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  1. Track Day Insurance

    I don't think you need 3rd party cover for a track day. As far as I know even if you crash into someone you are under no obligation to pay for their car to be fixed. The only purpose of the insurance is so if you roll your pride and joy you can get it fixed.
  2. Whats the real fastest car in the UK?

    I think my E38 7 series in green is quite subtle. Limited to 155mph though.
  3. Short term PCH - X3's (quick question)

    Best I can find is £325 per month on a 24 month deal - BMW X3 Leasing I think BMW were offering larger discounts on them earlier this year which the leasing companies were taking advantage of to offer very competitive deals.
  4. M3 CSL vs. F430 Spyder

    If you ever want someone independent to drive both the cars to verify your findings just drop me a PM
  5. F***************************CK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does each tyre have a unique serial number? Reason I ask is could you not just insure the 2 front tyres then swap the wheels around if you needed to claim?
  6. RS4 for £45k?

    [ QUOTE ] Very good point. Thats whats crippling me with the CSL... [/ QUOTE ] Ouch assuming a £55k list price I think a 40% taxpayer would have to pay £8,800 per year in tax on a CSL. Would it not be better to just take the money out in dividends and buy it personally? OUCH!!!
  7. Engine changes for 2007

    Any idea on the exact date when the new 118d engine is going to be upgraded? My current 118d is a company car and goes back on the 5th of December and I was just going to order a new one which I will pick up on the same date. Don't really want to miss the upgrade by a month though
  8. 07 plate A3

    What company is quoting you £230 - £250 a month for a 2.0 tdi sport? That’s way cheaper than anything I could find when I was looking around.
  9. radio chorus CD?

    Is there any difference in the sound quality between the chorus and the concert? Any info on how easy a CD changer is to fit would be much appreciated.
  10. radio chorus CD?

    That’s what I thought, decided it was best to double check though as it does seem a bit strange that a £17k car in 2006 does not come with a cd player. Thanks for confirming.
  11. radio chorus CD?

    I’m possibly looking at getting an A3 1.9 TDI (105) Special Edition as a stop gap car for 6 months on contract hire. As I’m only going to be keeping it 6 months options will cost a fortune so I’m trying to limit myself to the front center armrest. I have just noticed it only comes with a “radio chorus” and that the “Concert II radio” is a £200 upgrade. Can anyone confirm if the chorus has a CD player or if I will need to upgrade to the concert II to get a CD player? Thanks.
  12. Great saturday..

    booster : just out of interest if you had bought a car for cash could you get finance on the vehicle quite easily? Many vehicle finance schemes will only allow you to buy from dealers so you could theoretically buy privately for cash and then finance the vehicle to get most of your cash back out?
  13. Richard Hammond critically injured in crash

    All the best to hamster Help pay for his air ambulance at
  14. How much do you enjoy driving?...

    I would quite like to be chauffeured to work if I could afford it. I take no enjoyment from sitting in an endless traffic queue and constantly getting cut up in a city center. I would like automatically driven cars to be produced, they would be very good for when I just couldn’t be bothered and would mean I could get on with my work when sitting in a traffic queue or doing big miles on a motorway. I do occasionally go out for a drive or ‘take the long way’ simply because I enjoy driving.
  15. BMW new car warranty

    Will mention when I turn up on Thursday that I have spoken to BMW UK customer services who have advised that they think it should be covered by the warranty. I will also make sure I speak to the service manager. Hopefully that will do the trick. Looking at the BMW literature they state “Your warranty does not cover you for faults which arise as a result of misuse, negligence, accidents or normal wear and tear.” I can’t see how this could fall under any of that so I’m now pretty determined that I will make them pay for the repair. What got me a bit was how they managed to diagnose that the bottle must be clogged without even looking at the car? The supplying dealer is Portsmouth and I’m currently living in Aberdeen. Would be a bit of a journey to take it there get the washer jets fixed! Besides BMW advertise the car as having a 3 year UK warranty which you can use at any BMW dealer. I have decided that if I do go ahead with a new style 3 series coupe I will drive to Edinburgh or Perth to order it as I don’t see why I should give the Aberdeen dealer any business when they have been so unhelpful. Little things like these can also do a lot of damage to someone’s brand loyalty.