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  1. iOS7

    How would I go about getting a ios7 beta then? Do I have to have signed up for it already?
  2. Yeah kinda. Trucks are very cushy these days. All I have to do is stay awake...
  3. It's not that bad, the truck is on air suspension so it's super smooth. It's really quiet too. Auto box too so there's no messing about swapping cogs. It's got climate control blah blah blah. The road works aren't that bad either, mostly it's a 50mph limit through them but because the truck only does 56mph it's not costing much time. Although I usually go m6/m5/m42/m40. That way I miss out the roadworks after jct 8 on the m6.
  4. I'm a trucker. (Kitchens and bathrooms) We have a depot in Bolton and one in London. I take a loaded truck at night and the guys deliver the stock after transferring it to smaller trucks.
  5. Same one, had it since new. It's about time they bought me a new one.
  6. That's Bolton to London and back again five nights a week.
  7. This probably doesn't count but for work in my truck I do roughly 100-110k. And in my car i do about 5000.
  8. Ee 4g

    Have a read of this http://www.store-orange.co.uk/orange-4g-network.html
  9. Ee 4g

    Oh really? We'll see about that once the iPhone turns up. I take it you are aware that EE is orange.
  10. Ee 4g

    Oh and the 3gb wifi limit that's mentioned is for bt openzone. Dunno why anyone would want to use openzone over 4g though. Unless mobile Internet wasn't available
  11. Ee 4g

    Have a look. http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/personal/699647 There's no fair usage limit on it either.
  12. Ee 4g

    I've got unlimited 4g on my new EE iPhone 51 contract. But it's useless because I still don't have an iPhone 5 as its still on back order.
  13. £5k boring workhorse

    How about a Toyota 2.2 diesel Avensis estate. It'll be boring but as reliable as it gets.
  14. Question Correct car battery for 2006 2.0T FSI

    Order from Ecp and use the code bimfor25 or test31
  15. Anti-Islam film protests

    My invisible friend is better than your invisible friend. If you don't believe that my invisible friend exists and that he's better than your invisible friend then I have no option but to kill you... Put like that it sounds ridiculous , but thats basically it.