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  1. Post a pic of your car

    I ermmm like the colour
  2. Taxi!!!!

    That's excellent. I'm sure the functionality more than makes up for the fugly face.
  3. I did something wrong

    It's narrow enough for bikes but on trackdays we obviously have a mix of bikes and abilities. I've no idea what it's like for pulling overtakes in Caterhams when they're all so similar and that much wider There can't be anywhere near as many passing places! No massive hero wheelies for me but was happy carrying this amount every lap over the crest of the Mountain and the second bump.
  4. I did something wrong

    One year later and the demons have been put to bed. I went back yesterday and today and had two great days. More speed than before but also more controlled. Loved it. Oh and it really is a superb track
  5. IOM TT 2017

    That's a crash that happened to end with the wheels still on the tarmac. Incredible
  6. IOM TT 2017

    I too stumbled across the result. Annoying not just having to wait for the evening show but for the next day.
  7. IOM TT 2017

    On the TV they just said he's ill.
  8. IOM TT 2017

    Shame Whitham's not there. Not only coz I quite like his input but due to his cancer returning
  9. IOM TT 2017

    That interview with him sitting in his transit van was shocking. I've never seen him like that before. That crash really scared the crap out of him
  10. School trip dilemma

    I agree. I spent time pondering what they'd done, what respect they have for life and what impact they want to have. I horrified myself with the very soft targets that I thought of. I wouldn't be challenging the high security locations. I'll now go and rinse my brain out with soap as the thoughts make me feel sick and dirty
  11. New pants please

    Very nasty!
  12. School trip dilemma

    A personal decision with no right or wrong. For me stopping doing something would be the first time ... and then I'd justify another and another until I'm avoiding more and more and living in fear. Feck that. Work said work from home the on Wed and Thu. I went in on Weds as did most people. At home today due to other reasons. After the Parliament attack I took my family there for a planned visit a week (may have been two) later. I'm vigilant for sure but I have been for decades.
  13. Nicky Hayden

    I hope they retire the number #69. I see Honda will be putting out a bike on Sunday at Donny.
  14. expensive numberplates

    Probably not that expensive but it put a smile on my face and if this was a gift for the lady driving I'm sure she'd have been delighted
  15. Nicky Hayden

    Very sad indeed