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  1. WiFi extension

    Hello. Having just moved into a larger house, I think the need for extending the wifi is going to be required. The previous owners had to so what are my best options? I just want one network, I don't want the device to have to switch between different wifi network names. The powerline adapters look neat and the new BT whole home system looks interesting (it is expensive though). A new BT homehub is being delivered this week and if I believe the hype the signal is much improved from older models.
  2. Uber lose Private Hire licence

    The taxi that picked me up in Chester earlier was over the moon about. It was like he won the lottery. I don't suppose he liked it when I said I bet it changed nothing.
  3. The £1k mobile phone

    Hah! I thought exactly the same. Damn you NNMM.
  4. Mercedes-AMG Project One

    I'm sure we know someone who is getting one ... where is he?!
  5. The £1k mobile phone

    I still have a Vodafone contract. £45 a month and can upgrade at very little cost (as Mac says nil when you consider Mazuma resale) every two years. That isn't a catastrophic deal is it? New phone accounts for half of that so £22 a month for data and calls seems ok.
  6. The £1k mobile phone

    I'll not be buying an X. I'll get an 8 though. I did wonder which number comes next year though. I like the wireless charging but doubtless will need a new mortgage for accessories!
  7. expensive numberplates

    Edinburgh seems to have an abundance of personalised numberplates. An E class Merc in my father in law's garage complex has got SP4 on it.
  8. 2017 Fitness Thread

    No idea where it came form but a 10k ergo row in a huge PB. Previous 40:54 - I just did it in 40:13! A mere 60m off the sub-40 goal which I'd almost written off this year as I'm only rowing once or twice a week. Nice.
  9. World Athletics Championship 2017

    We have been spolit by the likes of Bolt setting blistering times. Just remember Bolt at his prime was 10m+ in front of his rivals. Wayde broke the WR recently. I think it is just a bit of a lull until the next superstar emerges.
  10. Boxing thread

    It can't be scripted surely? Really?
  11. S8 V10

    They look bloody huge to me!
  12. S8 V10

    No consideration of an M5? I know you like an Audi but a V10 M5? Or even the new models have depreciated hugely.
  13. World Athletics Championship 2017

    The exciting race now for the next few years is the 200 and 400 with Wade whatshischops. Bit nervous about the 5k this week!
  14. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Check out the ladies 10k right now!
  15. Tour de France

    It was a good year wasn't it. I do wonder though why Sky are allowed to get away with bossing the stages like they do. They just sit on the front dictating it all. Why don't the other teams get in on that act? They are all well funded. Not that I'm complaining, Froome took (almost) everything and was a legend. Gutted for Cav and Porte. Both horrific crashes during which I thought they were both goners. Sickening to watch.