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  1. Ultimate oil burning plate

    One for JR Ewing I guess, why would anyone spend that amount on just a number plate
  2. What do people think of Range Rovers

    [ QUOTE ] I quite like range rovers but I think you're a c**t. [/ QUOTE ] Let's hope you don't have a ******** in Austrialia than leaves you even more ********* ******* than you already are. That sort of open abuse is well uncalled for! Hence I have used satrs to cover up my feelings, JESH!
  3. I'm so lonely............

    Aren't M3's a little bit
  4. Blackpool Sept 14th

    So it was a waste of time posting the above!
  5. forced sale

    Post deleted by Bison
  6. Cheap PC

    I got some sellotape and some glue and some old washing up liquid bottles, I will make you a PC!
  7. What do people think of Range Rovers

    i think that is the last of the orignal shape and the M/N reg ones before they got the air susupension sorted. I was driving the birds up the M3 on monday sitting at 95 without any problems
  8. Essex Meet - Thursday 18th September

    Post deleted by Hopsta
  9. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    [ QUOTE ] Yep i concure uve totally lost u NUTTER [/ QUOTE ] me mad never now where is my straight jacket!
  10. What do people think of Range Rovers

    [ QUOTE ] Just get the Cayenne T. 100x better than any of the comp. To me no contest [/ QUOTE ] On the road maybe in terms of speed but off road not a patch on a Range Rover. But as Cayenne are for drug dealers driving round London, Essex, Manchester etc. the off road capabilty doesn't interest them! also have you read how all the Cayenne that had the springs rather than air suspension are sitting on dealers forecourts becasue they role like a pig!
  11. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    That is proper bo, i tell thee
  12. Next Northern Pub Meet - 17th September

    Post deleted by Bison
  13. Frankfurt 2003...

    [ QUOTE ] [ your off topic posts aren't funny. [/ QUOTE ]
  14. Audi Chips

    Ebay is full of 50% utter shite being sold bu total C*nts! Some times a good place to get last minute concert tickets etc.!