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  1. Honda TV Ads

    Thank you everyone. Good to see I'm not alone in liking them. But what happened to the other 77% - did I set sometning up wrong?
  2. Honda TV Ads

    Who thinks the Honda TV Ads are brilliant? Sorry if this has been done but I'm new here and cant find it.
  3. My God, the January 2006 Sniff Petrol is here

    We should be grateful whatever. Brilliant stuff. Keep it up (as the actress, etc) [ QUOTE ] I hope you can forgive me ...
  4. All Time Classics

    Its got to be the Tucker for me. What does anyone else think. Name your classic and risk being laughed at.
  5. Future Classics

    Nah. For sheer collectors value rather than performance, because there were so few of them (bit like a Tucker or Delorean), its gotta be MGSV-R, MG ZT-T 260 and even Rover 75 V8.
  6. BMW 3 Series Coupe - First Accurate Photo!!!

    Bangles getting there. Better than anything before if shots are accurate. Would like to see more of rear
  7. Hello you!

    As a former MG Rover employee, fan of Sniff Petrol and member of forum; Many thanks for your contribution to the Sniffpetrol 2006 calendar for a worthy cause. Carrying ads on my site too ( Lets hope it sells like hot cakes, it deserves to. Love the final F*** them, F*** them all ad. Am buying two. Just so I can frame the last one!