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  1. I have for sale a pair of 1 year old Prorack Whispbars for a MkV 5 door Golf. These are the finest (and quietest) roofbars you can get, very easy to use, and top quality. The teardrop shape creates very little drag, so noise is low, and mpg isn't affected. They are flush fitting, so look excellent on the car, better than OEM bars, and are very easy to fit. I used them for a roofbox, and only about 3 or 4 times in total, so they are in excellent condition. Reason for sale, I have sold the Golf and bought a much wider car, so am buying replacement (longer) Prorack S-Wing bars for that. Cost just under £200 new, am looking for £120 for them.
  2. My car is now over 4 years old and is due a cambelt change. The official dealer/service centre (Alan Day City) did the last service and then when I picked it up told me that the cambelt needed changing, which was a bit annoying as it obviously could have been done at the same time. Anyway, given the car is out of warranty (it is an import from Denmark, where I used to live, so they wouldn't honour anything outside of the warranty period and gave no grace period when needed), then I see no sense in using the dealer network anymore when I will in all likelihood get a better service from a specialist. So, is there a recommended specialist or two in the London/South East area that the Tyresmokers recommend? Bear in mind I now travel to Bicester from London for my Elise work, so am prepared to travel for decent work. Cheers Andy
  3. Rear Wiper stuck on MkV GTi

    I think it may need a new motor, as the usual on/off tricks just don't work. Has anyone fitted one themselves? Any tips?
  4. Rear Wiper stuck on MkV GTi

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. The rear wiper stays on when the ignition is on, and I have tried switching the ignition off with the rear wiper switched on, then with the wiper switched off, then flicking the wiper switch with the ignition on, then off, but to no avail. I think these are the usual tricks with the dodgy electrics on the MkV, but it hasn't helped. It's quite annoying I can tell you, and in the dry, you look like a right idiot.
  5. The rea wiper has stuck on on my wife's MkV Gti. We have tried all combinations of ignition with the wiper set to on and off, but it still stays on. Any ideas? Thanks Andy
  6. Key Fob Programming

    Thanks. I'm not sure I fully follow, but I'll give it a go and see where I get to!
  7. Key Fob Programming

    I have an '06 MkV Golf GTI and in the last few months the key fob has stopped operating the windows and sunroof when pressed and held down (either for opening or closing). Does anyone know how to reprogramme the key to do this please? Thanks Andy
  8. Extended Warranty

    Cheers Petsy
  9. High Level Brake Light Fell Off!

    See my other thread about my warranty running out! Actually, this happened before my warranty ran out, so warranty grace period should apply here. Maybe I should get them to look at the creaking suspension as well....
  10. I walked up to the car a few weeks ago to see that the high level brake light had fallen off and was hanging by the cable!!! I have no idea what happened, but it appears to be plastic failure and it needs replacing, even though it is nicely sellotaped on now. I can't believe a vandal would do that, what's the point, so it must be a faulty part? Anyone had the same?
  11. Extended Warranty

    My car is an import and therefore only came with a 2 year warranty, which expired last week. I didn't get round to extending the warranty before now, so I am looking for a quote to see if it is worth it. Any ideas how much an additional year's warranty costs, and also the best place to go (through VW or elsewhere)? Cheers Andy
  12. Creaking Front Suspension...!!!

    I've just noticed mine doing the same! Where you take it matbell67? I'm now in SW London, and have only a few days before the warranty runs out (2 year warranty as it is an import).
  13. F*ckign wankers! Tyres

    Exactly the same thing happened down my road last week, there were at least 10 cars done. The most unfortunate thing was one was my wife's MkV GTI and the other was my Lotus. The Golf has two deep scratches on the bonnet, which are pretty bad, but the Lotus has been done all the way along the side, from the front wing, along the door (where he would have had to bend down to get to it) and also along the rear clam. All in all, total bill to do it properly for both will be the best part of £1000-£1500. I've been back in the UK for less than a month after living in Denmark and this happens. It makes me sick of the UK already. If I saw someone do it, I'd take a big bat to them, I really would.
  14. Car won't start

    Yep, a manual is a manual - you can't, or shouldn't change that. I just need to recognise that my wife should have had a DSG. Another shocker - DSG is for girls !!!
  15. Car won't start

    It expired at the end of March unfortunately, and I chose not to renew. I mean, a 2006 VW, surely it can't break down ........ On returning to the UK (later this year), I'll sort out AA cover again. I have an Elise in storage, and you don't travel without AA cover, although thinking about it, that car has never broken down in 7 years of ownership (touches lots of wood). Lotus more reliable than VW shocker !