary mid-pipes and installed the Forge intercooler, so I was only running at around 400bhp. However it pretty much blitzed everything on the day, especially on the straights. The tyres are holding up well and I still have about half of my tread left on them. This is both encouraging and frustrating as I do want to replace all of the tyres with the vastly superior Michelin Pilot Super-Sports. However, I’ll wait until next Easter (by which time I’d imagine the rears will be cooked) and replace them then. Apart from that, I really cannot fault the car. I get around 300-310 miles per tank which according to the on-board computer is 24.1mpg since taking ownership. Not bad for a car with this sort of power and performance I think. The seats are very comfortable and supportive which served me well when we used it for a family weeks holiday and needed to drive for a long time. I’ve covered a few “long distance” runs (going to weddings half way across the country, etc) and I always get out feeling fresh and ache free. The sat-nav is faultless and even when I’ve questioned if it’s taking me the most efficient way, it always wins. The heated seats are excellent, the Harman Kardon stereo is spot on for what I need (a good range of bass and mid-range which sounds superb). My wife has driven it quite a bit as well and finds it very comfortable and easy to use (the same couldn’t be said for my Exige!!). It’s the sort of car that can do the quiet motorway bimble or if you feel like it, the manic B-road blat! ….I’m actually trying to think of things that I don’t like about it and I’m honestly struggling. I guess the only thing that is a little frustrating is the over-eager traction control, but then you can switch it to MDM mode and it’s a lot better. Plus I’ve heard that swapping the tyres over to the Super-Sports cures a lot of the “orange blinking triangle” issue I’ve been fortunate to have some really fun cars in the past, but I can honestly say that this little 1M surpasses them all. It’s fun to hassle down a back road, it’s fast in a straight line and in the bends to be fair, it’s very comfortable, has loads of toys to play with inside….it’s just a perfect little car if I’m honest :D
  8. Back in August I was contacted by a car photographer and reviewer to ask if I would be happy for my 1M to feature in BMW Car magazine. Of course I accepted we met up on the 28th August to carry out the shoot. Fast forward to this morning, when I wandered into WHSmith to see the November issue of the magazine on the shelves and my little 1M on the front cover :D I’m not going to spoil the article for anyone who wants to read it, but some stand-out quotes really made me smile: “What’s not is doubt is the way this DMS-tuned 1M goes down the road; “fast” seems an inadequate way to describe a car that would take on a Ferrari 360 (or just about any other Noughties performance car you care to mention) in a straight line”. “…where the performance of the standard 1M ebbs away into merely impressive, this DMS tuned car continues gathering speed unabated”. “It’s fourth gear though that really nails this car’s performance to the board under the title “supercar” though with simply no let-up in urge..” “It’s one of the finest 1M’s we’ve seen yet”. Below are some photos from the shoot, which came out really well (thanks to Steve Hall the reviewer and photographer!). Many thanks to Steve and BMW Car magazine for the feature
  9. Why no 1M owners?

    No chopping required. The intercooler was designed on a 1M and is a direct replacement for the stock one. I'd imagine that the Forge 135i version would be the same. The good thing about these coolers are that they aren't huge so you don't suffer from loads of lag. The OEM cooler's core is 510w x 130h x 110d where the Forge core is 530h x 150w x 130d giving 20% more surface area and 41% more volume than stock. The Forge core is of bar and plate construction, with aluminium end tanks Even before the remap you could feel the car holding boost for longer. It's a great mod and compliments the rest of the bits I have
  10. Why no 1M owners?

    No concerns to be honest. The boost is not turned up fully and is still running well within safe margins. DMS did say that they could get around 530 lb.ft torque but they don't like to strain the car. Plus the power I'm running is conservative compared to what some are running. With the new intercooler it's actually running lower boost and cooler than stock so I'm relaxed. Oh and it is a lot of fun Anyway you only live once and you've got to enjoy life hey? No plans for brakes either as the standard ones seem fine.
  11. Why no 1M owners?

    I got around to having my Forge intercooler fitted today and then popped back to DMS to have my ECU tweaked with the new mods. Last time they mapped it I didn't have the N55 mids on so they recommended that another dyno be carried out to ensure everything was running as expected. The intercooler took all of 15-20 minutes to install and is a superb bit of kit After the drive to DMS they gave the car a few dyno runs with the first run returning a 425bhp (up from 402bhp). Rob at DMS then tweaked it and the result was: I'm really happy with it now and he car feels stronger than ever. We initially lost some torque but increased on the power but after the tweak Rob got the torque back to around 480 lb.ft and power up to 431bhp. I'm very happy :D
  12. Why no 1M owners?

    Need to find a buyer first Being serious though I've no idea how much it's worth. However if someone wanted it I'd sell it as I won't be using it now.
  13. Why no 1M owners?

    Are we talking about Jezzer?
  14. Why no 1M owners?

    The car isn't used daily so the wheel should last. I also have some alcantara cleaner if it gets dirty and worst case I'll just have it retrimmed.
  15. Why no 1M owners?

    Nothing. It's sitting in a box in my study at the moment.