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  1. Help Speccing my rs6

    unfortunately it needs to be a safe colour as i'll only be keeping until the new ffrr starts discounting. which will be about 6-9m
  2. Help Speccing my rs6

  3. Help Speccing my rs6

    are you mad? thats a lot of arse ache for so little reward. I bet if you checked the parts prices there will be bugger all on it. with my cack handedness it would take me hours to do, and I could make a lot more money in that time selling insurance
  4. Help Speccing my rs6

    not a fan of carbon fibre unless it is serving a purpose. stuck to the dashboard it aint serving a purpose
  5. Help Speccing my rs6

    all good squire. good thinking i'll start annoying tdk asap
  6. Help Speccing my rs6

    yes - it's wifi hote spot, google maps and full iphone intergration
  7. Help Speccing my rs6

    here's how. i think thats a more than adequate spec for a car i'm unlikely to keep more than 6 months PX2 All-LED headlights including high-beam assist 850.00 GBP PGB Audi hands-free boot opening system with Advanced key 575.00 GBP KA6 Audi Parking System Advanced with top view 900.00 GBP KS1 Head-up display 1,240.00 GBP 4A4 Heated front and rear seats 100.00 GBP 5TL Inlays - Piano finish, black 0.00 GBP 3GN Load-area fixing kit 160.00 GBP PQZ Matt aluminium styling package 865.00 GBP 9ZW Mobile telephone preparation – High with Audi connect 350.00 GBP 4KF Privacy glass 390.00 GBP 6SJ Reversible luggage compartment mat 110.00 GBP PQ4 21" x 9.5J '5-twin-spoke' design black-gloss alloy wheels with 285/30 R21 tyres 2,000.00 GBP
  8. Help Speccing my rs6

    also what is the option on the config tool "dashboard code"?
  9. Help Speccing my rs6

    are you mad. i'm getting quite a few options and only getting to 85k, and then there is the 6% discount on offer by the dealer
  10. Help Speccing my rs6

    arrrrrggggghhhhhh i'm ready to push the button but agonising over the dynamic pack or just the led headlights (which are included in the pack). annoying black optics isn't an option, or at least its not in the config or the brochure, and carbon mirrors are a ridiculous 1250 quid
  11. Help Speccing my rs6

    any ideas what the dynamic suspension is like? too hard for uk roads? hmmm, that java green looks awesome, but suspect it could be a bit marmite for uk resale market and I only tend to keep cars 3-9 months
  12. Help Speccing my rs6

    Hi Guys, Long time no speak. I need a hand on speccing my new rs6, and having trouble being decisive. 1. not sure whether to go with the dynamic pack as some of the reviews have panned the dynamic steering and the suspension. 2. colour, trying to balance resale with my hearts love of the matt daytona. would it be financial suicide to spec it? what colour would you have? currently torn between phantom black, pink, daytona normal, daytona matt. whats mamba black like in the flesh?
  13. Cheap slk for her indoors

    She's got enough of that;)
  14. Cheap slk for her indoors

    Mrs IJ has fancied a merc cab for a while, and is wanting to change car soon and noticed the two lease deals, both from a main merc dealer. In reality her only requirements on a new car are sat Nav, auto box, and not French or jap SLK200 AMG Sport Edition 125 Auto in Iridium Silver with Black leather, Analogue clock, Cupholder, Panoramic glass sunroof, Heated front seats, Interior light package, and Mirror package: Operating lease 3+23 10k £255+vat * SLK200 AMG Sport Edition 125 Auto in Palladium Silver with Black leather, Advanced parking guidance, Airscalf, Panormaic glass sunroof, Heated front seats, Remote control for roof, and Mirror package: Operating lease 3+23 10k £276+vat Before I dive in feet first, what alternatives are there? Both the cars are well north of £30k if bought, but everything else in that price bracket is quite expensive to lease in comparison.
  15. Interesting little Fiesta..

    Me likey! How much?