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  1. Errrr..........no. Nearly all motorcyclists DON`T do this actually.
  2. Anyone else have a Z4 Coupe..........?

    Not really a word I want to use here, but the 3.0si Sport is, no doubt, a bit "softer" (cringe LOL) than the `M` variant, and as such, I`ve found it perfectly accomodating as a daily driver. Yes, it`s harsher than a normal every-day car, but it DOES do the "sports car" thing like it should, and for that reason alone, there`s always going to be a pay-off.......
  3. Anyone else have a Z4 Coupe..........?

    Yes, I would have to agree there garcon; it was one of the designs that Bangle DID get right. Certainly in my eyes, it`s a beautiful car ! Mine has the red leather also, and a decent smattering of toys; Prof Nav, Bluetooth, etc...and of course the Sport comes with the electrically adjusted M-seats too, nice and warm in the highly anticipated winter that`s coming our way........
  4. Anyone else have a Z4 Coupe..........?

    LOL, I suppose being a bit of a short-a*se (5`9) has its compensations now and again.........
  5. Anyone else have a Z4 Coupe..........?

    Thanks MrMe; and I agree, the looks (as is nearly always the case, I suppose..) are what initially drew me to the car. As for the ride, yep, shod with the dreaded run-flats, as mine is.......it`s not great, but is certainly liveable-with IMHO. Only time will tell on that one, I suppose. Once the tyres need changing I`ll be ditching them anyway, so I`ll be better placed then to comment on how the ride should feel !
  6. Here`s mine, in any case. 3.0si Sport, had it a month now, and I`m well-pleased with it. Power, looks, handling, quality, interior........even the blo*dy fuel consumption`s impressive LOL ! Anyway, here`s a couple of (poor) pics:
  7. Correct me if I`m wrong MrMe (as my memory clouds with age, LOL), but wasn`t it a SuperSPORT (as opposed to "Sprint") ? Had a 1.3 engine in, IIRC, and certainly went a bit ! Does take me right back, though, as I owned an XR2 just like the one in the pic, only mine was silver. Again, IIRC, the black ones looked best at the time....
  8. First drive in a RS500 Focus with pics

    No doubt a fantastic motor to drive, but again, I`m another that`s just "too old" for one now...........
  9. New Golf R - first impressions

    From your initial impressions, mate, do you think that you will keep it the intended 3 years then ?
  10. Need some help here please.......

    Many thanks Paul, everything helps !
  11. Need some help here please.......

    Thanks for the reply mate, much appreciated. I`m hoping I get a few more replies on this one, but if not, your recommendation of Vodafone may well be the way to go. Thanks again.
  12. Evening all.......firstly, a bit of background.... A week ago from today, we were informed by our GP that my wife has acute leukemia, and, as you can imagine, our lives have changed beyond belief since that date. As a result of this, from next Tuesday, she begins a course of chemotherapy, which involves her being hospitalised for a full month, then home for 2 weeks, then back in for a month, and so-on in a repeating cycle, until approximately October this year. What makes this much harder is the fact that we have 3 children, who are 11, 3, and 2 years, and all of them will be missing their mum like mad (although they can go to visit) What I need from yourselves is advice regarding portable internet connectivity for a laptop, which will enable her to take my lad`s laptop into hospital, and communicate with us daily via Skype, or similar. The main problem at the moment is that my lad has one of the internet data sticks (service provider is " 3 "), that he plugs into the USB port, and accesses the internet, and we top this up every so often using pay-as-you-go vouchers. This method, however, is CRAP, and performs poorly, with it refusing to access the internet on probably the majority of occasions, although it states that it is connected ?? Even when connected we still get the "Internet Explorer cannot display the page", or similar. In short, then, can anybody advise me regarding a better method of connection, or just a better internet stick or something ?? This really will help us all greatly as a family over the coming months, if the wife can just check out what the kids are wearing before they go to nursery in the mornings,and such-like, and just for the kids to be able to see her face every day, etc........ Any help GREATLY appreciated with this one, and I know that you lot won`t let me down...............cheers.
  13. Ford Focus RS review

    Lol, nice reply Billy......... Having owned a tuned ST, I would REALLY like a drive in the RS, but again, at the moment, I cannot see past that horrific spoiler on the back. I wish they`d made it slightly more subtle !
  14. CSLs on an E92 M3 ???

    Biscuits: Take care to check the offsets correctly for fitment. I have recently purchased a set of OEM CSL`s from Ant, at "Speedreligion", (formerly Ant+Pete), and regrettably, I have had to return them back to Ant, as they were rubbing quite badly on the back. Mine isn`t an M3, by the way ( I wish !! LOL ), but it is an E92 SE, and as such, hasn`t even got sports-suspension, so it`ll be higher all-round than the M3 anyway. Offsets for the CSL`s are 44 front, 27 rear, for your info. If they do fit, however, Ant will do a good deal on proper factory-sourced OEM ones for you, and is a top bloke to deal with ! I would highly recommend him. Oh, just a word of note if you go to see Ant.........DON`T go out in his 320bhp E90 330d; you may find yourself chopping the M3 in for one LOL !
  15. My E92 330d (with pics)

    Thanks for the comment mate, you`re a gent.