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  1. Seat belts

    Hi All Can you change the seat belts on a 997 C4s cab if you dont like the colour and any idea what this would cost . Looking to get black if poss Regards Vito Thanks for any help
  2. Wanted CSL

    Hi all On the look out for M3 CSL This will be my 2nd CSL Must be standard Must have FBMWSH Any thing around or below 30000 miles Air Con CD 1200 mile service I am ready to buy no PX and money waiting Regards Vito 07879 497 348
  3. SG CSL 21k

    Hi all I am looking to buy K33 CSL from Nick Johnston anyone know this car Thanks
  4. Hi All Looking for some advice on getting a Sports exhaust for a 2006 997 Carrera tip (non S). What are the pros and cons of them all bhp, noise and cost etc. I am looking for something with a good noise . Should I go for Porsches own or one of the other companys like tubi , supersprint, car graphic , GruppeM, Design 911 etc I just dont know Please help Regerds Vito
  5. Any Spider owners here?

    My cuz has a new one if that helps
  6. BMW & Lambo

    Spotted BMW CSL Edinburgh Charlotte Square with APS Also Lambo White LP640 Roadster on way to Glasgow
  7. For SALE Hard top to fit 996 Porsche can be painted to match any car £ OFFERS
  8. Quality Reg for a 'Gentlemans Club'

    Ok well I cant say what I got as I am a GENTLEMAN but give the Lap bar named a call ask of Nicola say Vito put you on to her and within reason they will come pick you up to take you and pals to the club I had about 13 pals in it great fun and even better when you get there [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] they do a very good pick up service [/ QUOTE ] Define 'pick up' please!! [/ QUOTE ]
  9. 1 H - nice plate, nice car

    Did you see 1G in or aroung Glasgow if so is part of a family collection of lots of G reg numbers
  10. Quality Reg for a 'Gentlemans Club'

    Call the bar and ask for Nicola they do a very good pick up service
  11. Edinburgh M3

    NEW BMW M3 spotted Monday 430pm near Eastern BMW bet it was the demo
  12. R8 Edinburgh

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Spotted on Sunday afternoon in Edinburgh looks great [/ QUOTE ] Was it white ? If so, see it most days at West End. [/ QUOTE ] No think it was black or grey
  13. R8 Edinburgh

    Spotted on Sunday afternoon in Edinburgh looks great
  14. Just sat in and seen the new M3

    I think there is one in Edinburgh Eastern in red too under cover in window must be UK launch this weekend
  15. Reg For Sale CHAOS

    To all you twats that prob cant even afford a number plate I am just trying to get rid of a plate I got with a car