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  1. Right folks, following on from the other thread, one of our super helpful forum members has helped me out and spoken to milltek on my behalf. they have agreed to this exhaust if we can get suitable amount of interest and people willing to commit to the exhaust. can we get a list started for anyone who is a definate for this? me first: 1. Kenny 2. be quick as i need to speak with them again soon to make sure this goes ahead
  2. Retrofit AMI

    do you have a business or is it just a side thing?
  3. A5 3.0 tdi re-mapping

    have no doubt guys have always heard great things about Bens work and i always point people to shark when asked i will definately consider map after car is 3 may have to be the sts since up in sunny scotland
  4. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    the thing that annoys me with the RS3 it seems like only 75% effort compared with other RS models. doesnt look like they have gone the whole hog to me
  5. A5 3.0 tdi re-mapping

    thanks mate so im guessing your maps will be on par with the 280-295bhp the others like aps/superchips etc offer? only asking as there was a chap on another forum asking and i said to check you out as you get great rep and he was questioning the 270bhp?
  6. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    is there an options list yet?
  7. Hi all, im considering a custom stainless steel exhaust so i can get the tail pipe design i wish, has anyone used anyone in central belt of scotland? and reviews if possible cheers
  8. A5 3.0 tdi re-mapping

    Hi Ben, i see your web page says around 270bhp for the 3.0tdi, what did you manage from roberto1954's car? thanks mate
  9. A5 milltek picture

    yeah did mate, really needing a pic from under the back box, on or off the car
  10. A5 milltek picture

    Hi all, does anyone have a picture of the rear silencer of the A5 3.0TDI milltek? needing a picture taken from below showing back box and tail pipe cheers all
  11. S5 rear bumper

    Hi all, sorry everyone will be getting sick of me at this rate but i wonder if anyone can help me. can anyone check and give me all the codes for the Rear S5 bumper? ones with and without sensors etc, should be at least a few varients, no idea if camrea makes a difference aswell thanks in advance
  12. 8to 807 511b

    Thanks for your input, it looks like i might have the right bumper afterall. good chance both bumpers are the same? and just part number is different? does anyone have S5 rear bumper numbers for standard bumper= bumper with rear sensors= bumper with rear sensors and camera= thanks again
  13. 8to 807 511b

    very strange, maybe its discontinued? looks like it must be the same part then just number is wrong. can you tell me if the S5 rear bumper is different if you have a camera or not? just wondering if it makes a difference or its just the 2 types, ie one with and without holes for sensors.
  14. 8to 807 511b

    any ideas on this?
  15. 8to 807 511b

    totally mystery part it seems not to worry will just order the correct part from audi thanks all for helping me out cheers