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  1. Hi all I have for sale a Kestrel DAS-6; 6 Pads Cutting, Polishing & Finishing, smaller 3'' backing plate purchased in April this year from Alex at Serious Performance. I have only used the DA-6 twice on a scrap panel to practise, as I have not had the time to make good use of it I have decided to sell. Only the large orange cutting pad has been used along with a small amount of SP polishes which are relatively full, the amount in the poorboys polishes is indicated by the mark on the side on the bottle (they were purchased off here with the same amount in them). I am looking for £115.00 including delivery for the lot (collection may be possible I am in north london), payment as a gift via paypal.
  2. Hi I have for sale Poorboys Polish as shown, they are relitevely full as the pen marks indicate. They are priced at £8 each inc. recorded delivery, payment via paypal as a gift. I have also for sale Snowfoam the amount is indicated by the pen mark, ideally would rather someone collected it from the Enfield area or I could arrange to meet someone from the following areas Hertfordshire north/east london alternatively postage will be £8 inc delivery or £5 collected. Thanks RobA3
  3. S3duh

    I haven't posted on here in what seems like a decade as I sold my A3 last year. Your S3 look's lovely especially in white.
  4. First paint correction with tuition

    Hi Jon is this your car featured on Detailing World by Dave KGVW Golf GTi - Tuition Detail - RDS Correction - Detailing World
  5. South East & London Detailing meet

    Has anyone PM'ed who, who & who apologies as I not been tyresmoke for quite sometime.
  6. Hi follow link for more details: South East & London Detailing Show 2009, (Auto Finesse) - Detailing World
  7. Is this karcher sufficient...

    Your welcome mate.
  8. Is this karcher sufficient...

    ok mate not sure what happened there, but if you go to A world for detailers... click the forum tab at the top left of the page and then scroll down to the group buys section.There are two group buys going on at the moment for lances & snow foam, you may have to register as a user to access the group buy section. Cheers RobA3
  9. Is this karcher sufficient...

    or here but best be quick Detailing World
  10. The A3 has gone but...

    Cheers mate
  11. The A3 has gone but...

    Hi guys bit more advice needed I polished the car about 6 weeks ago but I didnot have enough time to put any collinite on it, would it be advisable to try and apply the collinite in about a weeks time when the weather hopefully gets a bit warmer, also where is the best place to store polish & waxes this time of year. Thanks Rob
  12. The A3 has gone but...

    Cheers guys, the car is actually my partners but it sure is fun to drive, as for the polish and waxing at the moment I am just weather watching and hoping for a dry decent day. Thanks for the advice and the comments guys. I guess I will need to change my signature name as well.
  13. The A3 has gone but...

    I (well my partner) traded my 2001 A3 and bought this bueaty it's a 1.8 Edition Sport in Carbon Black with all the toys. Due to studying and work commitments I have only managed to give it a wash last week Friday, however it does need to be clayed as the surface is not as smooth as it could be. For the moment though I currently have a full bottle of AG Super resin polish along with a full Collinite 476 wax would these two work ok together purely as winter protection. Thanks Rob
  14. Drying towel

    Hi mate I have the Serious Performance Uber drying towel and it is good.