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  1. fault diagnosed, for automatic audi A4

    If you had a full Audi service history and the car was under four years old then they probably would've paid a contribution towards the cost of replacement or replaced it FOC. £180 seems expensive anyway. The part is only about £60 on its own
  2. Scumball cars - what would you buy now?

    Just woken up :D I would be up for a Scumball if you were ever to organise another. I'm about to buy my first house but want to do something mad before I tie myself into a mortgage for the next 25 years! :D
  3. Anyone for Audi A7 Winter Wheel & Tyre Package

    Sent you a PM last week with phone number
  4. Anyone for Audi A7 Winter Wheel & Tyre Package

    Nope, different centre bore unfortunately. Tyres are the same size though.
  5. Winter tyres for dummies, help needed

    This is partially true, but because of the internet it's been a bit distorted. It's perfectly legal to use them, but you are not allowed to use them on roads that aren't covered in snow or ice and are liable to prosecution if you cause damage to the road on ones that aren't. Although I would imagine it would be very hard for a Police Officer to prove anyway.
  6. Winter tyres for dummies, help needed

    Without trying to go too far into it, the answer to your question will depend on your potential requirements and where you are using the car. The original Winter Wheel package for the B7 A4 used standard 16 inch wheels with 205/55/16 tyres. The reason for this was because this is the only tyre size that can accomodate snow chains, anything bigger fouls the upper multi link suspension arms. Now, the chances of you needing snow chains in the UK if you are using winter tyres are pretty much zero. But, if you are go skiing to the South of France etc then you obviously need to take this into consideration. So, if you are staying in the UK then you will be fine to use the same tyre size you already have fitted to the car with the normal lower speed rating on winter tyres.
  7. Anyone for Audi A7 Winter Wheel & Tyre Package

    And rather oddly Audi AG have stopped producing the Winter Wheel packages for the C6 A6 now! It's a little silly because they were easily the most popular requested Winter Wheel package for us last year. We are currently doing 10% off the Audi Winter Wheel packages if ordered before the 31st October which would make a set of Audi A7 Winter wheels £1805.00 including VAT. We pop them on FOC first time too All I will say is if people are even thinking about Winter Wheels this year make sure you do it before the end of the month to avoid dissapointment. There were 100 sets of Audi TT winter wheels in UK stock at the end of September and they have all gone already! I've sold 16 sets of Winter Wheels in October alone!
  8. More likely a kneejerk reaction to comments that it doesn't look special enough. Same thing happened with the MK1 TT. People said it didn't look sporty enough so Audi UK pressured quattro GMBH into offering the 18" RS4 9 spokes. Even though Germany warned it would ruin the ride/handling setup (which to be fair it did IMHO)
  9. Post a pic of your car

    Yup Hence why it's a little high. I put new factory shocks and original springs back on. The previous owner had put budget coilovers on which were awful and knocked like hell. Plus i'm not getting any younger and standard cars are worth allot more The nigh-on dead VR6's are fetching the £2k mark now, mechanically sound & needing the odd bit of paintwork £3k and anything mint, low mileage or concurs fetches £4-6k. Give it another 3-4 years when the last ones are 20 years old and the ropey ones have been split for spares I can see the prices rocketing :D
  10. Post a pic of your car

