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  1. Beefing up the standard S4 hifi

    My mate phoned me once at home relating to it : "I've just seen your Mondeo going around a roundabout on two wheels with all the windows down blasting out Mr Boombastic" I married an Essex girl
  2. Beefing up the standard S4 hifi

    Have you done a trial in the cars? I went for the B&O system (2010 model) as I didn't like the stock system. Now I know one persons quality system is anothers POS but I'm more than happy with it. It's now old tech, lacking in album image display etc and I'm sure the new one is improved. I'm still more than happy with the sound : 5.1 surround (if you ever need it), DSP for much improved delivery over balance/gain etc, 505W with 10 amps and 14 speakers ... and it was 'only' £500 at the time. Would I do that in a car I'd have for a couple of year - probably not. I used to have company cars. I'd put chokes on the front speakers and then slam my Alpine sub in the boot powered by my Kenwood mono-amp. It transformed the cars. It was a quick fix and meant I lost boot space etc but it worked for me. In fact I still have the sub and amp in the loft!!
  3. Cool bike vids

    I LOLed :D
  4. "Relay Crime" reality?

    Shoebox lined with tin foil? Shall I go into production?
  5. SPOTY 2017

    I'm not a Hamilton hater (can't be arsed expending any energy or emotion on him) but I'll be delighted if AJ gets its. Amazing achievement, has a personality and highly likeable with it too
  6. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    S8 : You could try "Out Loud". Can have one app read out for free/testing then a mighty £1.99 fo full app. Can activate when on bluetooth etc.
  7. Motor GP - Valencia

    He had most crashes which to my mind means most experience of pushing on/over the edge = ability to go to the limit/over when the actual race is on. Very Schumacher like in that regard. His ability to get ride away from so many crashes is incredible. No one does it like him. A true talent. They repeated a documentary recently of his rookie season and Rossi clearly recognised the talent when he said Marquez could go on and eclipse what he'd done. So young and so good. I doubt he'll last as long as Rossi (incredible feat!!) but he could beat most of his records.
  8. Why you don't stop on the Ring

    Coolant was also the issue for the closure before that bike lap. Slippery stuff!!!
  9. Why you don't stop on the Ring

    I can't see what the original incident was but it looked strange that he stopped. If he should have then he did it right .... although I don't get why he wasn't running back and going back a lot further. However, he did what he felt best at the time and it's a lot better than many. The 'ring is full of blind bends and crests and this is the known risk. You simply don't know what's gonna be around the corner or what the surface will be etc. That was demonstrated today by this lucky escape. The rider feels he should have done a sighting lap first as it had just reopened. However a sighting lap can also give you a false sense of security as it could all change in the seconds before you arrive.
  10. Carwash Spots

    I see lots of nice metal from my office in London with it's view over a hand cash wash () and hadn't thought of posting them. But after seeing these two today perhaps I should.There's some nice cars around (it's London after all) but there's a bit of a cheat as we have this company near by : I saw the '64 Jenson C-V8 this morning and now currently their '64 E-Type is going through. Makes a change from all the Addison Lee vehicles
  11. Carwash Spots

    Red pics - both made me smile
  12. MotoGP - Australia (Phillip Island)

    Today was never gonna live up to the last two ... but still good
  13. MotoGP - Australia (Phillip Island)

    Was awesome! The last two races have been better than a whole season of F1. That's not a biker biased view but simply based on the action and number of overtakes etc. Rubbing is racing as they say
  14. Carwash Spots

    A few recent different cars. Sorry for the blurred double E-type shot Pics should be like the first two now due to new phone The Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster was just driving past
  15. Dream bike - R1M

    A proper tool. Only seen positive reports and I'm sure you'll love it. Did you just not sync with the MT10? Wrong style?
  16. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    Legend status reinforced ... again.
  17. Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special

    As always he seemed to graft hard and hence did well. I love his passion, commitment and lack of ego.
  18. VR46 - Enduro Accident

    Passed fit today. Incredible!
  19. F1 2017

    Just back from steak and ribs. Bollocks to that rabbit food.
  20. Bugatti Chiron

    Have you seen some of the anticipated figures?! Acceleration I get ... but can you really use this sort of power? "Citing information it claims to have received from a customer presentation, ProDriver magazine reports that the Chiron will top out at 467 kilometers per hour – that's over 290 miles per hour, hitting 62 along the way in just 2.2 seconds. Its speedometer is said to run all the way up to 500 km/h (311 mph). Finding another 22 miles at those speeds is no mean feat. And to get there, the engineers in Molsheim are tipped to have squeezed 1,500 horsepower and an equal number of newton-meters of torque (1,106 lb-ft by our standards) into the two-seatsupercar. Those figures are expected to come in part thanks to a pair of electric turbochargers (and another couple of conventional ones) bolted to the 8.0-liter W16 engine. Of course none of that will come cheap, with a price tag said to start at a cool 2 million euros ($2.17m at current exchange rates). Bugatti is tipped to make only 100 examples every year for the next five. Of those, 130 units have reportedly already been spoken for, sight unseen."
  21. Bugatti Chiron

    Incredible. Imagine what that rubber went through!
  22. ...and what would you know about it?!?
  23. Google Ads so clever I've now got wallet adverts coming up in Facebook e.g. Clever aside from the fact I'm not after one!
  24. expensive numberplates

    Saw this yesterday on the M25. Sounded great as he accelerated away.
  25. If my phone goes down then I'd have bigger concerns than loyalty cards. I don't feel the need to carry more than a credit card, debit card and cash Sometimes I need a couple of ID cards but a few cards with the notes folder around then jut slips in the pocket without any bulk. The one downside is it takes a little while to stop patting yourself down looking for your wallet.