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  1. new motor advice please

    [ QUOTE ] No worries spankit. I'll always have a place in my heart for the humble 1.8T, i've had two and neither let me down . I strongly believe they got a lot of unfair press, as in my eyes, it was both a nippy and solid car. The biggest difference with the Mark V is the rigidity of the Chassis, the aggressiveness of the engine and the design/asthetics of the interior. When i first sat in a Mark V i thought the mark IV was nicer and used better materials. The latter may be true, but on reflection, the cockpit in the Mark V is much more sporty and aggresive. The Mark IV was always just a little too under designed for me, something they've thankfully got spot on with the Mark V. It was quick, not rapid, but great fun. It did feel like it could have done with another 30 or so horses (which i think the anni got) but It could certainly handle itself against a 325ci- put it that way! The mark IV had a more noticable turbo kick, although it had to be said the overall engine was softer. The turbo in the 1.8 was also much more audible than the turbo in the mark V, you could here it whistling away over 2.5k and just about here the dump valve on every change (all OEM). I don't know about you lot, but my 2.0 FSI T sounds more like a VTEC than a turbo. You feel it, you just can't here it. (but then again that may be down to DSG). The mark V sounds and feels much more like car that belongs on a track. Maybe this is a good time to talk about my LeMans victory in my GTI The mark IV however felt like a quick and fun car to be in, but only on the road. I'm itching to take my Mark V round a track, wouldn't fancy it in a Mark IV (never did TBH). That said, at the time, and now at the price, they were and are a cracking car to buy and own. They are as practical as a van, as classy as a 3 series and as much fun as most hot hatches. If you see a good Mark IV T now, they still look good. [/ QUOTE ] Having owned a Mki (way back in 1983), 2 Mkii's (after 16 years I still have the 2nd, a 16v), a Mkiv 1.8T & currently a Mkv GTI, I have to strongly disagreed with LeMans appraisal of Mkiv GTI's. Yes it was solid & yes the cockpit wasn't that bad a place to sit (they're even quite economical if driven sensibly), but IMO both of the Mkiv GTI's (2.0 or 1.8T) are positively awful driver's cars by comparison to the Mki, Mkii 16v &/or the current Mkv GTI - I've never driven a Mkiii GTI. IMHO as a standard issue the Mkiv GTI neither handles or goes as well as it should, the steering is totally lifeless, the suspension set up can best be described as stogy & the engine (in a standard 1.8T - 150bhp) has no progressive urge whatsoever. Furthermore the turbo comes in so hard it makes it very difficult to drive smoothly at lower speeds.
  2. [ QUOTE ] German dealer can say it was fine when it left us, was not scratched etc... must have happend in the uk etc.... [/ QUOTE ] This is highly unlikely.......... In my experience any car that is passed from one body to another (e.g. from dealer to transporter) has a vehicle condition report done on it at the point of hand over. So there is absolutely no way they can end up not knowing who the buck stops with. It will be documented at every stage and the fault will lie with the last indervidul who didn't log any deficit/damge that may subsequently be found. You also have statutory rights under the sale of goods act that any car has to be in an appropriate salable condition. Additionally, with the exception of the deposit, you only pay for the car after you are entirely happy the car is as it should be. In the case of Euro Imports I know for a fact they put right any problems before a car is deemed ready for collection. If needed, this is normally done via their local VW dealer - who, for obvious commercial reason, is more than happy to get the business.
  3. Test Drive

    [ QUOTE ] steer well clear of VW chiswick - bad experience [/ QUOTE ] Good to hear I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience with this outfit, at least I know it wasn't personal.
  4. Sorry to say I found Select less than select in their service. When I phoned them there was no one who could take my call and having left my number, no one bothered to call me back. Needless to say I didn't bother calling them again, I can get that sort of service from my local Stealer thanks very much. On the other hand, in my experience, Richard at Euro Imports never failed to return a call, or keep a promise he made - even if this meant on one occasion sending me an email at 9:30pm on a Sunday night. As you can choose the exact spec' of the car you want from Euro Imports and they then go and source the car for you, I think it's fairer to say their role is far more that of broker than importer. Yes, they do order some cars speculatively that can be bought from stock, but so do Select. One last thing, I'm not sure how Select work the final payment, but I really liked the fact I only handed over the balance (via Debit Card) once I'd checked the car over and not a second before.
  5. As a past customer of Euro Imports (bought my MkV GTI from them - order mid September 05, delivered mid November 05), I have to say I found them a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer service & attention to detail. They're absolutely top rate on all counts and the prices they offer are very competitive as well. If I were looking to buy another new car I'd use them again tomorrow without a moments hesitation.
  6. Hi new owner with a few questions?

