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    it was good to meet you lot today,sorry could not stay long.stuff i had to do.hope to make it longer next time.

    as i live in poole i think i will pop in if thats ok can not stay long,or for food have stuff to do.
  3. Just received my Bluefin from Superchips

    i had my car done at superchips,organized by uk mkivs, 2 weeks a go. what can i say the service was excellent and the car has gone from quick to very quick. was put on superchips rollers and made 240 bph ,40 bph increase @ 5006 rpm and 366nm of torque,104 nm increase @ 2366 very happy with that.
  4. ppc tuning system for 20t gti

    i was looking on another forum and this came up. bsr tuning system its installed via the cars diagnostic port. 248 hp and can be reset to normal any time. theres a movie to look at here. dont know how to do linky thing what do you think.
  5. Oh dear, there are now 3 GTI's in my street!!

    stevie i think you mean civic sport 1.6 i had a civic type s before my gti. same 2.0 engine as the type r but only 160 bph 5 dr only did surprise some drivers 0-60 8 sec 130 plus mph but no torque.
  6. Absolutely gutted - keyed in bath...!

    feel sory for you mate can not think why someone would do this but allso no how it feels. i had an 04 plate civic type s which had the whole side keyed wing doors rear quarter.used a local body shop which my friend reconmended.talked him in to doing it for £250 cash
  7. Help needed

    the wire to reversing light i would think
  8. video

    thanks red..
  9. video

    has anyone seen this video or is it an old one. gti,s not doing so good. hope this works first time i,ve done this. oh well you will have to type it in yourself
  10. MoreGo 250 info

    i have 197 bph standard you must mean morgo 250.
  11. Rear headrests what ones did you get in your GTI?

    i have the same leather one,s but in cloth.
  12. Every car you have ever owned??

    ford escort mk 3 1.3 ford sierra 2.0 ghia ford orion 1.6 lx peugeot 1.6 lx renault clio 1.2 honda civic 2.0 type s citron saxo 1.1 xs for 3 months while waiting for my current car golf mk 5 2.0 gti
  13. Osram Silverstars

    good not goog sory
  14. Osram Silverstars

    from the outside they don,t look much different to standard. they do not look like xenons. if you want a little bit of blue your better off with the philips. it,s from the inside you notice the differance much better than standard. but still not as goog as proper xenons