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  1. TVR Sagaris

    what is the MPG on these and service charges??
  2. looking into getting my first TVR...

    well i pay 2000 now on my clio v6 group 20 and im assuming there the same group?
  3. looking into getting my first TVR...

    ok this is the deal im 21 , 22 soon i own a clio v6 which im trying to sell and get a tvr, what 1? i dont know i like the look of the tuscan and the t350 and of course the sags but i will only have a budget of around 25k MAX i here a lot about them breking down a lot, is there warrentys out and stuff? can anyone help me out here i dont know a lot about the tvr just love the look sound and speed and they interest me to get one :-) cant find a dedicated tvr forum without having to pay 40 quid for which i dont really wanna do to browse round cos i might not even get one thanks
  4. Wannabe TVR Owner

    hi people im new and hi yellow sorry to but in on your post but i wanna be a tvr owner to and wanna find out more on that site but cant get on anything unless i pay the 40 pound can i get around this to find out when the next essex mett is?