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  1. Audi A3 2.0T SLine vs VW GTI

    I'll answer the question simply. I currently drive an S3 Sportback, which is very well built, very quick and has bags of grip and traction. But you know what? I really miss my MkV GTI.
  2. Mk6 GTI colours

    GTIs were always understated though, which many people see as a key hallmark of the car.
  3. Don't the GTI lights have the adaptive swivel thingy for seeing round corners? Not sure if the Scirocco xenons have that or not.
  4. Mk6 GTI colours

    Carbon gray looks awesome in that pic. I wonder if it's much easier than black to look after.
  5. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I'm sure you would be if you owned one.
  6. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Looking at those pics, I think the silver gives it a more agressive look, due to the way it seems to accentuate the lines of the car. The wheel arches in particular seem to bulge more because of the way silver changes shade depending on the angle to the sun/light source.
  7. Agree with everything Timski said, although I don't think he voted as I voted silver and it only has one vote so far!
  8. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Carbon gray looks great in those pics, although I wonder if it would be any easier than black to keep looking good. I've already decided that I'm never getting black again as it's just so much hard work, but I do like the darker colours when clean. If my next car is a GTI, then it'll most likely be in either carbon/steel gray, or the safe and easy maintenance reflex silver.
  9. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I think you'll find all plates give your car an individual identity!
  10. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Thanks Robin. From what you're saying, it doesn't sound like there is firm legislation that would dictate whether or not any form of DRL is within guidelines in terms of the light it emits or functionality. Without common legislation, then aren't car makers free to do what they see fit?
  11. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    What do you mean by active/signal and passive light? Who classes these lights? Just like to know where you got this info.
  12. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I'm wondering about the DRLs myself, Carnell. How bright were those lights under the xenons? They look dim in that pic, but that could be down to the angle. Maybe the lights on the inside are simply indicators. BTW, front sidelights and DRLs are one and the same on my S3, so I wonder if that's the case on the GTI xenon units.
  13. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Of course you forgot. You never mention the Mk5.5 thing.
  14. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Well they don't on my S3, they just dim a little when my Xenons switch on, if I remember correctly.
  15. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Is it definitely the case that the DRLs within the Xenons are identical to the standard headlight DRLs? When looking at the VW configurator on their website, the DRL units on the Xenons look to be a different design and size. Unless these pics are simply misleading from this angle.