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  1. Help with VAG-COM readout please.

    Sadly as time was pushed I didn't get a number, just a reset.
  2. Help with VAG-COM readout please.

    Long time lurker, first time poster so please be gentle. Nothing found on the search engine. Got 5 mins yesterday with a VAG-COM unit on my 2007 Golf GTi that was showing an 'Engine' light. It has now been reset. Readout said something like 'switch for lower tensioning strut'; this caused scratching of heads, is this a suspension issue, cambelt tensioner or something else. Your thoughts would be welcome on what's flagging up. Rgds
  3. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Wheel Size: 17" Tyre model: Continental Sport Contact 3 Miles Driven: 4000 Season: Summer Would you buy again? Yes Comments: An excellent tyre, very good grip both dry and especially wet.
  4. Cargo net

    I use the one from my old Peugeot
  5. A4 Avant Rear Wiper

    Gentlemen, I thank you.
  6. A4 Avant Rear Wiper

    I've had a search on here and ebay to no avail (apologies if this has been asked) but anyone know a place to buy a rear blade for a B6 A4 Avant (apart from Audi) I found the Halfords blade is too short, the Bosch blade at Halfords won't fit in the plastic cover thing as it's too wide. GSF only stock the Bosch too. Anyone Anyone?
  7. 2.5 TDI SERVICE AND CAMBELT........

    The chap at my local specialist says Audi are now reccommending a cam belt change every 4 years regardless of mileage. I'd buy the bits and get it done at a specialist sooner rather than later. My Audi dealer is very nice with great coffee and valet but with labour at £90ph plus VAT I'm with shark_90. Just my thoughts
  8. Binnnngggg and brake warning

    Thoughts Brakes: Sensors? eg fluid sensor, handbrake sensor, connections? BINNNGG: Turn off the traffic button? It may be the 'Achtung: I can't find traffic info' Bing?
  9. HOW TO: Retrofit Ambient Interior Lighting

    Excellent guide. How bright are these at night, are they linked to the master dimmer?
  10. 'Spare' Key

    My dealer by mistake ordered me a 'normal' key i.e. cut metal blade, and plastic handle with immob chip. No remote function, maybe this is what you need? I could send a piccy of key or dispatch note?
  11. A4 - Retrofit items?

    My wife has had the car for two weeks now, her mods are rubber floor mats, a kiddie seat or two and filling every storage receptacle in the car with things like apple cores, sweet wrappers and baby wipes. Shall I ask her to do a mod guide?
  12. Bored....and bloody awful weather

    I have to I'm a fan of the 'Mexican carwash' here in the water starved South as said by Fergy. When it rains I jush fill a bucket with warm water, some 99p Asda car shampoo and a couple of sponges. Wash in rain and leave: Shiny car later. I've been washing my pug gti-6 like this for a year and it's paintwork looks far better than it's 8 year age. Sorry sad I know.
  13. Big Mileage

    Ah, maybe it's moro then does LZ5L sound like a paint code? (Good write up elsewhere by the way Milo)
  14. looking for A4 Avent TDi - Lots of Q's

    Jim, have a good dig, there's a few of potential buyers around asking the same questions
  15. Big Mileage

    Bought one. Thanks for all the input from you chaps in the buying process. It's a 2003/03 Audi A4 Avant TDi (130) SE Manual [5] in Mauritius Blue with Black interior with 53,000 miles. The cambelt's been done. It's going to be a town and motorway machine only, thus didn't want a Sport (I have a Peugeot 306 GTI-6 for that) Looking forward to being around a little more in the future. Ted