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  1. expensive numberplates

    Korky - Did you ever sell the 11 plates you bought?
  2. The new car for the wife...

    335i MSport - just bores me to tears, off for a spirited drive nah I'll stay home and have a cuppa X1 25d - great for surprising Golf GTI drivers but they forgot to install the power steering Z4 35iS - shouldn't have taken the job that didn't allow convertibles when you took the car allowance, best car I've owned by a country mile :0(
  3. Any good deals going?

    Make sure you take your foot off the brake when you press it the second time or the car will start again.
  4. Early 2013 isn't it? It's already on the Audi web site http://www.audi.co.uk/new-cars/a3/s3.html
  5. I have no issues with the suspension on mine it's a million time better than on the A4 cab. It can get a little jittery on a very potholed road in sports+ but then so does my wives golf on the same road. I guess we all want/expect different things from a car but I honestly believe that given my experience nobody should be put of a Z4 due to the suspension. In fact one of my closest colleague bought one today after being in my car a million times so it can't be that bad. As for the glovebox opening when you hit a pothole I have never experienced any kind of shock wave in my car that would cause that and I drive on a lot of potholed country lanes at a fair lick. Is the suspension different between the 35i and the 35is?
  6. Is that tyre/wind noise with the roof up? If so there is something wrong with your car, I get nothing like that amount of noise in mine!
  7. 2012 (New) Audi A3

    My Z4 has both Facebook and Twitter on the satnav, good to see Audi are catching up!
  8. Volvo XC60 reviews?

    My brother had one, hated it. It was riddled with faults and he traded it after about 9 months as it was driving him mad.
  9. BMW Z4 35i sDrive - 1,200 miles

    Have you found the storage cubbyhole to the right of the steering wheel, I use that rather than the passenger seat
  10. Who will go where?

    No, this is the Arteta that has played 2.5 of the 3 league games and is the clubs top scorer this season
  11. Who will go where?

    Looks like Arteta is off to Arsenal for £10m. Great signing, I think he will do well there
  12. So that's why it rides like a concrete pig...

    Glad to hear you are starting to enjoy it. I used mine for the first time in a week today, as I've been away, and my 4 mile commute took nearly an hour Sport+ mode, sport mode on the DCT and a big grin only face. It really does fly round the bends
  13. Who will go where?

    Isn't he already there?
  14. Aaarggh ! A grey hair !

    No, that was on loch lomond, this was just before we stopped at the car park with the deer
  15. Aaarggh ! A grey hair !

    Yes, it was on the straights just after the green welly shop at Tyndrum.