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  1. 8L A3 Genuine Stonechip Protection

    Put the money towards a remap instead!
  2. 8L A3 Genuine Stonechip Protection

  3. Whistling at speed

    If you have your air recirculation on - turn it off. I know you're thinking 'eh', but I get some whistling noises about 90+ but only if recirc is on, so perhaps try that if its turned on.
  4. Is it me or is this really expensive?

    Sounds about right. I paid about £450 for engine and haldex service and that was at Audi.
  5. yeah, the A3/S3 rear wash wipe is a crap design. Mine has gone three times in three years......I use a pull tie too - now.
  6. S3 Gearknob

    That looks good actually. Nice one! I think if the gear knob is only £14 I'll try and get a new one but if it works out more, I'll send you a PM as I'd gladly purchase it from you! £14 seems a bargain, wonder if that's right....?
  7. S3 Gearknob

    Yep I'd like to do this too. Anyone know??
  8. S3 Sportback pics

    Can somone tell me what 'magnetic ride' is please?
  9. Audi A3 Clubsport quattro

    Performance wise it is very good, but I still wouldn't get an oil burner, especially one looking as rubbish as that one!
  10. Faulty passenger window

    I had this on my S3. Both windows went. The windows go down but not up. Well, they start to but the sensor kicks in and sends it down again. I needed two new "Guides". I can get the part number if anyone wants it. They cost about £8 for the pair from Audi.
  11. S3 (old shape) thinking of buying

    Wow.....that is pricey. One of the benefits of owning a pre "51 plate" I guess!!
  12. Where is the air mass flow meter?

    I must get some samco hoses for mine at some point. They look the nuts and I suppose a must if I get that remap.....
  13. S3 to get STronic

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO No S3 sportbacks!!!! Grr.....you can't have an S3 estate car.....!!! Grr... I am so opposed to this!!! :-(
  14. S3 (old shape) thinking of buying

    Road tax 210??? Mine being an X plate doesn't suffer from this silly expensive tax, I only pay £175 a year. Will the £300 tax apply to pre-"51" plate S3s too?
  15. Hi all, Since the design changed of the forum, where has the gallery gone so I can oggle at people's S3s? Cheers James
  16. New look forum - galleries???

    Found it - why is there no button or link to this? Am i blind?? http://www.tyresmoke.net/gallery/albut30
  17. Fook the CO2, if you like it .... get it! You only live once!
  18. £37,999 for an MTM S3????

    OMG! Just seen the date - what a resurrection!
  19. S3 Sportback pics

    Can't believe Audi are doing a 5 door S3 - That's really sad. The sportiest top of the range hatch should not be a 5 door option. It's all about money these days. It's like Porsche doing the Cayenne- pathetic. The directors don't care though because it makes money, what a shame.........didn't think Audi would succumb with the brilliant S3.... It's as bad as a 205 GTi with 5 doors - it's just wrong!!
  20. Is this a real colour through Audi's colour choice matching thing, or is it a random respray at some point in it's life...?? Looks a bit girly.....like those blue Minis you see. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2001-AUDI-S3-QUATT...1QQcmdZViewItem
  21. What gets your S3 going

    I've always used V-Power but the price is getting stupid now - £1.14p a litre. I notice no difference in power or response, but I get far better MPG out of the old girl. I'm now going to change and buy Saino's Super Unleaded as it's cheaper and right next door to my house. If the mpg doesn't suffer, I'll keep using that.
  22. Yeah but those parking sensors are pointless.....a chap at work was reversing his BMW and crunched it into the fence. We all laughed becuase we knew he had parking sensors. He said "Yeah, but they always go off too early!"
  23. Same as!!! I just ordered a new fog light surround as I ran over a pheasant on the A34 on Tuesday.... If anyone finds it can I have it back please?
  24. Radio-controlled clock

    I've always wondered this!! Surely all S3s are German....hehe
  25. advice on selling

    I wish it had been for sale when I bought mine. I was after a misano red S3 and I've seen yours (well, your avatar) before. If I was in the market for one, I'd buy it. F*ck the price. If someone truly wants it, they'll pay it - I would because I love the colour.