    [ QUOTE ] coming home lights can be changed I think only if youve the highline computer. [/ QUOTE ] If you haven't got a highline computer, I think you'll find your dealer can change things for you.
  7. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] How can the car be substantially quicker, have more power, but yet return better mpg ! [/ QUOTE ] ironically, you might find that due to the extra power, you're not as heavy on the gas [/ QUOTE ] I agree, that there must be something in having some extra power means you're not as heavy on the gas. I know it's not the same car, but since having my Impreza WRX modified (so it produces in excess of 30% more BHP & Torque), I have found the economy has only fallen by about 0.3 mpg (from 23.6 to 23.3 mpg on Optimax) over a 12 month period. That said, although I haven't exhaustively tested it, it does seem slightly thirstier (maybe as much as 2 mpg less at a steady cruising speed of 75-80 mph) on long Motorway runs than it was pre-mod's. However, due to it's greater low end grunt/flexability, I think this is more than recouped when it comes to other types of driving (point & squirt cross country type stuff, etc) where the engine doesn't have to work anywhere near as hard to make the same, rapid, rate of progress.
  8. Security...

    [ QUOTE ] whats that all about Ali? [/ QUOTE ] Have a look at; I think that tells you more about it.
  9. Security...

    Another option you could consider is the Clifford Blackjax (anti hijack/theft system) which costs around £250-£275 inc VAT & fitting.
  10. Only done just over 2300 miles so still loosening up, but pleased to report 32.5mpg overall, with a worst of 30.5mpg & a best of 33.7mpg from respective tankfuls. That said my journey to work each day is (a round trip of 26 miles) mainly 50-60mph with no sitting in stationary traffic (typically see 33mpg on the comp) - one of the joys of living in a rural area.
  11. High Spec GTI's in Stock at Euro Imports

    [ QUOTE ] all I can say is I wish all dealers were the same, an excellent service [/ QUOTE ] As a past customer of Euro Imports (bought my MkV GTI from them - order mid September 05, delivered mid November 05) I have to echo jcoles7 comment 100%, they really are a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer service & attention to detail. They're absolutely top rate on all counts and the prices they offer are very competitive as well. If I were looking to buy another new car I'd use them again tomorrow without a moments hesitation.
  12. EVO magazine GTI fuel article

    [ QUOTE ] Tesco 99 and Optimax where just short of Ultimate. [/ QUOTE ] Have a look at; The 5th Gear tests don't confirm BP Ultimate's advantage over Shell Optimax at all. Call me a cynical b****r if you like, but it makes me wonder if there is some vested interest creaping into these tests somewhere along the way. Either that or the equipment &/or method isn't as good as it should be.
  13. [ QUOTE ] right, finally got round to calling motorprovider. The cars are imports from Germany with 2yr warranty and uk spec. They have loads in stock with stock arriving weekly. The car i wanted in metallic ******(just in case someone else buys the one i want) with 18's and centre armrest is £18,595 OTR with me as 1st registered owner for march 1st on an 06 plate. [/ QUOTE ] Have you checked the situation with the warranty on the car you're interested in, because if you're not taking delivery until 1st March & it's physically in stock now you'll loose 3 months warranty? I think you'll find the warranty runs from the date of the PDI/export, not the UK registration.
  14. My previous posting should have read "don't just take their word for it" One more point, ask yourself this very simple question; If the UK VW dealer network can sell every single GTI allocated to them (in most cases they're currently quoting waiting lists of between 3 & 9 months - depending on spec), why would VW UK sell cars at knock down prices to Motorprovider et-al & lose thousands of £ on each car? The Motorprovider site uses the phrase "UK Registered", this does not mean it is a genuine UK car, any import will become UK registered. The critical thing is that Section 3 on the V5 states "Declared new at first registration" & Section 4 B & B.1 tally with the date you actually purchase the car. You can undoubtedly find some very good savings on some genuine UK cars, but these tend to be models that are far less sought after & are readily available from stock.
  15. [ QUOTE ] i rang motorprovider on christmas eve and the sales guys were gone but the guy on the phone said call back on the 28th but all the GTIs are Uk cars. So if i can get a 3dr with 18's for 18k then i think im just going to go for it. Ive been waiting since october to pick up a used one for around 17K (as all the car guides are telling me that 6 month examples are worth between 16-17k) but its not happening. All i can see is that the vw has had the same cars forsale for 3 months and althought the prices have reduced dramatically, they are still more than they are worth and critically, more expensive than these supermarket cars are selling for. Even if they are parallel imports, all i lose is a yrs warranty (£200) and possibly a reduced trade in (although doubt it will make much difference when i trade/sell at 4yrs old). [/ QUOTE ] As I said before, make sure you get it in writing (do just take their word for it) that is either a UK car, a Pan-European or a parallel import (sourced from an EU country - i.e. not a grey import), before you place your order. Otherwise the VW dealer network will be very unwilling to help you should anything go wrong, plus insurance can become another issue that is more expensive to arrange.