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  1. Xbox 360 Games For Sale

    PM sent+++
  2. 101.9p !!

    Diesel is 105.9 at the esso u pthe road from me
  3. Making an Offer on a house

    [ QUOTE ] 250K is a bit cheeky I think...but now that you mention it, I guess it is worth a try... [/ QUOTE ] they can only and probably will only say no. its certainly worth a try if only to get an idea of the reaction of the agent.
  4. Making an Offer on a house

    i'd try my luck and offer 250k.
  5. Making an Offer on a house

    it would help to know what the asking price is.
  6. Mr McCann

    what this one?
  7. I'm ashamed to say....

    My husband can't swim, he has taken various lessons and still can't swim! you should find your local pool will do lesson much cheaper, my husband went to lessons for adults at a local pool.
  8. Long flights and toddlers....

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Just watch out for security issues, although relaxed (mostly) it makes sense to qualify what can and can't travel with you. Food, toys, electronics could all be sent to the hold- going to America / Canada is likely to mean limitations, more so on some airlines than others. [/ QUOTE ] since when have you not been able to take electronics in cabin with you? [/ QUOTE ] There isn't a problem with taking food onboard either. [/ QUOTE ] Theres no problem taking it on board but when we have been to Florida, theres things you can't take into America, but you only have to either eat it or chuck it before you go through customs.
  9. Long flights and toddlers....

    i've taken my lot to the states etc, with no problems i just take loads of snacks and some toys, they would normally stay awake for the first few hours then sleep the rest of the way, normally on the way home they are dead sleepy and only stay awake for the first hour or so.
  10. Keeping cats off the soft top

    They hate chili also.
  11. Keeping cats off the soft top

    hows about this
  12. Another Bluetooth question

    Your right, well in the book it says it does, but it also says it depends on the phone as to what will transfer.
  13. Another Bluetooth question

    maybe you have some saved to the phone and some saved to the sim? i believe it only downloads the sim card and not from the phone.
  14. wife's pmt

    [ QUOTE ] Is there anything I can do? [/ QUOTE ] Yeah shut the feck up
  15. Skype - last time signed on ?

    yeah it does say that but i don't think its really correct, i just did that on mine i know this contact is not and has not been on for a week but it says this contact was last seen 24/08 11.50am!