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  1. new scirocco -oil and petrol

    Cheers - I'll look intot he sills... (and maybe the pedals - but they may have to wait for a bit...)
  2. new scirocco -oil and petrol

    Thnaks for the info... Presunably it uses the same oil as the GTi - Longlife III? Hadn't noticed the pedals issue... does anyone know if you can get sill protectors for the car?
  3. new scirocco -oil and petrol

    Hi I am just defecting from 5 door GTi (whch i love) to the scirocco. Can anyone tell me if what the dealer says is true that the engine doesn't use oil like the GTi does and runs happily on 95 unleaded?
  4. First service

    Thanks Guys - got it cracked now! 1700 miles to service - that's cool - just allows me to plan when to get the old jallopy serviced (she's not really - I love her to pieces! )
  5. First service

    This has probbaly been done to death, but I have searched and couldn't find much on it. I think I am on longlife (?) servicing (the one where the car tells you when its due!)and up to 14,000 miles - no sign of when the service is due. Is there any way of interogating the MFD to find this out? All help gratefully received!
  6. Chipped GTI and Insurance

    Hi Red Thnaks for the info - yes I wopuld be utterly straight with my insurers. Just not worth the risk of doing the opther thing! I had heard that I can buy an extra year of warranty - will look into it when I get her serviced first time. On which note I am at 9000 miles - i am expecting the car to tell me at about 13-15000 would you think??? Cheers - Jonathan
  7. Chipped GTI and Insurance

    Hi Like you - I am thinking of chipping mine. Have you seen the Morego site? Very good article in recent EVO on chipping a GTi to 250bhp and adding s/steel milteks for £1000. Check this: link I have a mate who chipped his WRX and the insurance is only £40 a year extra!. My GTi has a two year warranty (bought through Holland) so think i will do it in about a year when there is just 6 months of the VW warranty left. Would appreciate thoughts from others who have chipped and who they used.
  8. Coolant (and Oil)

    I treated her like a baby!! I don't think my oil usage is bad, having just started the third litre on nearly 7k miles (which is like 11000kms in your money AussieRick!) So I reckon she's doing about 3000m per litre which is OK. Quite a few of my miles were on French Autoroute crusing at 90-100 (don't tell the Gendarmes). My previous car (Celica T Sport - the one with variable cam timing) was just as thirtsy. I think performance cars do use oil. Anyway - I was considering an RX8 when I bought this baby - now there's a vehicle which consumes oil like China!
  9. Coolant (and Oil)

    the oil is now castrol Longlife III isn't it? That's what I have in mine....
  10. Cruise Control Question

    well I have to confess that i like the cruise. My first car with it and I think its great, especially just having driven to Montpelier and back! It is so much more relaxing on motorways just to set the speed and let the car go!. And you are quite right - the green light is on all time time the thing is switched on - I leave it on too!
  11. USB adapter?

    look under the thread iPod and USB adapter. I have bought an ipod adapter instead of my CD and a dedicated ipod. Whole thing cost about £250 (second hand ipod) and now I have got all the music I want in the car. Its very neat and is controlled trhough the head unit.
  12. Cruise Control Question

    I have highline and cruise. No display on the highline - but there is a green image which displays in the speedo when you switch the cruise on.
  13. Coolant (and Oil)

    coolant zero. starting my third litre - nearly at 7k miles....
  14. New car broken down - advice needed please !

    agreed - cheers Red Robin - will do on Monday!
  15. New car broken down - advice needed please !

    I didn't know that i had to register my parallel import with VW. Liek VeeDub GTi, I have a parallel import (which i love) and was told by the importer (Motor Depot) that was automatic... Perhaps i should check with my VW agent?