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  1. C63 AMG's

    Think I poured 2 litres into mine over a 3 top ups. But since it's been serviced, it's been fine and not needed any.
  2. C63 Oil Myths

    My OCD is obviously getting the better of me again
  3. C63 Oil Myths

    Probably one of the worst features on the C63 is the oil dipstick. Difficult to read accurately and picks up oil on the stem as it's drawn out of the holder, it really is a bit hit and miss to know how much oil is in the engine. I resorted to Googling this topic and to be frank, read some complete and utter bollox (IMHO). The best (worst) was the notion of overfilling an engine with oil by as much as half a litre could result in it blowing up with the heat expanding the oil. What a complete moron. I get the fact that overfilling can damage cats etc etc but exploding engines, come on. Due to this stunning piece of advice, several owners (glad to say mostly American) pipe up in agreement with various theories and approaches slightly underfilling to avoid this catastrophic risk and its always better to run an engine on the minimum oil mark. Being a bit chicken and not wanting to pile in and claim they were all in fact stupid and should have their car keys immediately removed, I decided to gather my own evidence. Every car I've ever owned, I have always done the same thing with regards to oil. First thing in the morning before starting the engine, check the level and top up to the max mark. All the oil should be in the sump and stone cold. Top up to max, then off you go. Simples ! Never ever had a problem doing this. In fact, I've always noticed fuel economy improved, engine is smoother and for some reason with auto boxes, gear shifts seem smoother too. So, with my recent service, I supplied 2 x 5 litres of Mobil 1 and the dealer handed me back exactly 1.5 litres. So I know my car has the exact amount of oil. Next morning, I check the dipstick and it's bang on the max mark. So even if my engine explodes due to slight over filling, it won't be my fault as the last people to fill up the oil was MB themselves ! The moral of this story is that the internet is a worrying place with scaremongering bull$hit (especially from America). Cars are inherently designed to deal with the stupidity of the general public and you have to do something really drastic for it to go very badly wrong, that's unless you live in America where things go wrong regularly and legal action is taken more often than me going to the toilet.
  4. Yesterday was a good day !

    There's so much out there on C63 wheel alignment, and there's quite a bit relating to uneven tyre wear too. Seems they are setup from the factory for your more average driver with a bit of safety factor built in. Haven't had mine done but I can report my tyre wear is perfectly even all round at 4mm. Quite remarkable for front's and rears to be wearing identically and evenly. So on that basis, I'm probably going to leave it alone as I'm not sure what I'd gain.
  5. C63 AMG's

    I was there for 3 hours, knew it was going to be that long but didn't mind, did some work and had a look around the museum / showroom. I would highly reccomend them. I found out afterwards that it's a different customer care team that look after AMG, S Class and Maybach clients, although I don't think they advertise this. This certainly isn't the norm in your average Merc dealer.
  6. C63 AMG's

    Service completed. MB Brooklands were fantastic, way better than my local dealership. So the price came in at £151 with me supplying oil. Costco Mobil 1 is £6 a litre so with 8.5 litres, oil cost was £51 compared to the £114 they knocked off the standard all inclusive service charge. I can't remember the last time I paid £200 in total for a car service !
  7. Yesterday was a good day !

    No 507 in the Brooklands showroom but I thought I saw one outside in the driving experience fleet. Re tyres, I'll admit it, I drive like a wuss. 12.5k miles completed, front and rear tyres all at 4mm so at that rate, I should get over 20k miles out of the set. Quite surprised considering they're Yokohama's. Lot's of guys on MB forums claiming 6-7k miles for rear tyres so they must be really 'enjoying' their C63's.
  8. Yesterday was a good day !

