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  1. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    Have you tried removing the DIMMs? If they're the issue it may boot (slowly) and then at least you know it's just new memory required. Sometime just reseating them works.
  2. "Homework" Laptop - any suggestions?

    Is there a queue or is this a laptop free for all?
  3. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Yep - correct. Well remembered I'm occasionally driving the wife's car. Now 8 years old but still only 32k miles. Much more comfortable for the family than the S4. I don't miss the power but do miss the noise. We did ponder an S5 (when it had the 4,2) but decided an Avant worked better for the years of pushchairs and baggage.
  4. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Normally people call me a nobody behind my back! Welcome back Martin.
  5. Almost a new biker....

    Bazza + 600bhp/tonne? Dunno what you're worried about?
  6. MSV / Donington & Bedford

    Totally agree. It's also a shame those corporate days are gonna go as they were awesome but then I've not done one in 10 years and given the corporate gift restrictions these days I can't see that changing.
  7. MSV / Donington & Bedford

    I guess most people know that Palmer / MSV have secured the rights to use Donington for the next 20+ years. I think it's a good thing although the monopoly aspect is a bit of a concern. I'm sure it's not a cheap thing to do to buy the rights and then invest to ensure the big races go there etc. The below may explain where the funds are coming from. It looks like it's goodbye to Bedford aerodrome. No more trackdays and no more of those brilliant corporate days either
  8. It's nice and quick if they're already in a trailer and you just have to connect the truck.
  9. Slovakiaring : 1st - 3rd Sept '17

    JonC popped his track day cherry with us last year and has seriously got the bug so he must have enjoyed it. Three days on track (20min session every hour, 7 sessions a day) and there's instructors available Three nights in a hotel with breakfast Bikes/gear are put on artics in special stillages in Swindon the weekend before and you collect the weekend after the event. It's only £599 plus cheap flights/shared hire cars/beer & food money, etc. I did my first track day as part of a three day Euro trip. The benefit over just doing a single UK one is that you learn the track and then you've loads of time to focus on improving your riding. Of course the weather should be better too. So far there's JonC, myself and 5 others in our group. Going in a group is a massive part of it. The banter, advice, looking out for each other etc
  10. My boy's new bike

    Great update and great pics. All looking good!
  11. An expensive Ford

    Give it 3-5 years and we'll all be kicking ourselves for not clubbing together to buy it.
  12. Genuine Ross Tech HEX+CAN VCDS cable

    If I upgraded mine then it's cheaper than buying fresh. It's ONLY $399 to get the unlimited VIN version.
  13. Genuine Ross Tech HEX+CAN VCDS cable

    I didn't either - it appears the replacements limit the number of cars you can connect to unless you pay $600. Wow! I guess I'll need to look after mine more and not lend it to people anymore otherwise it could be costly.
  14. Genuine Ross Tech HEX+CAN VCDS cable

    Shout if it ends up not sold. I've a buddy after one .... then I might get mine back!!!
  15. MkV Golf R32 - SOLD

    On behalf of a friend : Mk V Golf R32 – 47960 miles, recent timing chain, clutch and flywheel replacement Completely standard/ unmodified, 5 door manual in amazing metallic/ deep blue which is in all round great condition consistent of a well maintained car of its age. This car has been very well maintained with no expense spared. In addition to the standard specification it includes factory fitted ‘Recaro’ leather heated sports seats and a JVC KW-NX7000 touch screen Satnav Stereo with CD changer (OEM stereo also comes with the car). With VW dealership service history, 2 sets of keys, 2 previous owners and is MOT’d until 29th November 2017. Having recently had the timing chains, duel mass fly wheel and clutch replaced at 41521 miles (13/07/2015), this car has had all of the major intervention work done that typically requires undertaking at 40,000 miles. It has now only covered 47,960 miles due to the fact that it I only get to drive it every other weekend. Service History and maintenance above typical oil/ filter and air/ pollen filter changes. 12151 miles 27/10/2009 18779 miles 12/11/2010 24245 miles 11/11/2011 – Brake fluid change 29427 miles 07/12/2012 – Spark Plugs 36326 miles 17/01/2014 – Brake fluid change 39659 miles 11/01/2015 – New Haldex oil/ filter and fuel filter 41521 miles 13/07/2015 – New timing chains, duel mass fly wheel and clutch, Spark plugs, coolant 45948 miles 30/07/2016 – Brake Fluid Change The car comes with Touchscreen Satellite Navigation, Metallic Paint, Recaro Sports - Anthracite Leather, 2Zone Electronic Climate Control with Automatic Air Recirculation, In Car Entertainment (Radio/CD/DVD), Alarm with Interior Protection, Computer, Alloy Wheels, Four 18in Alloys wheels and Anti - Theft Wheel Bolts, Electric Windows, Front and Rear, Adjustable Steering Column/Wheel, Air conditioning, Airbags, Alarm and electronic engine immobiliser, Central locking, Folding rear seats, Electric door mirrors, Immobiliser, Heated seats, Height adjustable driver’s seat, Power steering. Price £11750 OVNO Car located in Medway Kent. Contact Dave on 07941096340