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  1. Guy Martin & Coulthard F1 Special

    The tough year for road racers continues
  2. RIP William Dunlop

    Very sad for all especially his pregnant wife What must Michael be thinking?
  3. RS3 - Saloon!

    LOL - it's always dangerous to test drive more expensive more exciting cars!
  4. So bloody slow!

    For the first time in a year or so it DOESN'T seem slow
  5. What would you do.....?

    That's good news.
  6. What would you do.....?

    I've only ever seen it done so that you can't see it! I'd not be happy either. Just looked on their site and this flyer says it's meant to be invisible! Even says "stealth UV etch" .... however whilst typing I pinged the pics to some bike mates. One has said " My cbr1000f was like that when I got her. It buffs off no probs lol. " Not sure if that's good or bad. I'd certainly take it up with the dealer. Just seems wrong. You didn't ask them to damage your panels.
  7. New pants please

    As you can imagine that vid's on every bike FB group and bike forum. I've watched it loads and still can't believe he go under the side skirts and out the other side and between the wheels. Quite amazing.
  8. I've had my eye on the KTM "Beast" 1290 Super Duke R since they were launched but they're just not practical enough for me...and then they launched the 1290 Super Duke GT. The last two annual bike shows I've spent too long on the KTM stands but the price with options was just silly for the miles I do etc. Then I heard that KTM had allocated a number of bikes to the dealers to pre-register and sell with £5K off to make room for the 2018 colours (no other changes). I'm colour blind so I certainly wouldn't throw £5k extra at a bike for a colour and neither would I pay top buck for a 2018 model when the rumoured 2019 face lift is likely to be out in 6-9 months. I get the full warranty from date of collection and second hand bikes are currently a couple of grand more than these discounted ones! :0 I called 8 dealer and was told I'd missed all the bikes but then I found one and have done a deal with delivery in mid-Feb. A slight delay due to the global multi-marque recall on Brembo master cylinders but at least that'll be done. For those not aware (I guess mainly the car guys reading this) the bike has a 1301cc V-twin engine. It generates 173bhp and stupid levels of torque for a bike (106lb/ft max with over 100 from just 3k rpm). Traction control, rider modes, WP semi-active suspension, cornering ABS, quick shifter, cornering lights and the Brembo M50 brakes make up a good spec list. I can't wait!!
  9. I've bought something orange!

    The GS is always lurking in the background. I test rode one a number of years ago just to see what the huge following was about and was quite impressed but just didn't align really with my wants. I'm looking for less 'adventure' style and more road/sport/touring focus. The GT just fits my individual wants/needs like a glove. Then there was the financial deal. It's a fecking bargain with this discount compared with the GS. To be honest the GT is more often compared with the Tuono (race bike with straight bars) and the BMW S1000XR and a few others and mainly wins. My mate has a Tuono so it'll be interesting when we do to the Mosel Valley in May which is more suited/fun/etc. Another's coming on a KTM 1290 Adventure S. No GS's I've always liked the GT but the cost put me off and that negative was removed. So many dealer's staff actually bought them despite having access to all sorts as it's a proper deal. It also won some Sport Tourer awards etc and gets great reviews. It's a bit niche and some have even put it within its own category : hooligan tourer. It's so easy to ride normally but you now there's so much power available. I'm getting frustrated right now as I decided to garage it until the salt's gone and it's too cold to spend time tinkering or putting on stone chip protection etc. I'm itching for Spring! I'm not sure I could do what you've done and hang up your boots (for a while ). I'd be (more) grumpy etc at home! It's like an addiction. I just need that fix.
  10. New pants please

    A few pairs of pants needed here
  11. I've bought something orange!

