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  1. Hi , My passenger door does not unlock at all.When I press the button it does two clicks my door gives one loder click. I have been to the dealer and he says it could be the door lock and I am looking at £200. My car is a 05 GTI DSG with 34000 miles on it , I have owned it from new. Any ideas/ suggestions welcome.
  2. Hi All, This is a surfcam/webcam at Sandhaven Beach South Shields ,for all North East water users!!! Regards Cawky
  3. Borat on hte tyne

    take a look at Boarat on the tyne:-
  4. GT FLY

    Hi , just read this in yesterdays SUNDAY MIRROR :- GOLF'S GT-FLY VW unleash a demon from the dark side VOLKSWAGEN'S mischievous Concept R GTi could be the most desirable Golf ever... if only the VW suits can be persuaded to put it into production. It's got carbon-fibre body panels, a turbocharged 2.0-litre 400 horsepower lump (that'll be fun through the front wheels), Brembo brakes, red-rimmed 18-inch alloys, tweaked suspension and twin performance exhausts shaped like tunnels on the LA subway. It all adds up to 0-60 in a blistering 4.8 seconds with a howling top-end of 160. Inside there aren't just two racing seats, there are four, each with its own four-point harness for those G-force-inducing hairpins. There's the usual gloomy Golf cockpit, but this time it fits the R's demonic demeanour. Suitably sinister-looking in raven black with a gaping grille, it's the most attitudinal Golf ever, and a fitting tribute to the perennial Vee-Dub GTi, which celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Rumour has it that VW locked a group of hand-picked performance engineers from their Californian design centre in a hotel room until they came up with something to rival the raft of Japanese hot-shoe hatches that gained prominence in films like The Fast And The Furious. And it looks like the plan worked. VW could easily charge £30k for this little gem, and sell every single one. At last there's a Golf fit to rub bumpers with the original iconic GTi...which, until now, has never had a stablemate good enough to take on the crown. TECH FILE ENGINE 1984cc turbo POWER 400bhp TOP SPEED 163mph 0-60 4.8 PRICE £30,000 (estimated) WHO WOULD DRIVE IT: Those seeking the coolest hot hatch bar none There was a picture of the car ,but I cant seem to find it on the Mirror web site ! How many people would buy one for 30K? I would!!!
  5. £ 500 short of the target guys ,I think they will hit it in the next half an hour
  6. Get well Hamster Air ambulance fund nearly hitting £72000 well done everyone
  7. New Scirocco

    I like it , but will hold judgement till I see it in the flesh, hope its not another Eos let down !
  8. Mechatronics...

    Hi Red , I found this on the Kassel Plant , its a few years old but might be of interest , the tour of the plant starts Thursday 12th April which is about half way down the page.
  9. How many white ones?

    I ve got a white one(DSG),ordered Dec 04 delivered May 05, and I ve seen three others in the North East , sometimes there is one that must visit someone on my estate ,I ve never spoke to the owner yet .
  10. How Do I Stop The 70mph 'BONG'?

    My speedo is quite accurate , at 73 on my gps (tom tom) the car peedo says 70
  11. GTI Ground Clearance

    it does not seem to damage to easy , the black plastic must be flexible
  12. How many MkV GTI's...

    your guess is as good as mine mate !
  13. GTI Turbo Performance In Hot Weather...

    Hi all , the ECU will alter the fuel mixture depending on the air temperature , therefore there should be no difference noted no matter what the outside air temp is ,unlike a carberated car , the ECU cannot adjust a carb at all ,but fuel injection air to petrol ratios can !!! hope this makes sense , cheers Brian
  14. DSG vs F599

    I heard somewhere (cant remember when ) that Porsche have bought a huge amount of shares of the VW group.This will be because the DSG is so good and they want a piece of it !!
  15. Monza 18" & Corrosion

    Paddy Driver thanks for the reply ,I will go back in the morning.