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  1. Post a pic of your car

    Thank you kind sir, it loved France and France, it seems, loves Astons
  2. Post a pic of your car

    Mine resting up after un voyage à travers la France
  3. The 90 20V is probably the one car I have fondest memories of and I have owned some serious metal since. At the time it was just about perfect. Last year my uncle died and he owned a very low mileage Audi Coupe of the same era. Oh how I wish it were an S2 but it was the lowest of the range 2.0 and with no extras other than a sunroof. I was charged with selling it and I got a fresh MOT and used it for a few weeks to shake it down. It was bloody brilliant! I had forgotten how good proper steering was before it went all electric. I sold it with some sadness. If it were any 5 cylinder variant and quattro I would have kept it for sure.
  4. Way back in 1989-90 Clarkson was on record as saying Audi made the best cars and he also put forward the quattro 20V as PCOTY (which it won as I recall). Audi was great then the anti-BMW with some great ad campaigns. They have made some boring cars since as they explore every niche and some of them are, in my opinion, bad. However some in the range are really very good and they are generally always nice places to sit. I have had more Audis than any other make and I do always shop around and buy different from time to time.
  5. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    I shall be waving goodbye to my A7 on Friday having got mine at the same time as Phantom. Great car, one of the best in the real world. I echo everythinghe says, has been a great car, Time for something different this time around but an RS7 probably one day in the future
  6. New RS3

    An interesting discussion on the engine options http://fourtitude.com/news/Audi_News_1/spied-audi-rs-3-sportback-new-rumors-2-0-tfsi-high-output-power/
  7. I bought a new A7 Black Edition today

    Tis very nice indeed
  8. Head vs heart decision!

    Skoda makes a good case for itself but is it really goiing to be much different from the Audi to drive which you already dismissed as unsatisfying? Probably if you went with the Skoda, which is a fne car, you might find yourself wishing you had got the Merc but I suspect that would not happen the other way around which is the way it works with head v heart How much do you care about performance since I expect the Skoda to be quicker?
  9. I have been told but have no personal experience that it is actually cheaper for 17 yo on a Provisional since of course it means someone will be with them at all times. And then it will go up when they pass their test! Actually makes sense. I agree, bite the bullet now and get the NCB built up
  10. Dealer BS, or DVLA problem?

    This I also predict
  11. Dealer BS, or DVLA problem?

    Yes all true. Just done a retention and transfer and it took many weeks. Local DVLA office helpless and apologetic. All closing soon, which is rubbish
  12. RS6 V10 Avant on A1

    Ah OK. I did drive the V10 at launch and was underwhelmed on many levels/ C7 V8 promises much. RS prices really creeping up ever higher though
  13. RS6 V10 Avant on A1

    New RS6 is a V8 not a V10 and it shuts half of those down at low revs so that might account for some of your disappointment
  14. Changing Spec Of New Car

    Tends to need memory seats. Can usually be enabled with VAG-COM with some caveats as far as I know
  15. Questions about cleaning a black car, from a friend, not me.

    You may have to get a detailer on that overspray. In which case you could adopt the lazy man's way to keep a car clean. Get the car detailed once and a good sealant applied. Then once a week go over it with a detailing spray (using good quality cloths). Half an hour a week tops. I have never washed a car in four years and my friends think I am an anal car cleaning freak. How little they know.