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  1. RNS-E manufacture year differences

    All the nav info you need is on audi Audi A4 / S4 / RS4 [8E/B6/B7] - part numbers | Audi Forum
  2. Error code 16346 - new dash pod needed

    if you hav no luck with the dealer . try a repair service....BBA reman. ABS, ecu's, throttle bodies, air mass meters, and catalytic converters
  3. Mpg in a 2.5 TDi quattro

    Low 30's in my mapped A4.
  4. I'm so glad I bought a Quattro

    Well, I've been struck by the quattro "ring of confidence":grin:. Driving past all the 2WD cars that were slipping and sliding I returned home feeling smug and slid the last 10 meters of my journey into the back of her TT on the drive:ffs:.....Bent grille for me and a trashed exhaust trim for her:o
  5. RV hire

    You plan on following Le Tour ! Hope you plan on checking a Col. Col du Tourmalet on next years route then..
  6. Fecking small man syndrome sufferer...
  7. Could be a faulty ABS sensor. You will need a fault scan to what the problem is...
  8. I've used Martins for 3 cars now, good prices but the back street garage look is a bit offputting.
  9. A8_Tony darrenjoe90 Architex_mA8tey roberto1954 Shark_90 Mook Tobes 49 - Audi A8 steve2 J_C Kite I'll be there on the TT forum pitch
  10. Chicago Bulls

    Be good to hear you again. We need someone to keep them Nigel's in their place. I'll keep me ears on
  11. Chicago Bulls

    But everyone looks 10ft tall to you Dave........
  12. PhatNoise in Glovebox - B6

    Under the parcel shelf....just seen you have a avant...
  13. PhatNoise in Glovebox - B6

    Doh, cheers Dave
  14. PhatNoise in Glovebox - B6

    The Phatbox uses the CD changer plug on the back of the HU. Phatbox cable normally comes with the box, just to warn you, there are 2 types of cable VW or Audi, the differance is the end that plugs into the Phatbox the end that plugs into the HU should be the same. A good site for info........PhatHack - Index