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  1. Ross Brawn to succeed Bernie Ecclestone

    Interesting articles around them wanting to make it much more of an event, keep the traditional circuits, not chase the instant money (e.g. Russia etc), building it up, making it more exciting. A lot of the promises we've heard before so maybe the change will actually come to some good. To be honest I thought it was teetering on the edge of imploding so perhaps there's not much too much as risk. I dunno. Something has to change and with Bernie there it wasn't going to.
  2. Almost a new biker....

    Now you tell us!
  3. Almost a new biker....

    MCE often get a bad write up for service but often smash the rival premiums. It may help you get a foot on the ladder. p.s. Ouch!! p.p.s. What happened to the notion that the launch of the new model would help with the purchase price of a second hand one?
  4. Boxing thread

    I've just watched all three fights. I thought it had peaked after the first two but the main event was a real contest!
  5. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    A friend of mine highly rates the Disney cruises - he's done a handful of them.
  6. My mate's windscreen

    I've got something similar but it's much smaller and looks more like where a sucker held the screen for installation. No amount of glass cleaner, bug remover pad, elbow grease has made any difference.
  7. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I did indeed add some timber before the NY but then last week I lost about 9lbs in a couple of days. Gotta love a winter bug
  8. LED Headlamps

    I see more people spec'ing it than I see using it It would be interesting to see how often it'd be used in normal life. i.e. once you get over playing with it, showing it to mates etc, how many times would it actually be useful?
  9. Look No Stabilisers

    They'll perfect them so that they go for out for ride on their own, leaving you on the sofa and reporting back what a fun time they had. I'm sure they'll be an app for it. This seems to cross the line for me ..... but we'll see what happens as things progress.
  10. LED Headlamps

    The TT was a nightmare for parking in tight spaces. Not only do coupes only have two doors (which are generally long making them need to open a long way) but they were also very bowed out. Four door cars are much easier.
  11. JonC, myself and some buddies have just booked. Anyone else interested?
  12. LED Headlamps

    My father's garage is a bit narrow (due to the racking etc that he's fitted). He's always pushed his car into the garage and pulled it out. He then bought a car with DSG which you can't leave out of gear so he struggles to get in and out when parking it now. This would be a great asset to him .... but I think it has limited use in general.
  13. Audi Cocklight DRLs

    I was wondering if the Euro regs mean they have to be permanently on now? Dunno. I can turn mine off inside the DIS whilst still having headlight switch set to Auto. I don't think there's a brightness option on the Audi (may be wrong). They appear to work as follows : DRL mode (daytime obviously!) 100% Sidelight mode (night time) 9% When indicating the LEDs on that side go out 2 and 3 can be changed by VCDS.
  14. Audi Cocklight DRLs

    Do you have the option to turn them off? I do in my '59 plate A4 but dunno if they still allow that.
  15. LED Headlamps

    The devil's in the detail I guess. If you're driving at 60 and a pedestrian is only moving at 3-5mph or a cyclist at perhaps 10mph, would it detect that as movement. On the other hand and this isn't a flippant question : should they ignore the small minority and work on a solution that just benefits the vast majority?