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  1. Retrofir CD Changer

    Mines in the boot, but I think the 8P A3's have them in the glove box.
  2. Centre Armrest on S3 problem

    [ QUOTE ] Audi are a bunch of rip off merchants here in London. [/ QUOTE ] Don't think it's just London
  3. Back to an A3! Deposit paid

    [ QUOTE ] pay with paypal, you should be ok. [/ QUOTE ] I think you are right most of the time you will be alright, but I'm sure somebody told me paypal only covers the first £200 if it all goes tits up.
  4. Xenon Retrofit 2003+

    Thats what people are doing if you don't declare their mods to their insurance. Anyway, back on topic, has anyone actually seen this conversion done with the washers and self leveling? I assume you need a full new bumper if you want the washers?
  5. When to sell?

    Sorry to here about your job mate but hope the new business works out. Don't think there is ever a good time to sell, one things for sure, the longer you keep it the less it will be worth. I would sell ASAP.
  6. Xenon Retrofit 2003+

    [ QUOTE ] Since when have you lot been so rightious Conduct a poll on how many people declare their remaps/wheels/brakes etc to their insurance companies [/ QUOTE ] All I'm saying is I wouldn't take the risk, for the addition cost of declaring your mod's it's not worth the risk of your insurance not paying out. You might as well have no insurance at all, at least that way you would save yourself a decent amount of money. Lets face it, the law doesn't exactly come down very hard on uninsured drivers, hense why there is some many of the feckers.
  7. Back to an A3! Deposit paid

    Have a look at CraigyB's web site here
  8. Xenon Retrofit 2003+

    Even if you managed to fit the self-levelling you would still have no washers. I know it's unlikely that you'll get caught out but you are still breaking the law and therefore you are also driving without insurance.
  9. Retrofit DRL on my A3

    I've only seen one S6 on the road and thought it looked the business with the DRL, not sure how they'd look on an A3...
  10. Xenon Retrofit 2003+

    Have a look at this thread here As stated above and in this thread it is not legal althought it would appear that isn't stopping people doing it anyway.
  11. New S3 on eBay

    He will be even more devastated when he can't sell and drops his price. I hate people like this, they are as bad as all the ticket touts that are on eBay 's
  12. New S3 tuning

    [ QUOTE ] white's coming back big time!! [/ QUOTE ] Totally agree, I think the new S3 really suits the white. somebody posted a pic of a white S3 on here a while back with 19" lambo wheels, I'd have one tomorrow if I had a spare 30k. I used to have a Candy White Corrado and thought it was class. Still miss the electric speed sensitive spoiler now!
  13. Old S3 - standard ground clearance

    Welcome to TSN I've just had a look in my owners manual and can't see it quoted in there. Have you tried your local Audi dealer, they should be able to help although some are more helpful than others!
  14. HID Conversion Kits

    Sorry to drag this one up from the past but it was discussed recently here and I've just read an interesting article on the subject in the weeks Auto Express magazine (Issue 942) It makes an interesting read but this quote direct from the Department of Transport sums it up....... "It is not acceptable to covert a headlamp approved for the use with halogen filament bulb to use a Xenon (HID) gas discharge bulb. The only acceptable way of converting is to replace the headlamp unit with one approved for gas discharge bulbs. Such headlights will be approved to UNECE Regulation 98 and 'E' marked. If headlights approved to UNECE Regulation 98 are retro-fitted, they must be self-levelling (as part of the headlamp system, or via self-levelling suspension), and headlamp washers must be installed. Under road traffic Act 1988, it is an offence to fit or use parts which are not legal"
  15. How long have you owned your S3?

    5 months for me and loving it. Can't think of anything else I'd rather have for the same money.
  16. I've just got myself a Dension Ice Link Plus for fitment into my 2002 S3 with Chorus HU. It all looks straight forward except for the black wire circled in the picture below. Can anyone advise where to connect this? Is it the earth/ground wire?
  17. Common faults.

    [ QUOTE ] Makes you wonder why anyone would want to buy an Audi after reading this thread, holy mackerel. [/ QUOTE ] The daft thing is I'd have no problems buying another Audi, I think I need my head looking at!
  18. Retro-fitting parking sensors?

    My mistake, they do list this one Taurus T123M Parking Sensor It’s 12V, but it says its for metal bumpers. The 24V version is listed twice (one for plastic bumpers and one for metal bumpers) but the 12V version is only shown for metal bumpers which seems strange as I would think 99% of new cars are 12V with plastic bumpers?
  19. Retro-fitting parking sensors?

    I was thinking about getting one of these... Taurus T243P Parking Sensor Has anyone tried them? At least you don’t have to drill the bumper. Should be great so long as it works as well as the ‘normal’ ultra sonic type... Could be worth a go and should be easier to fit.
  20. Whats The Diff in 40k service vs 2nd Variable

    [ QUOTE ] whats the diff in service ? [/ QUOTE ] I believe the ‘diff’ service you are referring to is the haldex oil/filter change (the Quattro). This needs doing every 40k although there has been some debate on here recently with some people being told it needs doing every 20k.
  21. Heater Front Screen

    Does anyone know why Audi don’t do heated front windscreens on their cars? The wife’s Focus has one and it is ideal in the frosty weather. To be honest I’m not too bothered as the S3 lives in the garage so doesn’t suffer in the cold but not all Audi’s are lucky enough to be garaged every night!
  22. Heater Front Screen

    Should be standard on all cars in this country, then it might stop the muppets I've see every day this week trying to drive while peering through a tiny clearing on their front window.
  23. Decat - legal to remove pre '91?

    Cheers for that Paul, I did once get stopped for a roadside emissions check but it was about 7 years ago and I suspect I was only targeted as I had an old car (1989 Vauxhall Nova 1.0). Luckily my transport has improved a bit in that time! Anyway the car wasn’t fully up to temperature so they just let me go. Plus from what I’ve read the ONLY sensible way of improving performance is to get it re-mapped. I was just intrested to see if de-cating helped.
  24. MPG

    Mines not re-mapped….yet. I get about 26mpg but I mainly use the car for going to work in which is only a 7 mile trip so it never gets warmed through properly. On a recent Holiday to Cornwall I managed to average 35mpg over approx the week in which I covered approx. 1500 miles. Spent most of the time at either 80mph on the motorway and 60 mpg on single carriage way roads. Even the old blast down the country roads didn’t hurt it too bad. I recon the average S3 owner must be getting 27-30mpg on standard cars (or <25mpg if your right foot is a bit heavier) I didn’t by an S3 to worry about economy or to save the planet…