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  1. Goodbye Gti

    Ahem....I'm changing to a BMW as well....going sensible 320d SE saloon. (Not)Helped by the fact that the worst trade in I was offered by a loooong way was from the VW dealer where I bought my GTI(against another one) It's been a great couple of years
  2. Petrol

    Easy enough mistake to make Fresco,a lot of drivers in Ireland thought the same(a work colleague used to drive miles out of his way to get it)Shell never went out of their way to say it was the same rating.I believe it's higher octane in the UK alright. The ROI one is just ordinary 95,although my lawn mower seems to run quieter/smoother on it-honest
  3. Petrol

    Standard unleaded in Ireland is 95 RON and is OK to use,98 RON is not generally available. V Power in Ireland is only 95 also(and is probably not really Shell at all,its only a brand name-owned by Topaz which also own Statoil stations) The new Maxol E5(bioethanol) is 99 RON,I presume it's ok to use,haven't tried it as it's not around my neck of the woods.
  4. Which one is a fake GTI?...

    That's a really sad way way to waste money
  5. oil top up

    [ QUOTE ] Hi folks, I've read stuff before on long-life servicing, etc.. I don't think my car is set up for that, as far as I know, my service is regular interval (i.e. once per year, or 10,000 miles) [/ QUOTE ] Joe - dealer tried to do that trick with me too,if you bought new it's set for Long Life.Check on the display(Get in car,turn on ignition needn't start,WAIT for seat belt warning to go off,then press and hold trip reset for a few secs. KMs to service will come up,then days to service) Castrol Edge 5w-30 is the one,its important you only use this.I've seen it priced in Ireland from €17 to €23 per litre,cheapest in Motor Factors,dearest in accessory shops
  6. Lads could you remind me please.........

    Yes will have climate too,It's in my present one Not sure about trade in prices didn't get down to the nitty gritty yet
  7. Lads could you remind me please.........

    Thanks Folks,yes it's not expensive about €80 probably the cheapest option they have ! I'm thinking about white/18's/leather int.
  8. As to what the Highline display(called multi function indicator over here) does over the standard one. I might be ordering a new GTI in the near future...
  9. I actually took mine back to the dealer,I assumed it was faulty.....but it was just bad.
  10. White GTi's

    I have a red but if I decide to go for another it will be white.
  11. collected new gti 2day !

    Great another Irish GTI even if you did get the wrong colour Well wear !
  12. GTi replacement shortlist

    [ QUOTE ] I do think the GTi is a bit of a lobster problem car. To really bring the car alive you need to be going too fast for my sensible middle age value system Does anyone else have a secret GTi replacement list and what is on it? [/ QUOTE ] Have to agree with you there(I'm afraid ) So when my 2 years of fun are up with this one.....either I'll get a Candy White one....but I've taken a liking to a Lexus IS250 or be really sensible and get an IS220D....sorry GTI'ers
  13. Scratched the VW badge off your key??

    That seller seemingly couldn't be bothered answering a question I sent to him
  14. Can't walk ankle and leg broke 7 weeks ago

    Very Unfortunate A speedy and trouble free recovery to you
  15. No rear speakers or sound ?!

    [ QUOTE ] (edit) just checked mine and it says 8RM = eight loudspeakers (passive) so maybe you've got a weird spec afterall [/ QUOTE ] This could be passive in the sense that there's no extra amplification(an active speaker has an amp built in) Mine(Ireland)has the same code and has rear speakers. Actually I was under the impression initially that mine was supposed to have 10,the grilles over the door handles are empty though.