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  1. lepsons refurb ????

    Hi All, My Monza II's are in need of a refurb they are badly white worm'd and corroding. My question is, has anyone who has had Lepsons do a refurb then got white worm again ?? Is it just a case of poor manufacture or is the diamond cut, polish and lacquer process just prone to white worm ?? Would I be better off getting them powder coated ?? Cheers Jason
  2. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Hi all, Just been looking and on the new golf, VW seem to have dropped the option of auto dimming door mirrors on the non GTI models. I have even checked the vw.de site and they are not an option as far as I can see. I hope this is not the same on the new GTI. Or does someone know were Auto dimming mirrors not an option on non GTI models on the MK5 BR Jason
  3. Hello All, Has anyone had any issues with the Cruise Control system ? Basically I have recently found that sometime it will not switch on eg I turn it on and the light does not come on also I noticed that when I have switched it on (I had turned it on but was not using it) The light went off and then I was unable to turn it back on again. Each time when I turn the car off and back on it then works again. Not sure it this is relevant or not but I recently had a DSG Oil change done..... BR Jason
  4. Auto Headlights gone Faulty ?

    Hi All, No longer an issue, they are working. Guess It was just a low light level. BR Jason
  5. Hello All, I think my Auto Head lights may have gone faulty. They seem to be staying on all the time. Does anyone know which sensor is used ? is it the one on the windscreen or the back of the rear view mirror or some where else? Is there any way to trick it to think it is sunny eg using a torch to test it is working or not ? BR Jason
  6. Goodyear F1 Asymmetric Tyre Pressure ???

    Hi, I have tried the tyres at 40 PSI (not sure if this is too high max rating on tyre is 50 PSI) this morning to work and have found that the MPG seems to be improved a bit now mid thirtys rather than low thirtys. BR Jason
  7. Goodyear F1 Asymmetric Tyre Pressure ???

    Hi Petsy and Jack_is_Back I am measuring with a digital tyre pressure gauge when cold. They have the same load index as your old tyres, 92 speed rating Y BR Jason
  8. Hi all, Just got a set of F1 asymmetric's on the front previously had the Bridgestone RE050A and I have inflated then to 2.4 bar (35 PSI) but they look under inflated compared to the Bridgestones. Maybe the Bridgestones have a stiffer side wall ? Anyone got an opinion ? Also have noticed that the MPG seems to be reduced from high 30's on motorway to mid 30's. Will this improve once run in or is this due to tyre pressures ? BR Jason
  9. Speakers Broken !!!!!

    Right where to start. Well they have replace the radio, the DSG gear stick, and trim above radio. I now have the MP3 version of the RCD 500 so that’s a bonus. :-)) I have realised that they have not given me a new radio code card should they have ??? Or would they have coded it with the same code as the old one ? I need to again book the car in to have the paint work done as they only do that Thursdays. What a pain. Apparently VW UK have said no to the wheel replacements or even a goodwill contribution. Anyway I will be speaking to VW myself tomorrow. Lastly the speakers in the drivers door now work fine so guess the amp section of the old unit died. That said the Tweeter on the passenger side has been replaced and still distorts anyone got any ideas ???
  10. Speakers Broken !!!!!

    I gave up trying to find the fault and have had the dealer look at it. Now it is an import and out of warranty but they have said it needs a new stereo and they will replace it under warranty. Now for the bad news..... They left screwdriver lever marks in the dash above the stereo, scratch marks on the painted section of the door near the lock where they tried to lever off the door panel and have scratched all the leather on one side of the gear stick ....... Not Good :-( Anyway long and short of it is they will fix these issues. Also I have the dreaded white worm on 3 wheels and they are going to see if VW will cover under goodwill or not as it is only a few months out of warranty and they are in mint condition otherwise. The other wheel has got it but It has some damage so not sure on the score here. I will let you know how I get on. Jason
  11. Speakers Broken !!!!!

    Cheers AsianMpower for the advice I will check tomorrow if I get a chance. Any idea how to get into the rubber without damaging it to check ? BR Jason
  12. Speakers Broken !!!!!

    Hi again all, Well I have bit the bullet and ordered a new tweeter for the passenger door that said it was only 10.44 including vat and that comes as one part with the trim too... Not bad really. Part number 1K0 837 973 P9 B9 for those interested. Hopefully that will sort the Passenger door out. Now I have taken the driver’s door trim off where there are NO speakers working at all. I found the mid range was disconnected (suspect left like that when the stealer tried to fix the folding mirrors that have a mind of their own). But still no speakers working. Before anyone asks no it is not balanced to the left or faded to the rear. So my question is does the cable for the speakers get plugged in elsewhere before going to the stereo or is it a straight uninterrupted cable to the stereo ? BR Jason
  13. Speakers Broken !!!!!

    Hello All, I have noticed that the tweeter in my passenger door is distorting at higher volumes so have finally decided to take it out to order a replacement. What a job not exactly easy. Anyway I have the speaker out and put the door back together and have used the stereo (not sure if that was a good idea or not really but anyway) the mid range in the same door barely seems to function. Would this be because the tweeter is out and not completing the circuit? Also could it be that actually the tweeter is fine and the mid range is faulty and because this is broken the extra power is making the tweeter distort? Also to add insult to injury I have realised that the driver’s door is not working at all (I have not taken it apart ever). Not one of the speakers makes a sound even fully balanced to the right. Now maybe I did not realise but has anyone got any ideas? I will get a replacement tweeter in a few days dealer permitting. Any ideas all ....... Cheers in advance Jason
  14. GTI + Dynaudio Possible ?

    Ok, So if I go down the aftermarket route with Dynaudio speakers which ones would be suitable. I think I have 10 speakers in total so I assume I would need a 3 way for the front and 2 way for the rear. But what sizes are suitable, I do not want to have to do too much modding. Also I assume I will need a decent amp ? could this be sited under the passenger seat ? BR Jason
  15. GTI + Dynaudio Possible ?

    Hi Geoff, fair enough, I really want to keep it OEM as possible though. Also on previous cars and a couple of friends cars they have aftermarket audio setup (quite expensive ones at that) and I did not think they sounded particularly good quality. I am after a high quality sound which is why I mention Dynaudio as I associate them with quality speakers (may be this is mistaken trust). I do not want to have to make too many modifications. Cheers Jason