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  1. Anyone changed the spark plugs on a MK5??

    Thanks for the input guys. Does anyone know what make/serial number the spark plugs/coil packs are? The stock cover is terrible. The stealer who did the last service broke it. Unfortunately I didn't realise until I lifted the bonnet. Always check their work!
  2. ......because I had a quote for 160 euros to change them. What kind are the best and how much are they normally? Is there a special tool or something? Because I'll just do it myself if there isn't.
  3. Name this noise - vw can't

    I get rattles all over. I live on a cobbled street and it sounds like there is a bag of spanners under the bonnet. I think VW could have tried a bit harder in this area. The build quality is not as solid as I have come to expect from German cars. BMWs/Mercs seem to bash the protruding cobbles back down.
  4. Road trip report.

    Yeah. It was bought in Germany - as I live there. Strange that they don't put a spare in here but they do in the UK. I use a mix of super (95) and super plus (98) depending on what is available. I suppose I should try and put 98 in all the time. It is probably just as expensive here as it is in the UK right now.
  5. Road trip report.

    OK. Just got back from a road trip through Italy and the South coast of France. Lots of nice roads and the Stelvio Pass as the cherry on the cake. The car fared admirably through all of the 2000k covered in 2 weeks. Nice to drive it for pleasure rather than just to work/shops. 2 probelms encountered. 1) Got a flat. The front passenger side tyre seemed to have worn on the inside inch of the tread until it went through. The other tyre at the front was OK and there is still plenty of tread but it is the original so i maybe should replace that one too. Not sure what caused that problem. Tracking? VW didn't supply me with a spare when I bought the car and the foam can thing would not have been much use as the tear was quite big. Had to call out the recovery service. 2) Noticed a 'pinking' from the engine. I am putting this down to the car not selecting the correct gear early enough which makes the engine labour for a few seconds in a high gear. Anyone else had this??
  6. Sunglasses holder

    Anyone else had problems with their Sunglasses holder? It is a poor design and my shades rattle about inside normally but recently it's got worse. The door of the holder does not close anymore. The springloaded catch seems to have lost it's ability to keep the thing closed. It is a small thing but annoying. Anyone else had this/knows a fix?
  7. Worrying "clankering" noise...

    I live near cobbled roads and have exactly the same problem. Ever since it was new it sounds like I have a box of spanners under the engine. At the last service they replaced 2 bushes at the front (wishbone I think) even though the old ones didn't seem badly worn or perished. I still get the noise. I have took it back on several occasions - I suspect it is the plastic engine shield but after several attempts to secure it properly the VW stealership failed to stop the noise. Now I just try to ignore it and if something drops off I'll get it replaced. It is the one thing that pi55es me off about the otherwise cracking motor!!
  8. Broken engine cover....

    That's still more than my hourly rate!
  9. Broken engine cover....

    Germany.....I think you would find that is the same for VW dealers all over....
  10. Broken engine cover....

    It is just over 3 years old now. I have covered 66,000 km in that time. The service cost more due to bushes needing to be replaced. With labour costs running at 100 euros an hour the cost soon spiralled......
  11. Broken engine cover....

    Air flter was replaced. The service cost me the best part of 800 quid and now I need to find another 200 for a replacement cover!! I am kicking myself for not checking their work. I have never had the cover off so it sure as hell ain't me. I am tempted to go back and kick up a fuss but I feel they will not fess up. Not HP. Also I am still getting the rattle/squeak/knocking noises from the front again...... Generally disgusted with the service I have got so far from VW. Love the car - hate the service.
  12. Broken engine cover....

    I reckon that was replaced in the last service.
  13. Broken engine cover....

    Just been to the stealers to have them fix a rattle which they said they had fixed at the service 2 months ago. When they opened the bonnet the plastic engine cover was found to be broken. There was a crack from the edge to the hole for the oil filler cap. This had nothing to do with the rattle but p*ssed me off all the same!! I reckon the ham-fisted mechanics broke it at the service cos I never noticed it before and I check the oil quite regularly as it drinks it. He quoted me 200 quid for a new one and 30 quid for the labour to replace it. Anyone else had a broken cover? Is it shoddy build quality or ham-fistedness? Is it easy to replace? Can it be bought cheaper elsewhere??
  14. I think a possum died in my air con unit!

    You had any luck? Mine is starting to smell again. I think because it was a particularly cold winter this year I have not used my air con and that might be the problem. Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the pollen filter by yourself??
  15. I think a possum died in my air con unit!

    I had exactly the same problem. It smells baaaad!! I was checking the soles of my shoes to see if I stepped in something that was not long ago inside a dog. Turns out it was the pollen filter. Got it changed at the service for some rip-off amount. Not sure how healthy a pollen filter is if it is filled with bacteria after a year and a half. Design fault or designed very well to sell filters??