    My Corrado VR6
  11. R-Fest 2011 - Information here

    Thought I would post this on here as a few people from this forum missed it last year Venue: Billing Aquadrome Saturday 30th July – Sunday 31st July 2011 What is R-Fest? R-Fest is United Kingdom's yearly Volkswagen 'R' model event. Offering owners the change to pull up a camping chair, have a beer and get the chance to talk with fellow performance VW owners about their cars, their modifications and share some like-minded banter over a hot summers weekend. The event caters specifically for the R32, R36, R50, Golf/Scirocco R and VR6 models. After a succesful 2010 the R-Fest show will now be held every year at Billing Aquadrome in Northampton. Easily located off the M1 it offers owners the ability to camp or stay in an on-site hotel, keep the kids busy at the Funfair, enjoy a meal or even do your supermarket shopping! Not only that, as the showfield is exclusively held for this event all our members are entitled to a £5 per night discount on camping. Shower facilities are also provided free of charge and for those of you who just don't 'do' camping we have a choice of three recommended hotels. Any questions about the event can be answered on the R32OC Forum and this thread will be continuously updated with information on what is planned over the weekend! So, park your car, pitch your tent and enjoy the weekend! Where can I stay? R-Fest is really all about the camping experience, so the most obvious place to stay is of course Billing Aquadrome! All members are entitled to a £5 discount camping on the Friday & Saturday night if booked in advance. So this will be the cheapest option by far. In order to book your Camping Place you need to call Billing Aquadrome reservations office on 01524 781453, tell them you are with the R-Fest Show and quote our reference number (32BA11). Pre-booking will also ensure you are allocated into the right field (Shelduck 1) As with last year, anyone planning to camp or attend both days at the R-Fest show this year should book as soon as convenient. Whilst we should be okay as our field is reserved Club Polo had issues in 2009 with Billing Organisers trying to move their show onto smaller fields due to lack of pre-booking. Only to find 100+ people turning up to camp on the weekend for that show! It would be a shame to see R models being 'diluted' into the Club Polo and dare I say it, Calibra Club fields. Billing Aquadrome details; Website: Billing Aquadrome Holiday Park Northampton | Home Telephone: 01524 781453 THE IMPORTANT BIT, PLEASE SAY WHEN BOOKING THAT YOU REQUIRE THE RALLY RATE AND, QUOTE CODE '32BA11' AND MENTION 'R-FEST'/'R32OC'. THIS WILL ENSURE YOU GET ALLOCATED INTO OUR FIELD (PUDDLEDUCK 1). THE CONTACT NUMBER FOR BILLING RESERVATIONS IS 01524 781453 Prices Overnight Camping - £15.00 per overnight stay for one car (up to 4 people). No limitation on the size of the tent. This gives you two days access to Billing Aquadrome. In order to book your Camping Place you need to call 01524 781453, tell them you are with the R-Fest Show at Teal Meadow and quote our reference number (R32OC) in order to get the £5 discount. Please note that if you are planning to attend both days and are staying outside of Billing Aquadrome that you are still better off buying a camping pass as this will still save you £5 over the weekend. Day Entry - Day passes are £10.00 for one car (up to four people) The next step up from a tent is the Billing Camping Pods at £35.00 a night. This is essentially a tent-sized wooden pod which sleeps two adults and two Children and are located approximately 100 yards from our field. This is a nice option for those who hate putting tents up. They are also better suited to families with very young children and babies, but please bare in mind you still need to bring sleeping bags as they are not provided in the price. Other options For those of you who hate the thought of the great outdoors there is a Premier Inn located just outside the Entrance to Billing Aquadrome offering great views of the Marina. Rooms can be booked from as little as £29 per night if booked in advance. Click here for more details click here; Premier Inn Northampton Gt Billing/A45 Hotel UK UPDATE 25th April. This hotel is fully booked. Website Please note that anyone visiting Welcome to the R-fest 2010 website will be directed to this forum. I'm hoping to have the site updated with 2011 dates as soon as possible. In the meantime everything that will be on the site will be posted on here. Who's going? A complete attendance list can be found here - R-Fest 2011 Attendance list If you would like to be added to the list please post your username, vehicle and what days you will be attending. Will there be a Show & Shine? Yes. The Show & Shine will take place on Sunday and any people wishing to take part will need to park there car in the middle of the field as directed by R-Fest Marshalls prior to 12:00pm. All cars will have to be complete and cleaned by midday (12:00pm) in order for the three Judges to check them over and the winner will be announced at 2:00pm. The criteria for the Show & Shine and how your vehicle will be judged is below. There are five categories and the opportunity to earn 50 points in each one. 1: Wheels, tyres and arches 2: Paint work 3: Shuts & gaps 4: Engine bay 5: Interior. There will be a prize for 1st and 2nd places. Prizes will be confirmed nearer the date 1st - TBC 2nd - TBC The cost to enter the Show & Shine is only £5 and any VR6 or 'R' qualifies. All proceeds will go to the running costs of the show (food etc) What Trade Stands will there be? Despite the amazing success of the show last year many of our forum sponsors do not consider the show large enough to justify attending. However, I am still working on a few aftermarket suppliers to see what we can do on this. At the moment we have exactly the same as 2010. Ipswich Audi - Providing discounted OEM R32 specific parts. As most items sold out within the first morning they will have a much larger stock of oil and expanding range of R32 items such as brake pads and discs etc. Dent Devils - Forum member 'The Dent Wizard' will be offering his services for the reduced rate of £25 per panel again this year for basic dents. Again this was an extremely popular service last year. R-Fest 2011 Field Layout I have a question, where can I ask it? Any questions can be asked on this thread: R Fest questions
  12. Rust on front wings

    12 year rust warranty, 6 year paint. It may be Zinc reaction. My A6 had the same and they wangled out of it as it's technically not rust
  13. Our Favourite Cars We've Owned - What's Yours?

    As much as I loved my R32 it's got to be my Classic Green Corrado VR6, I was truly gutted when I sold it... I loved it so mych I bought another one last month though
  14. Keyfob Issue

    If it's a B7 the remote has probably gone down. Try the same process you did before but in the ignition, with the ignition switched on.
  15. New a6 allroad 3.0 diesel - water pump failure!

    They've been back in UK stock since 31st December? We've got 32 in stock at the moment. If you've had one on order since 30th November (if this is the case then the dealer almost defiantly would've had it prior to NYE) then your dealer must have the pump and not done anything with it! No customer should still be waiting for a pump.