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  1. Morning all, My sat-nav has finally died and I desperately need a hand-free in the car. So, I thought I'd try and kill two birds with one stone as I'm sure I've seen somewhere that TomTom's are BT compatible with iPhone? Does such a thing exist (I hear the iPhone BT is a PITA)? If so, does it work well? Can you flick through the phone book on the sat-nav? All help and suggestions welcomed. Cost isn't a massive issue, I'd rather buy something expensive that works well and will last a while. Cheers
  2. The TSN photography studio

    Morning everyone, I had the pleasure of using this for 2hrs, would have been rude not to take any photos but they are just snap shots from the roadside (as in stop car, get the girlfriend to duck in the passenger seat, jump out, take a photo and then hoon off). They're all pretty similar, the roads I chose to drive and shoot on were all facing the same direction towards the sun! There's been some pretty heavy turd polishing going on..... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I think it looks pretty fetching in red.
  3. The TSN photography studio

    Thanks Tone! I was going to call you earlier on but I got side-tracked (as usual). I'll give you a tinkle tomorrow, hope all is well? Cheers, Deano
  4. The TSN photography studio

    Great idea for a thread, some cracking pics in here also! I haven't really posted on TSN for what seems like an age however, now that I have an S3 (again) I think I'll find myself on here a fair bit Here's what I've been upto since I've been away: Hmmm, I should probably stop now
  5. Chrome GT-R of joy

    Get's about a bit I had the car from Friday and handed it back on Monday (dropped it off in the car park) for photo duties. It's an absolute beast, such a capable car. I can't publish any of the good 'uns unfortunately but here's some more photo's of it. It used to be matte white, as featured in Decembers Banzai mag:
  6. Members of the G220 GB - please read

    Paul, No worries. I still haven't received the cheque, I'll give it until Friday and then maybe you can send another, or the G220
  7. Members of the G220 GB - please read

    I emailed Paul and asked for a refund as I still haven't received the G220, let alone any polish. He responded stating that I would get a refund, but as of yet, I haven't seen one!!
  8. Members of the G220 GB - please read

    DrP, Is there any news on the missing, now re-ordered G220? It's been a fair old while now and I'm starting to loose faith
  9. Megs G220 Group Buy - Please read!

    Well, I've yet to even recieve the machine itself, let alone any polish. DP has it hand though apparently.
  10. //deanphoto. R8 pics

    I'm back Thank you for all the comments. It's achieved by attaching a pole to the car, camera to the pole, using a slow shutter speed & pushing the car along. Then spending a couple of hours editing out all the mess.
  11. S-Line rear valance/diffuser

    Those Lambo wheels look lovely!!
  12. S-Line rear valance/diffuser

    Thanks for the replies guy's! Don - Bummer, it looked like it was just the lower part that was different :-( Votex it might be then I guess. Nelson - I ordered a black S-line centre grille and lower grilles, it was only until they'd fitted the bumper that they realized new fogs were needed....d'oh! Here it is now :-)
  13. TSN - May - Photo Competition - Poll

    Woohoo. Go me. What do I win??
  14. I like that shot, very good indeed.
  15. Steering help

    Hi Paul, Thanks for that buddy! I read a post earlier on in the day on another forum that this function was available on the A3 up until 2007 however, this hasn't been confirmed. I may have to find someone near me with VAG-COM to confirm. thanks for the link buddy :-)