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  1. I`ve had a moaning on my 1999 A3 1.8T Quattro for a while. I suspected a wheel bearing so jacked up the full car and ran it off the ground to confirm this. Turns out the drivers side rear bearing is very noisy! Sounds like a whaling banchee at 40 to 60 mph! Im gonna replace the bearing myself if i can get it to bits. Are there any special tools i`d require? Can it be done on the car or does the full trailing arm need to come off? I`ve already checked and I can get the 30mm nut off and the driveshaft is free through the hub. Does the hub just need pulling or is there more to it? I`d be grateful for any advice before it falls off!
  2. 4 Wheel alignment?

    Just fitted a new front roll bar and a new cv boot to the n/s/r of my A3 Quattro( involved removing rear swinging arm ) Anyone know anywhere decent to get the 4 wheel alignment done in the North east of England?(Cleveland area) Only place I know is Town and Country in Middlesbrough. Roughly what would the cost normally be?
  3. My 1999 A3 1.8T Quattro Sport requires a N/S/R outer cv boot (closest to wheel) and a N/S/R coil spring for MOT. Anyone done either of these jobs before on the quattro? What would be the easiest way to do the cv boot? What needs to be removed to replace the coil spring? Any help would be greatly recieved!

    Quote from volkswerk:- 60K Service £160 +vat Haldex oil and filter £80 +vat Front roll bar and fitting £175 +vat Haldex more expensive than skoda dealer! Still gonna get more quotes!

    Thought about taking it to jennings on the A66 but was a bit unsure due to no SEAT cars (that i know off anyway) having the 4wd haldex stuff! I suppose the service and roll bar is the same though! Will try and call in at the weekend and get a few prices. Cheers for the help and suggestions guys!
  6. My 1999 A3 Quattro does the same thing. Ive come to the conclusion it`s something on the transmission either haldex, diff or g`box. Gonna get some oils changed in the up coming service. Hopefully that will sort it!

    Hi everyone! My A3 quattro is due a service, haldex oil and filter and also needs a new front roll bar. Got a quote from a local skoda dealer (Derek Slack) on saturday, £65 + vat for haldex, £190 + vat for 60k service and £220 + vat for new rollbar, bushes and fitting. seems a bit steep if you ask me! Has anyone on here used Volkswerk in Middlesbrough? I was gonna phone them for a quote but im not sure how good they are! Need some feedback on them first if possible! Cheers.

    Anyone know how the clips fit on the front brake pads on a 1.4 Pug 106? I took it bits about a month ago but i now cant work out how to refit the spring clips! Aint I a clever bloke!
  9. Creek!!

    Probably your front anti roll bar and bushes on the way out. Mine is the same! I require new bushes and a new roll bar for mine. I would get yours checked asap because my roll bar had moved across to the drivers side of the car and was hitting the turbo intake pipe!
  10. HELP: ARB bush replacement

    That`s basically what I thought then! I did the rubber bushes easy enough but I noticed there was a bit more work involved to get the bar out. Will probably uprate to powerflex bushes when I get around to doing it properly. It seems a silly idea that the bar has plastic type sleeves on it in the first place. They seem to be the main cause of my problems! They should have just made the bar all steel!
  11. HELP: ARB bush replacement

    I think i`ll do it myself! Just in the process of getting some prices for a new roll bar and bushes. I stripped them down once already and just replaced the rubbers to keep me going a bit longer! It`s not that much of a complicated job, just a bit fiddly. I certainly ain't gonna let the stealer's take advantage of me and charge a total fortune! I`ve read that the 4 wheel alignment is required afterwards but I'm not so sure myself? Maybe someone can explain why? The roll bar is non adjustable so replacing it shouldn't alter the wheel track?
  12. HELP: ARB bush replacement

    I`ve just encountered the same problem! Took the old bushes off the front ARB and the plastic type sleaves dropped out! Can anyone confirm that the plasic sleaves are part of the roll bar or not? Do powerflex bushes still require these plastic sleaves to be on the roll bar? By the way I noticed my roll bar shifted over to the passenger side of the car. The bottom ball joint on the drop link from the strut was hitting the alloy intake pipe for the turbo! Anyone else with knocking suspension should check this asap or it could be even more expensive to fix!
  13. DIY cambelt change?

    Is your motor a 1.6? I did my cambelt on my previous 1.6 A3.It was reletivly easy BUT, make sure you have a good idea what your doing or you may destroy your engine on start up!
  14. Passenger airbag warning light?

    Yep, saw it on the autotrader website in december, liked it so I bought it!
  15. Passenger airbag warning light?

    Well i`ve had the car over 3 months and never noticed it before! Just goes to show how observant I am! Cheers people!