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  1. Kill a Vauxhall VXR day

    I did my half day at Thruxton on the 25th. Parallel Parking - only got 2 attempts. Need 3 at least IMO. To be honest too much waiting around. Auto Competition - good fun, but only 1 practice and 1 timed lap. Would be nice to have made it a bit more of a competition - i.e. top 2 drivers race each other at the end. Circuit - Only allowed 2 laps per go, 3 would have been better (but then maybe people tend to push too hard on their 3rd?). Instructors were pretty good, although they didnt really encourage putting your foot down much - perhaps because it was very wet. Overall, despite the shortcomings a bargain for £95. I'd probably pay £200 if they do it again and improve the format. Mini car review: VXR8 - surprisingly large inside. Effortless engine, but a little big & heavy. Vectra - lovely to drive, effortless, great all rounder. Corsa - nippy and great handling. Astra - surprisingly my least favourite, a bit raucous and did not feel very smooth. Meriva - I really liked this, no seriously! I guess its just a Corsa with a Meriva shell, but fun and practical.
  2. Kill a Vauxhall VXR day

    Got Thruxton booked for the 25th with a mate. Does anyone know any more details on this yet, its all a little vague for me!
  3. Help to remove my gearbox

    Yep RoverTech is the place you want, although most of the guys on there are from oop North or Birmingham.
  4. top gear has lost its way

    Isnt TG syndicated quite successfully around the world? Makes me think that editted down to 45 minutes (for adverts), its probably alot better. It would be nice if the 3 buffoons would actually try a little harder on the 'challenges' though, rather than just screw them up everytime for a cheap laugh.
  5. ?Aluminium Trim?

    I wouldnt mind some - if the price is right.
  6. What estate for £11k?

    There was a Rover/MG parts problem with body panels (as these were made in the factory), but these are now being produced and so should stop being a problem. Not sure I would recommend the 1.8. Its a K series engine, which is a bit puny for a big car and a little noisy. The dreaded 'Head Gasket Failure' has been solved with better gaskets, but you do need to keep an eye on the water and oil. The KV6 is a much better engine, or the Diesel if you want to be frugal. Personally I have the 1.8 K series (in my MGZT), but the turbo. Its a good engine, lots of nice low-down and mid-range power and torque but a bit lacklustre at the top end. Plenty of good deals to be had on Rovers/MGs though - it would definitely pay to shop around.
  7. Unfair Hose Pipe Ban

    I live in Andover, Hampshire (25 miles from Basingstoke), and have water supplied by Southern Water. According to their website, Hampshire does NOT have a ban at the moment. I had put off washing my car for the last 3 weeks, because I thought we did have one. Tell you what, you can come use my water for your cars - £5 a pop :-)
  8. Is Protected NCB & Legal Cover a waste of money?

    Let me get this straight; - If you have an accident you only lose 2 years NCB with most insurers (always assumed you lost the full NCB)? - If you have NCB Protection, they slap on an increase your next premium anyway (if you have an accident)? If both of these are true, there seems little point having a NCB system at all!
  9. Focus ST

    Has the feel of a French car ad to me, i.e. a bit silly and weird.
  10. DVD Review: The Island

    It got some negative reviews when released, but I thought it was a really really good film. Reminded me of 6th Day a bit, in as much as it was a good sci-fi film that somehow managed to miss 'blockbuster' status.
  11. This ecu seems quite rare, and as such the only company that currently offers a chip that I know of is Chip Tuning in Bromsgrove (Rica). Does anyone know of anywhere else that might be able to help - the majority seem to just offer chips for the more popular european cars.
  12. What car would you buy for 4 - 5k

    Get a Rover 75 with the V6 engine or the diesel (BMW), if thats what she suggested. Good value for money since their demise, and a very well engineered car.