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  1. Guildford Porsche "Racing Legends"

    Porsche Racing Legends - Shared photo album - PhotoBox Try this link - not sure why the linking isnt working!
  2. Interview with Richard Attwood and David Piper about their 917 racing experiences. Great selection of cars, some from Porsche museum: • 917 the first privateer 917 to be purchased from the factory in the late 1960's - (green with white stripes) David Piper car • 550 Spyder - (the next car produced was the one James Dean died in) • 961 based on the Porsche 959 sports car (rally car in Rothmans blue and white colours) • 911 Carrera RSR • 935 Racing version of the 911 Turbo • 962 • GT1 • LMP2 RS Spyder • 911 Sports Classic • 911 GT2 RS • 911 Carrera GTS - pre-production 911 which is not on-sale until December Sorry pics arent great it was just a pocket camera!
  3. E46 M3 vs Audi S4 B6

    Couldn't agree less ;-) E46 M3 is also way to common and in the hands of an awful lot of chavs these days who cant really afford to run them.
  4. E46 M3 vs Audi S4 B6

    Munich Legends : 1999 BMW E39 M5 Well respected M specialist too. 1999 BMW E39 M5 (1999) 59,860 miles £11,495 BMW E39 M5 Immaculate BMW M5, E39 model in Silverstone blue with rare black heritage leather interior. This beautiful M5 has well below average mileage, covering just 59,860 miles since the car was first registered in May 1999. This BMW M5 has been carefully maintained by all four previous owners, and boasts a full service history with extensive accompanying documentation. The car is well known to Munich Legends. The E39 M5 really is all things to all drivers. Arguably the best of the M5 generations, the E39 can be transformed from a comfortable luxury family saloon to a fire breathing V8 monster with a quick burst of the fly-by-wire throttle. With huge torque, blistering acceleration and genuinely stunning cornering ability, the 400 horse power E39 M5 richly deserves its place in the automotive hall of fame. The excellent equipment levels on the E39 M5 make driving and living with the car easier than any other car in its class (if such a thing exists). This model specification includes heated electric memory seats, PDC rear, electric rear window blinds, satellite navigation, TV, logic 7 hifi and much more.
  5. E46 M3 vs Audi S4 B6

    I had a manual S4 (B6) and loved it. OP, have you considered an E39 M5?
  6. Guess the interior . . . . .

    Full advert here: Eclectic Cars | Classic Cars For Sale | - For Sale - Renault Alpine GTA
  7. Ok thanks. Has anyone else got a 3GS working with 2008ish bluetooth? Her phone is V3.1.3 (7E18)
  8. Hi Folks. My wifes iphone and our 2008 TT dont like each other. Her phone is a 6 month old 3GS. The car is a Feb 2008 with RNS-E, MFSW, Bose, Bluetooth. The car shipped with Bluetooth, and I just retrofitted RNS-E. Got a car audi place to code the car correctly today and (I wasnt there), they have told my wife that for her iphone to work she will need a new bluetooth module. Is this bollocks? What do we need to get it working (works fine with my android moto phone). Will a cradle sort the issue, and which one would I need for a 3GS? Any help appreciated!
  9. It's guess the service time

    I got pads all round and front disks on a Cayman S for £500 just to give some perspective (and from an OPC).
  10. If so, I have a friend who is able to do some quite aggressive pricing at the moment - drop me a line if of interest?
  11. just fitted rns-e and need someone to just fix the coding in an 8j TT
  12. Exactly. It was built using loads of electricity, the components for the car were built using loads of electricity and shipped to the UK - esp. the batteries. And if used in the UK it is charged using electricity the vast majority of which comes from coal/gas powered powerstations...
  13. Bitter sweet - car clamping

    .. and a PR Stunt. (and why is someone with an expensive car getting clamped "sweet"?)
  14. Wanted - MK5 Golf GTi 5 dr

    Dont know these cars, but they seem to fit the bill (no red or black certainly cuts the choice down!) I'd be looking to go main dealer at this budget - gaining a years VW warranty.. 2005 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2.0T GTI 5DR ONLY 48000 MILES 2005 VOLKSWAGEN Golf 2.0 GTI 2005 VOLKSWAGEN Golf 2.0 GTI 2005 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2.0T GTI 5DR SAT NAV over budget, but only 14,000 miles!: 2006 VOLKSWAGEN Golf 2.0 GTI