    Not much going on with it right now. 300 miles ridden and then put away due to all the salt on the roads, etc. I thought I might as well spare it one winter by waiting 2 or 3 weeks. Given the weather right now it might be a couple of weeks longer than I thought! I've got to know how it all fits together whilst wiring up the satnav. It's just a Superduke R with some bodywork, a bigger tank and extended rear subframe. A Beast in sheep's clothing
  12. New pants please

    How car-ist! Or should that be marque-ist?
  13. Help- huge favour needed

    Boys don't grow up....they just get older Many have moved away from track days altogether. I have in cars but now do it on bikes. You of course have gone the other way. You wouldn't play with us on track and now do so in much more expensive toys. You using your cars fully makes me smile ... a lot
  14. I've bought something orange!

    I collected the bike from Bristol on my trailer on Monday. On Tuesday and Wednesday there was a lot of fettling putting on rad guards, fender entenders, hand guards etc but today in the glorious sunshine I managed to have a 90 mile spin. I'm limited to 6500rpm (redline is 11,000) but it's not too bad : you just snick another gear and use the torque. It's still good for about 120 or so. I can't wait to unleash the full 173bhp though. Normally when I have brand new tyres I'm really steady and bed them in gently. This bike just gave instant confidence so was happy at 70-80% straight off the bat. It's really comfortable with plenty of leg room and an upright stance. The screen's really effective even above legal speeds (ahem!) . The heated seat and grips get too hot on max but I guess when it's really cold I'll get a true test. Loving it already especially the Akra enhanced noises Shame it got dirty on it's first trip out but the enjoyment easily makes up for it. Excel bike show tomorrow. I need some bits and maybe will pick up a 60mm socket and a 250NM torque wrench(!) for the rear wheel nut.
  15. New pants please

    Jeez - that was travelling. Totally deserved sentence!
  16. F1 Grid Kids

    So now it's not just a sexist rule banning women but now ageist as well. Blinding job by them
  17. I've bought something orange!

    I rode an RC8 in the Austrian Alps a few years back. Great bike but not suited to my use on road. e.g. you can see zero in the mirrors even if trying to look under your arm. Maybe a waist size issue! LOL.
  18. New pants please

    I watched that eating my lunch. I feel travel sick!
  19. Audi Specialists/servicing Notts/Leics

    Is Brackley too far : APS have a big following
  20. Photo sync iOS and android

    Dropbox apps on both platforms used to allow for pictures to be automatically uploaded which then auto syncs. I say used to as I've not used it for a while but suspect the functionality is still there.
  21. SPOTY 2017

    Just seen this : Number of Brits who watched the last round of WSB on Eurosport this year: 33,000*Number of Brits who just voted for Johnny Rea in SPOTY: 80,567 To be fair I was one of those that watched all the rounds of WSBK and I still didn't vote for him.
  22. SPOTY 2017

    Results attached - a lot lower numbers than I expected and easy to see how with the motorbike world behind him that Jonathan Rea nearly won. I didn't vote for him and had a few people on a Trackday FB group jump on me. Yes he dominated again but for me the competition wasn't strong enough in WSBK and nor is it the highest level of the sport despite being a World Championship.
  23. Beefing up the standard S4 hifi

    My mate phoned me once at home relating to it : "I've just seen your Mondeo going around a roundabout on two wheels with all the windows down blasting out Mr Boombastic" I married an Essex girl
  24. Beefing up the standard S4 hifi

    Have you done a trial in the cars? I went for the B&O system (2010 model) as I didn't like the stock system. Now I know one persons quality system is anothers POS but I'm more than happy with it. It's now old tech, lacking in album image display etc and I'm sure the new one is improved. I'm still more than happy with the sound : 5.1 surround (if you ever need it), DSP for much improved delivery over balance/gain etc, 505W with 10 amps and 14 speakers ... and it was 'only' £500 at the time. Would I do that in a car I'd have for a couple of year - probably not. I used to have company cars. I'd put chokes on the front speakers and then slam my Alpine sub in the boot powered by my Kenwood mono-amp. It transformed the cars. It was a quick fix and meant I lost boot space etc but it worked for me. In fact I still have the sub and amp in the loft!!