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  1. The diagnostics on Audi's are pretty good. I'd recommend getting a scan performed using VCDS. This is old and out of date but I still get contacted by people wanting help.
  2. None gone walkies? We used to lose loads of useful things like this e.g. travel adaptors for visitors, power leads etc etc
  3. I'd recommend sticking with the cable. You just plug it in and it works. I do use WiDi when working at home but I wouldn't want to be arsed with visitors / staff all having to muck about with pairing or drivers etc. Our AV stuff at work is pretty nifty (any one can draw on the white boards from their phones in the meeting room or remotely etc), IP TV, video conf etc etc but we still use an HDMI for the PC connectivity. It's just easy.
  4. How to turn an LED off :
  5. Caterham 160 - winter daily driver

    Great and enjoyable read <Proof reader mode> "One tip to the tip in the Galaxy was three in the Caterham"
  6. Road Riders

    I can get BBC NI on VirginMedia so watched it when it was on the other night. A little lacking to be honest and a lot about the risks. It's very obvious that to some it's not a sport but a complete way of life. Will watch the next episode to see where it goes.
  7. New pants please

  8. HP4 Race

    Whoa! If you can't quite reach a Superleggera then how about this? I wonder if telling my wife I'm saving £4k would swing it?
  9. 720 Wop

    Getting very close to WWE!
  10. Moto GP 2017

    Agree with the above. I've got Maverik in my MCN Fantasy league (anyone else doing it?). Massive potential! Lorenzo - seems he can't ride when there's a dark cloud in the sky. Cal - have to admit I wa holding my breath waiting for the crash. Rossi - I personally now see him taking podiums and a couple of wins but can't see him securing that 10th championship It's looking like a good season.
  11. New pants please

    Not a vehicle but I bet he had to change his underwear:
  12. New pants please

    Interesting to see the different reactions : First lorry on scene - very reluctant to move towards the car. I get the trepidation on what you'd expect to find inside. Counter that with the Stobart driver and some of the others.
  13. New pants please

    Yep saw that too. Got sent down for 6 months. Stupid twat!
  14. 720 Wop

    Doesn't a price that high mean it's got bigger chance of more appreciation potential? How much of your purchasing is done in the head and how much in the heart?
  15. New pants please

    I nearly shat my pants watching this!