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  1. Thinking of one of these next to replace my 130i and give me some comfort whilst commuting in heavy traffic - what sort of MPG are you guys getting?
  2. Morning Wopps, gave you the thumbs up when I drove past in my Blue 130i this morning! Liking the CSL, but would advise a subtler Ring sticker!
  3. BMW Performance parts

    Some of these upgrades look great. Does anyone have prices for the following: 18" Performance Alloy Wheels BMW Performance Rear Silencer BMW Performance Seats BMW Performance Steering Wheel ?? Thinking of putting these on my 130i and turning it into a proper road and track weapon!
  4. My wife's kerbed my alloy badly - advice please!

    Thanks Chaps, top advice as always
  5. Megane R26 230

    Anyone driven one? Are they really as fun to drive as the press say they are? - and could you actually own one? i.e., and not live in fear of the depreciation and French build quality! Bits are bound to fall off and the whole car is bound to end up rattling like a bag of bolts isn't it?
  6. Photo of your bike ...

    Triumph are very much alive and well and making brilliant bikes. Its a Street Triple 675 (a naked Daytona 675), not a speed triple. Weighs 167Kg's and goes like stink. The photo was taken literally as soon as I got her home. Don't worry, those chicken strips will be scrubbed!
  7. Photo of your bike ...

    After a 6 month wait, she's here and she's brilliant
  8. Right, - well unfortunately, my wife's had a minor mishap and has kerbed the front offside alloy quite badly whilst parking my 130i M-Sport. The alloys are the 18" M-Sport alloys and I wondered what people's advice is here? How much is a refurb likely to cost? (and can anyone recommend anyone good in the middlesex area?) - or should I bite the bullet and pay for a whole new alloy? Any advice appreciated! Cheers, Dave
  9. R32 - thoughts from the test drive

    Riz, all I was saying was that the original R32 was much racier looking than the current Mk2 R32. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on whether you like the "wolf in sheeps clothing" look or not.
  10. "R32" – its an evocative badge these days. The car basks in the glow of rave Clarkson reviews, and looks like a classy, mini GT. It’s all a far cry from the brash, “max power” version 1 car. The MKV R32 goes about its business with much more understatement than the MK1 R32, but still packs some serious hardware. It has 250 horsepower from its 3.2 V6, and can cover the 0-60 rush in around 6 seconds. If you spec the DSG gearbox, and use the hidden “Launch control” feature it feels even quicker. Simply disengage the traction control, slip the DSG Gearlever into “S” (Sport mode), put your left foot on the brake and then build up the revs. The car will hold the revs at around 3,500 – as soon as you release the brake pedal, you’re off! The Haldex 4wd system hooks up to give you incredible punch and grip off the line, and from there on, the DSG gearbox delivers one seamless rush of acceleration. I reckon 0-60 is dispatched in less than 6 seconds with the aid of seamless DSG shifts, and all the while you’re treated to a fantastically fruity blare from the bazooka style twin exhausts. While we’re talking about sound, I have to say, the noise this car makes is one of its defining features. The stock exhaust system is brilliant. The R operates butterfly valves so that at a cruise, or low revs, the blare from the back is muted and sophisticated. Open the taps however and the valves open – allowing a spitting monster to emerge! The exhaust crackles and wails like a tiger gargling with Listerine. It really is a great noise and puts you in the mood and brings a massive smile to your face. It’s best appreciated with the seats and windows down – and preferably a nice tunnel or underground car park! The sporting blare of the exhaust is matched with a great chassis set up. For such a heavy car, the R32 darts into corners with real enthusiasm. It’s just supple enough to shrug off mid corner bumps, and the clever 4wd system shuffles the power around to give you maximum drive out of the corner. It all feels incredibly planted, and surefooted. On the downside, you could say that it’s too good. The car doesn’t feel edgy in the same way as a 130i M-Sport. There’s little chance of some power oversteer in this car – unless you’re really going for it in the wet. Mostly, the R just grips and goes. If you really fling it in to a tight bend at speed, the nose does begin to wash wide, but in normal spirited driving on public roads, understeer simply isn’t an issue in the dry. My biggest criticism of the car though is its interior. When you get in, there’s not much to surprise and delight you. It simply looks like a mildly sporty Golf inside. The blue needles with ice-white lighting are great, and the steering wheel is lovely to hold, but the seats are the same as you’ll get in a GTI (albeit differently upholstered), and the quality of fit and finish on the car’s centre console is dire. My test car had done 2700 miles, so was pretty much box-fresh, and yet there was a constant, irritating rattle from the plastic mesh that sits atop the centre console. This plastic mesh fits poorly and therefore rattles up and down constantly. Pretty appalling on a car which, in this spec, costs £28,000 – and for me, unforgivable. This sort of poor fit and finish would dissuade me from purchasing as the constant rattles would drive me nuts! It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for what is otherwise, a great performance car. Fuel economy and emissions though aren’t the best……. In mixed driving, I averaged 22.4 mpg (vs 30mpg for the 130i M-Sport), and the C02 emissions of 235g/km put it in the £400 per year tax bracket. So, running it won’t be cheap, but hey, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill diesel bus. My other criticism concerns the amount of tyre roar that reaches the cabin on a motorway run. You do have to raise your voice noticeably in volume in order to be heard. Its not disastrously noisy, and I guess it’s the trade-off you accept in order to run large 18” alloys and low profile rubber - the very set up that gives you such confidence inspiring handling and grip when you’re on that B-road blast. All in all, if VW sort out the interior build quality, up rate the materials used in the cabin, and make that engine a bit cleaner and more economical whilst still retaining the performance (a trick BMW seems able to perform time and time again) the R32 would make a much more compelling case for itself. It’s a cracking car the R32 , but at the moment, for me, its flaws are too great to make me want to switch from my 130i.
  11. EVO magazine full review of the GT-R

    Haven't the official prices now been released? The base spec model (which still has an amazing spec) is up for £52k isn't it? amazing value!
  12. 130i M-Sport Vmax result

    Yes it is limited to 155 - though I'm not sure how much faster it would actually go beyond 155 (if it had enough room). The speedo only goes up to 160... and it was showing around 160 on the speedo when I went through the traps
  13. 130i M-Sport Vmax result

    Properly measured via laser timing beams
  14. 130i M-Sport Vmax result

    For the few 1 series afficianados here, I thought I'd report back how my little 130i M-Sport got on at the recent Vmax event at Brunters. Pistonheads Over the 1.6 mile straight it reached 154 mph - only 1mph short of its quoted max, and was still accelerating, but we ran out of runway. Not bad for a £22k sports hatch!
  15. Call Of Duty 4....online

    Pilotdan, Kernowman - tried to join your invites last night, but the game lobby was already closed by the time I accepted. Ah well, better luck next time eh!