    Congrats Biscuits. I thought about that interior for mine but bottled it. Looks great. I'm currently sitting in MB Brooklands as mine's being serviced. Lot's of nice metal here but overheard a funny comment from one of the service advisors, "C63 saloon needs new rear tyres, how many of those have we done this week".
  9. C63 AMG's

    £265 for Service A but they'll knock over £100 if you supply oil
  10. C63 AMG's

    Here's a little something to keep you going Mine's going in for it's first service next week. 12k miles in just under 6 months
  11. Insurance Claim Vultures

    I'm actually amazed that everyone's comments echo almost exactly what I'm thinking. Thank you. I'll take a look at our house insurance cover to see what kind of legal support is on offer. The school is very old and in the middle of a city centre with close links to the cathedral. As it expanded, they bought surrounding plots of land for things like swimming pool, sports hall etc. My son was coming out the swimming pool complex with his mates and have a road to cross which is only wide enough for a single vehicle. There are signs to drivers on speed etc plus with the girl being an ex pupil, she would have crossed that road for many years and would have known it's a point where you should slow right down. I'm definitely pushing for the data protection route as I have a sneaky feeling that if Aviva have obtained the details in a manner that breaches the act, it's questionable if they can even proceed. Also if it was the school that released the details even though I wrote to them expressly forbidding them to do so, then they'll also be in deep do-do. I mean ..... a school releasing name and address of a pupil to a third party even though a specific communication was acknowledged forbidding them to do so. You couldn't imagine it ! Seriously thinking about the counter claim but not sure if I want to use one of the no win no fee sharks. Might use my regular solicitor as I'd rather talk to a human being
  12. Insurance Claim Vultures

    Sometimes I think some weird parallel universe has taken over when stuff like this happens ! You're probably right, she's probably just claimed for the repairs from her insurance and Aviva have decided to try and recover the money from us.
  13. Insurance Claim Vultures

    I think it does come back to me and any family insurance policy that may cover him but I'm not sure if personal injury policies payout to other parties in the way they are trying to claim.
  14. Insurance Claim Vultures

    Any advice gratefully received ! Last December, my 12 year old son was hit by a car as he crossed a narrow public road that runs through his school's campus. He's pretty fit and sporty and rolled across the bonnet but his shoulder hit and smashed the windscreen. No bones broken thankfully, but was in some discomfort for a few weeks afterwards. He was naturally shaken up by the whole thing which took a bit of time for him to come to terms with. I'd like to think I'm a reasonable type of person and thought that would be the end of it, usual squirming from the school trying not to be seen as having anything to do with the incident although I do question he was actually within their duty of care during school hours. Anyway, school contact us soon afterwards and ask if they can release our contact details to the other party and implied they may want to make a claim. The other party was a young girl who had not long passed her test and was an ex pupil of the school. I point blank refused. This week, a letter arrives from Aviva addressed to my son asking for his insurance details so that they can pursue a claim. I called Aviva and asked them specifically how they got the contact details for a 12 year old boy. They declined to comment and asked how we would like to pay the £600 damage and excess being claimed by the other party. I told them to get their facts straight as if we are going down this road, I would claim for personal injury due to their client driving without paying attention to the road conditions. My view is that being an ex pupil, she should have known the exact spot where the incident took place as a crossing point and slowed down accordingly. Aviva agent put me on hold then came back and said they would need to investigate further, then ended the call. I'm sure most people in my position would be pretty annoyed and ultimately, given the amount being claimed, this would only ever end up in small claims court and Aviva would be seen as trying to claim £600 from a 12 year old boy in a car accident. I'm bloody minded enough at the moment to tell them to give it their best shot and we'll see them in court as I don't think we have anything to be ashamed of but Aviva and the other party will look like vultures preying on a young boy. Separating the moral part from the technically legal issue, I'm not sure which way a judge would view this but there does seem to be some common sense in the court system in recent times for incidents such as this. My son is over the incident and he knows about the letter. He's annoyed too and has no fear of fighting this. If I got a sense he was concerned, I'd probably look to negotiate, but he thinks it's wrong and wants to fight it. So what would you do in my position ?