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  1. ipod lead? (New Scirocco)

    Both cables are supposed to be supplied free of charge from your dealer on collection of the car. This topic has been mentioned many times on the Scirocco Net & Scirocco Central forums. So your dealer aint doing you any favours by giving them to you as if you buy a new car they are your's to start with.
  2. Mudflaps

    Will do Ludwig, washed it a couple of weeks ago lol but not much of a shine on er so pics didn't do the wheels any justice. All being well gonna give er a good wash & hopefully polish not this weekend but nxt. Soon as I have er gleaming will get pics posted..
  3. Mudflaps

    No pics yet mate but have a couple on my camera so will get them posted soon, Khans in my opinion where too big & too wide scored badly going over bumps & left it a very uncomfortable ride in general. Generally couldn't wait to get them off after paying an arm & a leg for them!!
  4. Mudflaps

    Hi all havn't posted here in a long time & couldn't find it in the search option. Any of you guys fit the recently released mudflaps for the Gti if so any pics? Must post some pics when I get a chance, changed my wheels twice since I last posted. From scratch had the original 17" monza's changed for 18" Mam 7's, then changed to 19" Khans (what a disaster) now dropped back down to 18" and got a set of River Alloys..
  5. Type Pressure Sensors

    If one of your tyres loses pressure the warning signal will come on the dash when the car is being driven. The tyre then needs to be brought back to the correct pressure then the button pushed to reset..
  6. Hello ... Newbie

    Thanks very much for the help folks much appreciated, got the wheels from Germany. Mite give them guys a shout not dangerous money..
  7. Hello ... Newbie

    And another..
  8. Hello ... Newbie

    Yea here she is Robintegra,(see attachment) ps. who did you buy your springs from and where they hard to fit? Looked at but I couldn't find any for the Gti just the Tdi..
  9. Hello ... Newbie

    Hi lads can you tell me what sorta money you's paid for the Eibach Sportlines and where you bought them from. Was it expensive to get them fitted and does it make much difference to ride quality? If you would rather not mention pricing on the forum please feel free to pm me.. Thanks
  10. Selling advice please

    Exceptionally low mileage mate which I would have thought would boost the value a bit plus it's very well equipped. I take it a 55 plate is 05? Why not try a couple of other dealers see if you cant get at least an extra £500. I never seem to get good money for any of the cars i've owned (always lose a fortune), as mentioned shop around you might get nearer £18,000. Just took another look at your spec. £17k would be kinda insulting. £18-£18,500 might be more its price. Good luck selling mate..
  11. On Board Computer Blank???

    Went out earlier stuck in the keys & hey presto computer back up and working, still taking ikt into stealers on Monday afternoon to get a diagnostic check done make sure everything is ok. Ps. Leman the clocks & rpm dials where still working..
  12. Driving down the road this morning, happened to flick through the on board computer to check how many miles left in tank, read 275 or something, looked down 10 mins later and the screen had went completely black??? Pulled in immediately and phoned Vw, booked the car in on Monday afternoon guy said probably need clocks replaced but has to run a diagnostic to check. Doesn't have clocks in stock so I was wondering if the clocks do have to be replaced could I get them replaced with a highline computer as mine is a midline? Any of you guys experience the same problem??
  13. 1st Service Prices

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Are the prices you are all quoting for the variable service?...different oil grades used for each service! [/ QUOTE ] My price was for variable servicing. Here is a breakdown Labour £52. Oil £43. Oil filter £4.70 Pollen filter £8.69. Screenwash £2.09 Plug £0.90 VAT £19.49 Total £130.87 [/ QUOTE ] Hey Mikemod which dealer serviced the car for you??
  14. Some scumbag tried ripping out my high level brake light at the weekend , phoned Vw and ordered a new 1 went yesterday to get it fitted and was informed that for the light to be fitted the rear spoiler has to be cut off??? So got it fixed by gluing the old one back in place. Bit of info for any of you guys who experience the same thing. What a fcuk up!!!
  15. Shadow Blue MK V GTi - Photos

    Very nice mate looks really well, health to drive