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  1. Service and EGR issues? HELP

    Just a quick note to say that I picked the car up on Friday and it was like new - only better. I guess the valve must have already been on it's way out, as the car seems so much better now. Quicker, more responsive and even the MPG seems to have improved? So quite pleased all in all. Tipex/Cruiser thanks for the input. Now where is Shark, I quite fancy that DPF delete and customer map.
  2. Service and EGR issues? HELP

    If I'm honest that's exact what I was doing when the engine warning light came on. Foot to the floor pulling away from the booths a the Dartford toll. My wife is quiet a sedate driver and mostly does stuff around town. Short trips (not idea I know), but she is on maternity leave (again), so it’s not getting it’s intended use. I take it out on weekends, but even then 30min runs on fast A roads and the M25 only. I did read up about cleaning the EGR, but time is against me. We need the car for tonight and a long run up north. Main dealer just called, saying it needs replacing, (I’m sure it doesn’t like you say Cruiser), but I’ll just have to sallow it. Complained about the £200 price tag and they have agreed to share some of the costs, but not sure just how much yet. As for the DPF delete, I was wondering if Shark could do anything. I know he offers performance tuning for Vauxhall and Alfas and isn’t the Saab just a Vauxhall with a Fiat/Alfa engine? Shark? Are you there?
  3. Service and EGR issues? HELP

    Yes. Out of warranty. It's an 08 plate.
  4. Service and EGR issues? HELP

    Hi guys, My wife's car (Saab 93 Aero 1.9 ttdi - 180 or 190 bhp version) had a 'major' service and software update on the DPF regeneration process on Wednesday. on the way home that night the engine warning light came on and a few minutes later I lost all power, typically on the section of the M25 coming up the hill from junction 2 (but just before 3A) where there is no hard shoulder, which was an interesting experience to say the least. I managed to crawl out of trouble and once the hard shoulder, restarted the car, which seems to clear the fault (warning light stayed on), but only enough for me to get the car off the M25. The AA have attended and logged an EGR fault which is putting the engine into a 'limp' mode. Now my question is, could the software update or service carried out by the main dealer have had an influence on this? i.e. we have run the car faultless for more than a year and it's drunk nothing but Shell V-Power, but with 20 miles and 30 mins of collecting it - bang our first issue. We've covered 7000 miles since we got it, and it now has 47000 on the clock. Full service history and generally a great car. The most important thing is my wife loves it. It's now back on it's way to the main dealer for them to look at it. Input from any experts gratefully received, I need to decide if I need to push the dealer to sort the issue free of charge (or at least to make a gesture), or whether it is just bad luck and coincidental timing. Thanks. Edit: By the way, I'm not assuming any Saab experts are on here, but DPF and EGR are common across most modern diesels now days, so am guessing this might be common - DPF issues certainly seem to be.
  5. Formula 1 Grande Prêmio Petrobras do Brasil 2012

    Yeah, but its different. He's English and he won. Hence it's not double standards.
  6. Formula 1 Grande Prêmio Petrobras do Brasil 2012

    I have nothing against Ferrari and perhaps its the media bias (Radio 5 Live is the only place I pick this up), but every week of late there seemed to be something new. I also hated how Massa was forced to give way to Alonso on several occasions this season to improve his points total (surely if Massa is ahead, he has been the better driver and deserves the points?). I guess it comes down to whether you think of this as a team sport (constructors championship) or a sport were individuals race against one another (drivers title). The truth is probably somewhere in-between, but some teams seem less prone to this. I seem to recall Weber refusing to do similar in the past to the point were he and Vettel have ended up clashing (literately and metaphorically). I have much more respect for this approach than beening Alonso's bitch (which I would happily do for that sort of money, but I doubt that is what Massa got into the sport to do). But yes, given what is at stake I'm sure they all do it, but you only hear about the headline teams. Alonso is a knob though.
  7. Formula 1 Grande Prêmio Petrobras do Brasil 2012

    Agreed. It just feel like Ferrari haven't entered into spirit of it this year. I know they've done it with the rules, but not in the spirit. The gear box thing was the last straw for me.
  8. Formula 1 Grande Prêmio Petrobras do Brasil 2012

    Looks like this season may not yet be finished and the title race with it. Ferrari are considering an appeal over Sundays result. Looks like Vettel may have over taken under a yellow flag. BBC Sport - Formula 1: Ferrari consider Sebastian Vettel protest
  9. iPad 3 64GB wifi + cellular - unlocked in black

    Now sold. Thanks.
  10. iPad 3 64GB wifi + cellular - unlocked in black

    Also, I've just remembered I've got the AV cable which gives you HDMI out from the iPad. This will also be included.
  11. iPad 3 64GB wifi + cellular - unlocked in black

    Last go before I throw it to the dogs. £450 delivered. Once again, I stress the condition is like new. Grab your self a bargain before it's too late!
  12. iPad 3 64GB wifi + cellular - unlocked in black

    Bump and price reduction. I'm happy to share the eBay fee savings. £475 delivered? Even refurbished from Apple you are looking at £539 or £574 including a smart cover. Its a bargain! I need to cash to finish the new nursery at home. So get yourself a good deal and help out forretshills Jnr in the process. Go on. You know you want too!
  13. iPad 3 64GB wifi + cellular - unlocked in black

    Hi bells0, Thanks for the offer. It's just too low. They are still going on eBay for £500 +, so I'll have to say no. I might be able to come down a bit, but not 20%.
  14. As above really. iPad 3 64GB in black. Purchased direct from Apple in March, so balance of warranty still to run (6 months or so). Its in absolutely mint condition. Has alway been keep in a sleeve with a smart over. Here are absolutely no marks on this whatsoever. It genuinely is in as new condition. It's supplied c/w or initial packing and unused accessories (plug, power lead, headphones etc). It's a wifi + cellular model and is not locked to any networks. I can supply photos if anyone wants them, but I'm sure you all know what an iPad looks like. I'm looking for £500 delivered. Including the smart cover and sleeve (the zip is playing up on the sleeve). Thanks for looking. Barry
  15. Classic Car As A Company Car

    The new Pistonheads classifieds filters make this easier. Used LOTUS ELAN +2 1968 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 809201) Used PURE QUALITY 1966 MUSTANG HARDTOP SPORTS COUPE for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 646316) Used MERCEDES 190 FINTAIL for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 474844) Used Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec Le Mans Limited Edit... for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 753663) Used Chesil Speedster 356 ( Deposit Taken ) for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 663618) Used ROLLS ROYCE SILVER SHADOW 11 for sale - PistonHeads (Ref 795175) :) :) :)