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  1. Moto GP Highlights

    Initially I thought it was embarrassing but when I saw how shiny the track was I could see that if wet it could have been unrideable due to the lights reflecting etc .... but then it wasn't really wet! A lot of faffing but a good race once it got underway.
  2. Spot the problem

    I forgot about this .... although no one seems bothered about this. Anyway the answer is the fork legs have been put in back to front meaning the brake calipers and in front of the forks rather than behind. All I need now if to find a boffin to explain the science behind if this matters and if so why!
  3. Carwash Spots

    Aha! Thanks. I didn't expect a gearbox to appear as part of the model name.
  4. Carwash Spots

    OK Porsche guys, I know what a 2013 Carrera S is but what is a 2013 "Carrera S S-A"
  5. Carwash Spots

    I don't chose the news I just report it. An old fave back again but also an '88 Dolomite Sprint
  6. Carwash Spots

    Yep but that's another story I'll try and get some modern metal tomorrow. Should be sunny and it's Friday : 'something for the weekend sir?'
  7. Carwash Spots

    I was thinking P1 but knew that was Volvo and couldn't get my head away from it. Thanks
  8. Carwash Spots

    Put me out of my misery. It's fecking my brain. What is it?
  9. Carwash Spots

    Saw the 911 and E-type again today. The Jag's got a fabric sunroof. Really spoils the smooth lines
  10. Family Holiday with Kids

    My wife maintains that it's not a holiday unless she doesn't have to think about food, making beds, making breakfast, tidying up, etc etc That basically means no villa's, no camping etc and only hotels. Add in never sharing a room with the kids and it means cheap breaks have gone out the window. In fact I think I need to change a few rules!!
  11. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I only got rid of our last CRT about 4 months ago
  12. Spot the problem

    I know the older bikers will say that some bikes were like that .... but not GSXRs. I wonder what impact it would really have.
  13. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I nearly wrote that
  14. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    Ultra HD might benefit people who bought a massive screen and don't have the viewing distance?
  15. Carwash Spots

    I like a solid red rather than an orangey one. I haven't been in the office much recently. Only thing I noticed was this car. It looked immaculate and the colour is definitely from a certain time!