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  1. What would you do.....?

    If it really is easy to buff you would hope the dealer could do that and relocate. But did you say it was matt paint? You can’t polish that I thought.
  2. Boxing thread

    Fury return. Thoughts? Talks a good game on Faceache.
  3. BMW M2 Competition

    The turbo or the V8?
  4. Hi

    Street racing what? Pony and trap on the A13?
  5. Hi

    Racing what?
  6. BMW M2 Competition

    RWD and all that power I’ve not found intimidating in any weather. Right foot wins. M2 Comp looks like a beast. Mind you, the M4 CS looks beautiful.
  7. RS3 - Saloon!

    People tell me my car must be going up in value given the few miles I put on it. I laugh. I’m not holding out any hope of that and in fact if it happened I’d have to consider selling it and I really don’t want to do that!
  8. WiFi extension

    Hello. Having just moved into a larger house, I think the need for extending the wifi is going to be required. The previous owners had to so what are my best options? I just want one network, I don't want the device to have to switch between different wifi network names. The powerline adapters look neat and the new BT whole home system looks interesting (it is expensive though). A new BT homehub is being delivered this week and if I believe the hype the signal is much improved from older models.
  9. WiFi extension

    I bought one of these: Same as MrMe. Works well and have seen over 200mbps on wifi. I don’t bother with the Virgin router in modem mode as the service always seemed to go wrong when I did it.
  10. SPOTY 2017

    You can skip the first 90 mins is what I found out.
  11. SPOTY 2017

    The motorcycle chap being second ... that was a surprise!
  12. The £1k mobile phone

    So what happens when some chav smacks me over the head for the phone and uses by stricken face to open it and order a million nappies or lightbulbs from Amazon?
  13. The £1k mobile phone

    Doesn’t happen each time incidentally.
  14. The £1k mobile phone

    Not bothered with face ID. Don’t trust it! Odd perhaps, but there we go!
  15. The £1k mobile phone

    Right, so predictably I bought a 256gb X. Does anyone have the annoyance that when swiping up to enter the pin code you get the spinning wheel thing then it returns you to the lock screen?
  16. SPOTY 2017

    Joshua for my vote. Hope he gives Lewis a smack on the way to collect it.
  17. Boxing thread

    Yes, I keep watching his analysis of the fight over and over. Love it. The way he talks about it is fantastic. I hope he continues his great sucess. How will he fare against Wilder? I’m not generally a follower of boxing but I follow AJ avidly.
  18. Aren’t they based on another manufacturer’s chassis?
  19. 9 seconds quicker than the Bug! Love it. Prob couldn’t drive it!
  20. Boxing thread

    Anthony Joshua. What a cracking bloke. Seen two things with him in recently with Bear G and also the BBC Fight of my Life prog; he is funny, down to earth and has exactly the sort of attitude that all sportspeople should exude. SPOTY vote secured from me.
  21. David Couthard

    In T5 Heathrow just now. However, the first thing I spotted was a bloody beautiful woman walking aling; as I gawped at her I noticed DC and son in tow. Presumably his wife.
  22. WiFi extension

    Who on earth do you use to get 500mbps? Do you have a direct T1 pipe?!
  23. WiFi extension

    It is amazing just how shite the BT and Virgin boxes are at broadcasting WiFi at speed. Mind you, Virgin have been having problems today due to “congestion on the line”. Engineer arriving on Weds to presumably sweep the congesters off the line ... Call centre lady tried to suggest it was the new router, I told her the wired gadgets (Sonos and Time Capsule) said otherwise. She shut up.
  24. WiFi extension

    Installed the same Asus router MrMe has and the difference is remarkable. Ok, it was £170 odd quid but on the 5G connection the top room is getting 170mbps. And no need for a wifi extender either. Very pleased, thanks everyone for your comments on this.
  25. WiFi extension

    So the general thing is to plug another quality wifi router into the Virgin box to get much improved speeds?