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  1. Audi Work - How long is it covered?

    I had a horrible feeling this would be the case, but I'll see what the local dealer says. Cheers for the prompt answers.
  2. Anyone have any idea how long warrenty work is covered for? I had an issue with my S3 which was fixed under warrenty on 11th February 2011. The problem was water leaking through an incorrectly fitted roof rail that ended up in the Bose unit in the boot causing some weird and wonderful loud noises to come from a random speaker. All's been fine up until this week when it's started again. I'm going to call the dealer tomorrow to see what they say, but it would be good to get some idea where I stand as the car is now well out of the warrenty period.
  3. What's your MP name?

    I like it!
  4. Buying a new Golf

    She's ordered Seat Leon FR 2.0TDi 184 DSG Montsant Red Technology Pack Comfort Pack Winter Pack Spare Wheel Tow Bar Pre Wiring (So I can move my off road bike round the country)
  5. Buying a new Golf

    The wife's gone ahead and placed her order for the Seat Leon. Got a call back from Drive the Deal at 9:30 a.m. to confirm the details. So far she's quiet impressed with them, dealer should ring her within the next few days. As you say Chick, they should be somewhere local(ish) to us.
  6. Buying a new Golf

    I know what you mean here and we've both had this discussion. The future trade in value's not going to be an issue as our plans are to keep it for 5-10 (maybe more) years and this new Leon FR seems just as well built in the cabin. It's almost identical to the Golf both in looks and feel, the older Seat's were very plastic, but this new one's a real improvement.
  7. Buying a new Golf

    Well she's changed her mind - why am I suprised? She had me looking at a Seat Leon FR at the weekend. To be fair, she's done her homework and can find no real difference between this model and the Golf GT, but saves in the region of £1.5k. Added to that Seat have 0% finance on at the moment with £1k off the deposit. If she takes that then she can use their "free" £1k to upgrade to the 184 diesel engine.
  8. Parking like a twat

    Looks more like a handbrake failure, car rolling back scenario.
  9. Buying a new Golf

    The wife wants a new Golf GT 2.0 Diesel DSG with a couple of options. She went to the local VW dealer last night for a test drive and to get a price. After a little haggling all they would do was drop 5% off the car, but still full price on the options. Looking at Drive the Deal they are offering 12% off the total price of the car (including options). Now I'd like to deal locally, easier if she has a problem and this is where it'll go for a service. Plus I don't like the idea of going to a local shop to try something on then ordering over the internet. But I'm not a charity and we're talk £2k difference here! My question is, should I see the same reduction from the local dealer, or am I expecting too much? If I'm expecting too much, what should I be expecting? This is a cash sale with no trade in so I'm unhappy with the local dealer for trying to fleece her! Cheers, Paul
  10. A few one-liners

    I just gone run over by a snow plough. "B@stard" I said though gritted teeth.
  11. Insurance!!

    Strangely enough the Audi insurance (backed by Allianz) were the cheapest for me this year. They came out 20% ( approx £100) cheaper than the comparison websites.
  12. Magnetic Ride Issue

    I've got the car back and so far all seems fine the noise appears to have gone. Dealers have rewired the amplifier and covered the new loom with "special" insulating tape to protect it from RF interference. I just hope it's the last I see of the dealers until it's time for a service.
  13. Magnetic Ride Issue

    Hi John, cheers for the response. Same as mine. Latest from Audi via the dealer is this issue has been seen in two other cars and is still probably due to a trapped wire. The dealer has rewired the amplifier by running temporary cables and the issue appears resolved. They are currently waiting for "special" tape to be delivered so that they can insulate the cables to the amplifier. All being well I might get my car back tomorrow and I can give this TT back, not a bad car, but it's convinced me I never want a soft top. Today I've owned the car for 40 days, 18 of which it's been with the dealer, I'm starting to forget what it looks like
  14. What would you do.

    What do you think your insurance company would say if they knew about the missing key? Push for new locks.