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  1. Carwash Spots

    Either a clown bike taxi or I wondered if it was a camera bike where the cameraman can site backwards etc.
  2. Carwash Spots

    I'll not be in the office for a couple of weeks so the final pics for a bit. A lovely stag and also a random passing motorbike with the weirdest pillion "pegs" I've ever seen!
  3. Carwash Spots

    Agreed. I thought it worth an arse shot too
  4. New pants please

    Jeez. That's a big drop. It looks banged up before the fall so maybe no airbag on landing. Eeek
  5. New pants please

    A lot more points for artistic impression in the older one
  6. Carwash Spots

    I've seen lots of new metal go thru today and not so much old stuff. A selection of Bentleys in a very varied range of colours including a bright orange/bronze. I think it's the first time I've seen a Roll's go through.
  7. New pants please

    He probably had two dumps. One when seeing the car brake in front of him and the second when she started accelerating. How could she not know?!!
  8. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Don't miss this bargain :
  9. World Athletics Championship 2017

    If Bolt did all his prep and then gave it his all then I doubt this will trouble him. It will win him fans as we've seen him as a winner and now a good loser. If he didn't train to his normal levels then he may be kicking himself for a while. He still went out of the sport as a world championship medalist. Gatlin : for him personally it would have been huge. Imagine having a nemesis over a decade and finally beating him. However for must of us he's tarnished. I don't get the rules about allowing cheats back in. I know they are the rules in place but the cheating helped him up his game. In my mind he'll always be a smidge better than he would have been if always clean. As we saw it only takes a smidge of difference between winning and being third.
  10. New pants please

    This fella needs new pants!
  11. BTCC 2017

    ....but it's the contact that makes BTTC. It's grey about what it and isn't ok ... but if it was a non contact sport it wouldn't have the edge it has.
  12. BTCC 2017

    Watching all 7 hours broadcast now (with a lot in FFWD). The Ginetta Junior racing was awesome and that's disregarding their ages. Great stuff.
  13. LHD to RHD headlights on Avant 2011

    Welcome to TSN. I have an MY2010 A4 Avant so it's exactly the same. I have the Xenons that do corner turning/self levelling etc. When in France I just change it on the MMI Of course all that does is change the cut off to avoid blinding on-coming drivers. I'm not sure if that's adequate for the French MOT as it doesn't move the element of the light that illuminates the kerb to the other side.
  14. Petrol and diesel cars.....

    I hate them. I was stuck right behind one in the line to go out on track at Cadwell. Couldnt do anything but inhale that oil smoke. Yuck
  15. In that case they're slow on the uptake. They could have done that years ago.