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  1. MK Meet - Wednesday 3rd August

    Weather's not looking too clever at the moment, so it's not going to be the semi-slicks this year and will be running R1-R's (which all but guarantees the weather will be scorching now).
  2. MK Meet - Wednesday 3rd August

    Can't make it, this month. Leaving for a couple of trackdays at Le Mans, this evening.
  3. MK Meet - Wednesday 1st June

    I love that section. It's what makes the drive to/from North Walsham for some extra VX trickery worthwhile. Miserable in rush hour though on that silly stretch of single carriageway through Elvedon though.
  4. MK Meet - Wednesday 1st June

    Good to see/meet you all again chaps (and chapess). Must make more of an effort to get along to the next one. Had a very rapid run home made all the better by the diesel E class estate that was in front, doing a Scandinavian flick on the roundabout at the bottom of the Newport Pagnell bypass and getting a good drift going. At least, I'm assuming he did it on purpose.
  5. MK Meet - Wed 2 June

    No 24 heures for me this year. But, as a consolation, I've got a trackday on the Le Mans Bugatti circuit next Monday instead. Am struggling to get the car prep'd, so it might not be in the VX but I'll be there.
  6. MK Meet - Wed 5 May

    Sorry folks. Only just got back from the office, so I guess I missed it.
  7. As a consolation to those stuck in strange cities around Europe due to the no-fly zone, Lonely Planet have reduced the price of their European city guides to nothing through iTunes. Might be worth a download of the 13 guides if you like the Lonely Planet way of doing things.
  8. MK Meet - Wed 7 April

    Indeed it was. :notworthy: Hope the journey home was a little more sedate. :D
  9. Suspension setup and corner weighting

    Know a few places that specialise in Elise/VX's in the Midlands but probably not much help. APS have the full Beissbarth(?) setup. There's also Chris at Centre Gravity who has a really good reputation, primarily on Porker's but lots of other stuff as well.
  10. iPhone: What network?

    I'd be holding off getting one at all now, if I were you, and waiting to see what the 4th generation brings in June/July.
  11. Audi S4 supercharged V6 2009 - Review....

    Similar process but also brings the option of changing the pulley size for added boost as well.
  12. Piloti Shoes

    I've got some Piloti Laguna's (the subtle ones that look more like regular casual shoes). Nice and comfortable with a decent thin but surprisingly stiff sole. I used to use Puma speedcats and similar out on track but I found the heels a bit too narrow and chunky (was going to say high then but thought better of it) when walking and would sometimes "roll over the edge". The Piloti's heel is much better in that respect. YMMV.
  13. Audi A4 Avant 2.0T FSi

    Yep, Milltek'd all the way through.
  14. Audi A4 Avant 2.0T FSi

    Ben, I might be up for a bit of remappery on mine after removing the last one when the car had to go back for some warranty work. What do you recommend on the induction front? Some Carbonio bling? What's the story on the uprated fuel pumps - will I need one?
  15. MK Meet - Wed 3 February

    I'll be there.